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Sunset Park-Sedona

It wouldn’t be a full trip to anywhere without checking out a park. We knew that our kiddos wouldn’t just want to go for a hike at Red Rock State Park, but wanted to give the kids a little more run around time and check out a splash pad as well!

We got to drive a little through Sedona to get there from the State Park, but it wasn’t a long drive at all. Approximately 10 minutes and just perfect so that none of the kids would fall asleep on their way to the park (in hopes they would sleep on the two and a half hour ride home!).

The park is right off of Sunset Drive, so very easy to find.

We found a parking spot right near the restrooms (Phew!) and they were nice and clean. There was no changing table, unfortunately. There were also vending machines available.


The bathrooms were on the other side of a netted basketball court and tennis courts. There were also a few ramadas nearby. There was a birthday party at the ramada closest to the big kids shaded playground, which made me a little nervous because my kids LOVE birthday parties, even if they aren’t invited. HA!

ellies playground

This was the beautiful shaded playground with tons of climbing features for the big kids. Munchie was enjoying it, while Giggles, almost three, sort of enjoyed it.


Lots of great slides, a bridge and climbing features.


rock wall

There is a wonderful rock climbing wall which was also under the shades!


And more climbing features everywhere!

splash pad

And the splashpad was wonderful. It was simple but easy to manage. No shades, so sunscreen up!

On the other side of the park, or on the other side of the splashpad was the toddler playground.

shaded area

The toddler playground was also shaded and had a little “lip” with a ramp to get into the mulch playground. The lip was to keep the mulch in, I guess. They haven’t seen how little kids throw it, obviously! Dimples liked going up and down the ramp more than he liked the play items in the toddler area (oops). There was also a few pines nearby so my kids grabbed pinecones and were distributing them to everyone. They had a lot of sap in them, so make sure you wash your kiddos hands before you eat  at one of the lovely ramadas!

beautiful view

I have to digress from the toddler playground for a minute and just share this view. I got very distracted (and that’s why the pinecone issue happened) and saw this gorgeous, GORGEOUS view. Did I say gorgeous? Wow…Just amazing. The kids didn’t care, but I just was in awe.

toddler area

There was a little climbing feature with slides. My Dimples liked this and had fun. He also likes climbing up slides.

toddler slide

There were also two baby swings under the shade, a little drum station, a few ride on wiggly animals and a plane, and a train that doubled as a little pretend “restaurant” in the toddler area. Your little kids will love the area, all though the features under the shaded area are pretty spread out, but a nice area if you have a runner.

A great greenspace also was available for kids to run in, a game of frisbee or just running around, as well as a little paved trail.

There was also this thing that had me completely mystified.

weird ball returnThis is a park that is an absolute must see if you are visiting in Sedona with little kids. And, my favorite four letter word-Its FREE!

The Basics

Sunset Park

655 Sunset Drive

Sedona, AZ

Splash Pad is open May-September 10am-6pm everyday!


  1. Avatar Brb on July 15, 2016 at 10:57 am

    Thank you! Going tomorrow. Will key you know how we faired.

    • Vicki Vicki on July 15, 2016 at 12:04 pm


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