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Sweetwater Park-Peoria

Have you ever looked up a place and thought “Yeah I have been there before” and arrived and realized that you actually have not been there before? Well, that is exactly what I did with this park. We were supposed to meet a few friends at this park. There is another park on Sweetwater in Peoria called Sundance Park that we went to years ago, and I got the whole thing mixed up in my head. Two parks that start with S on the same street will do that to you, I guess. Especially when you have reviewed so many different parks!

A New Park, A New Adventure

Anyhow, you are probably wondering what is so good about this park! So, so much is good about this park! First, off street parking and not on a main street.

There is a nice sized parking lot and it has bathrooms, which I am always a fan of. There are tennis courts and basketball hoops as well as a LOT of greenspace. The one thing that is a big downer of this park is that there are some slopey areas that little ones can get out of sight very quickly. So, be wary of that. The slope areas then go towards the street, but they are far enough away from the park and parking lot so you should have a decent amount of time to catch your little ones!

big kids sweetwater park

A big, spinning globe with two “stories” is a fun feature if you have a lot of kids. However, this thing is a bear to push around if you are a parent! This is also a feature at Avondale’s Festival Fields park and Mansel Oasis Park in Queen Creek, to just name a few. Munchie is also standing on top of this rock, which he loves to do. My kid is the climber. He likes to call it parkour. Is it parkour? I don’t know, but it is his version of it!

zip line sweetwater park

I think the highlight of this park will be the awesome zip line! This zipline has all the thrills. My phone didn’t save the video, but I will take another one! My kids shoved themselves with four friends on this little seat and zipped across the fun zipline, which is about 50′ long. And yes, it can hold a parent too! You can also a similar zipline at nearby Kiwanis park too!

Big Kids Playground at Sweetwater Park

sweetwater park big kids

The big kid playground was near the tennis courts, but not far from the little toddler playground. It had all the ropes. If you have a climbing child, they will LOVE all the features in this playground. There is just so many different obstacles. My kids were in love with the ropes and different things to hop on and over. And, I like that there was a huge shade over the playscape.

oh the slide sweetwater park

The one thing that I didn’t like was the slope of the slide. Many kids went up to the slide, and then turned around. There was just something unwelcoming about it, and no one really enjoyed it. I think I saw three kids go down the slide the entire 5 hours (yes, five hours) we were at the park. That means the slide is just not a good slide.

sweetwater park slide

Here is a picture of the entire big kids playscape from another angle. You can also see that the slide is a very odd angle and just drops off abruptly. The rest of the climbing features are wonderful.

sweetwater park big kids

A cool ramp that moved and another slide on the slide, and even a pull up bar were included. In the background, you can see there was a small spinning chair.

Toddler Fun at Sweetwater Park

sweetwater park todddler

The toddler playset was under a separate shade. There were two baby swings located nearby and somewhat under the shade. Where the big kid playground had a slide that was too steep, the slide at the toddler playground was not quite angled enough.

sweetwater park music

A view from the other side.. It just seemed a little off? Maybe it was perspective from the other slide? I don’t know! I didn’t try it out as my feet would reach the bottom as I was at the top!

The cool part of the park that Dimples liked was the music area! The bells, xylophone and drums all made a pretty nice tone!

sweetwater park toddler

The toddler area had it’s own small monkey bar set, which kind of seemed strange given the age they were going for. My oldest was very adept at climbing everything at 3 or four, but I think most kids aren’t. So, a small kids monkey bar set isn’t necessarily for the mass amount of kids. But, it was next to a nice double set of steering wheels, which is great for siblings! I also enjoy that they have a twisty slide on this playscape!

Other features of Sweetwater Park

sweetwater park

This teeter totter is one of my favorites! I love that it can seat four, and that kids jump in on the middle. I first saw it at Loma Linda Park years ago, and I just absolutely love it! The more the merrier. Also, you can kind of bounce around if there is just one person. Plus, it is a bit easier on the knees for the moms and dads!

Sweetwater Park has three ramadas with picnic benches near the playground, and two in the grass areas. I really love this park and think it might be a new west valley favorite!

The Basics

Sweetwater Park

7460 W Sweetwater Ave

Peoria, AZ

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