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Footgolf at Peoria Pines


“What is footgolf?” Footgolf is the latest sport-combining soccer and golf! Have you ever played Fisbee golf? Or golf? Or Soccer? Or mini golf? Have you ever dreamed of going out on a golf course, but felt overwhelmed because you have no idea how to play golf? Or, have you not picked up the clubs…

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Glow Putt Mini Golf Scottsdale

glow putt mini golf

When you are a mom, birthdays can be a trap. What do you do on your birthday when you have young kids? You go mini golfing! I am not a great golfer. If you read my post about TopGolf, you’ll realize that golf is not even one of my most favorite things to do. However,…

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Topgolf Glendale

topgolf glendale

Are you an avid golfer? An Average golfer? A newbie golfer or someone who hasn’t even played mini golf? Topgolf specializes in all of the above! Whether you have hit the fairway many times or can’t even make it through a round of mini putt putt, Top Golf can be challenge for the pro or…

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