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Coffinger Park Wickenburg

coffinger park

Coffinger Park in Wickenburg is in the heart of Wickenburg. Considered the “city center” of Wickenburg, Coffinger Park has many of the events throughout the year that Wickenburg is known for. Across Tegner St, one of the Main Streets in Wickenburg, is an open show horse area! Wickenburg really still shows its western spirit! We…

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Rio Vista Splashpad

We took an opportunity to take pictures on a night where there was no one splashing, because it was so windy and cold. But, I think we were able to get some beautiful pictures. Rio Vista Splashpad is right next to the community center (It is gorgeous)  and the Rio Vista Park. The splash pad at…

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Veteran’s Memorial Park-Tolleson

Tolleson Veteran's Memorial Park

If you are looking for a fantastic park for the bigger kids (4+), toddlers, dog walkers and those who like sitting in the shade, Veteran’s Memorial Park has all of it. I was so excited to find this park and wondered why we had never ventured this way. One of the best parks ever. Ok,…

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