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Sunset Park-Wickenburg

We have been eagerly awaiting Wickenburg’s splash pad opening for years now (as I am sure the residents have as well!). We visited Desert Caballeros Western Museum a few years ago and wanted to have a few more reasons to go out to Wickenburg to enjoy the desert scenery, and the splash pad at Sunset Park was the perfect outing for a hot day!

Sunset Park is on the further side of Wickenburg from Surprise, and is about 45 minutes away, which makes a perfect excuse to bring a lunch of dine at one of the restaurants in Wickenburg (and we also revisted the Desert Caballeros Museum again!)


And, the extra bonus is that the park is right next to a small airport, which was great for our wheel loving friend, Dimples!

The splashpad and playground is at the very end of the park, and you will go up a few small hills to get there. There are baseball fields, tennis courts and parking lots you will pass on your way.

Most importantly after a 45 minute drive is the bathroom. There is a bathroom right next to the park and splash pad! Phew!

The splash pad is cement and has water features from the ground, a dump bucket system, spray guns (that only spray certain ways), the rock formation that sprays, the jackrabbit sprays and the cactus is the on button. The water features cycle on about 15 minutes before having to press the button again. There are a few benches in the dirt and one under a tree, and a few ramadas with picnic benches that were shaded.

This rock formation sprayed streams of water straight down.

Dump buckets and water guns. They were powerful! You can also see the playgrounds in the back, as well as the bathroom.

Ground water features!

More ground water features and the ramada close by.

Two shaded playgrounds with sand. This was the toddlers playground, which one slide seemed a bit high off the ground and the monkey bars seemed a bit challenging for the slide and stair height.

The toddler playscape from another angle. A bit worn, but functioning. Bring buckets for water and sand use!

A Larger play area with twisty and tunnel slides, other climbers and more monkey bars that were a bit challenging. The shade was excellent over both playgrounds!

Unfortunately, the swings were a bit further away and were not shaded.

There was also two bocci courts and a sand volleyball net, so you can bring your own balls to play while the kids play too!

Giggles and our exhange student and family friend, E were playing with the water guns!

The splashpad is new and it is so fun for the residents of Wickenburg. Maybe there will even be a chance of a shade?? (I’m hoping!) You should definitely check this park out if you are headed towards Wickenburg or are checking out the museum and Western Culture of Arizona!

The Basics

Sunset Park Wickenburg

3020 W Wickenburg Way, Wickenburg, AZ


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