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Surprise Farms Community Park Splashpad/ Dick McComb City Park

(Renamed Dick McComb City Park 2017)

The newest park in town now has the splashpad turned on for the summer heat. Located at 175th Avenue and Surprise Farms Loop South, this park definitely gets some high traffic. You can see our earlier review on the “dry” parts of the park.


Luckily there are bathrooms and a nice ramada, which is located right by the splash pad.

There are also lots of new trees surrounding the park, the splashpad and the tables. While they aren’t good shade providers right now (in 2016) they will be in a few years. Right now, layer on the sunscreen!


Located right near the ramada, this is the “turn on ” switch. Like a few of the other splashpads in the area, you have to just touch the metal area or rub it lightly. Even after the splashpad seemed to “turn off” it still dribbled water a bit.


The theme of this park seemed very “nautical”. I was happy to see much more room for the kids to play than the Veramonte Splash Pad. There are also many ledges for parents to sit on, and in a few years, those will be shaded because of the trees. You can also see the park in the background of this picture.


I loved the wiggley palm tree shooting in the background, and the pirate ship “flag”. Lots of ideas to get the imagination going.


Here’s a better view of the splash area from the ramada.

There are lots of different apparatuses that squirt water, shoot water from the ground and different pipes. There aren’t any “water toys” that you can manipulate, however, so I suggest repurposing those and toys as buckets. The kids love to collect water and dump them on friends. Or, you can do a good game of duck duck splash in the big open green areas. The only issue I have with the splash pad is that it doesn’t have the rubber underlay. However, the concrete is textured (unlike the Heritage Splash Pad in Marley Park) and it helps slow down the slips. I didn’t see any of our group slip on the ground. I do suggest water shoes of some kind. Flip flops fall off the feet when wet and may be more of a tripping hazard.

The park behind the splash pad is really nice, and has a good toddler friendly area as well. The playground is filled with mulch, so don’t worry too much about using the sand buckets for the water (unless your kid is filling up the buckets with rocks or mulch and dumping it on the splash pad.That wouldn’t be good).

I think this splash pad has a pretty good design and will be very popular, as it is in the biggest community in Surprise (however, there is a lot of parking!).

The Basics

Surprise Farms Community Park Splashpad

175th Ave and Surprise Farms Loop South





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  2. Gwen on April 17, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    Do you know when it’s open again?

    • Vicki on April 17, 2017 at 3:32 pm

      Hi Gwen
      It turned on April 1st! Unless there is maintenance being done, it should be on!

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  4. KRISTI Griffith on September 21, 2017 at 8:59 pm

    When are the splash pads turned off for the year?

    • Vicki on September 26, 2017 at 10:20 am

      Hi Kristi, sorry for the delay,
      Surprise Splash pads turn off late October (I have seen them still on in November occasionally), Goodyear and Peoria-Third Monday of October, Glendale-only open weekends until end of September.

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