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Southwest Life Podcast

Scotland Yard Park PEoria

Scotland Yard Park Peoria

I love finding parks that we haven’t been to that are close by. And, at the same time, I feel like I missed out on...

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Hudson Park and Splashpad-Tempe

We love checking out Splashpads, and luckily there was a close one to the Arizona Mills Mall that we wanted to check out while Munchie...

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friendship park avondale slides

Avondale Friendship Park-Park by I10

There are three awesome playgrounds in the Avondale Friendship Park. If you haven’t been to Avondale Frienship Park in a while, it’s time to check...

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Paiute Park Scottsdale

If you are looking for a huge splashpad in Scottsdale, Paiute Park is the one for you! We went on a semi cloudy day and...

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Chick-Fil-A Surprise

Updated December 2016! I have to say that I love drive thrus, especially when we are all tired and home seems to be the best...

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Pioneer Park-Splash Pad

Pioneer Park Splashpad has been updated since our first post. While most of it remains the same, the ground is no longer the rubbery break...

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Deer Village Park

If you have children of all ages, this park is a great one to check out. There is something for every kid at this park....

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Westgreen Park Peoria

Our Park Series has been leading us to Peoria lately, so we (well, I) decided to try Westgreen Park in Peoria. Its on 8555 N...

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