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Sunset Park-Peoria

I have wanted to visit Vistancia in Peoria for a while, so when the opportunity to meet a friend there came up, off we went to visit Sunset Park.

I was driving to the park and instead of turning in the park’s parking lot, I turned into Vistancia’s club house, which looked absolutely gorgeous from the outside. If you are ever thinking of moving out that way, please let me know! I’m a Realtor and would love to show you some houses! After my shameless plug, let’s move onto the park for the Good stuff!


First I will point out that there are public bathrooms here! YAY! Very exciting, especially because it is a little bit of a drive from Surprise.IMG_4337


A few swings, but unfortunately no baby swings. Be careful and watch your step around the swings as just two have the rubber underneath them and the other two only have sand. Both Giggles and I tripped over this multiple times. Also, I highly recommend shoes instead of sandals because the sand was hot! Also, keep those shoes on because there were a lot of ants on the pavement. However, there was TONS of great sand for scooping and shoveling and building! Bring those sand toys!


There was also a nice Ramada and a few benches under trees for parents to sit at (and my kids who were snacking most of our visit!) The Ramada was right near the toddler playscape, which was excellently situated for those of us who have runner and wandering children. The Toddler playscape was far from the road and parking lot, and there were baseball fields behind us (that separate the park from the school) so the kids were amused by watching P.E. classes while they were eating.





The “Big Kid” playscape, that Giggles just had to try out since big brother Munchie wasn’t there to check it out was mostly covered with shade too. There were lots of different types of climbing areas and slides.



As you can see from these pictures, most of the shades were over the slides which helped minimizing the butt burn.


The children always like a good shaky, wobbly bridge to play on as well! (or to climb under).

This park was a fabulous park, even though its a little bit far. With the 303 being worked on, traffic will be a little rough for a while getting up there. Also good to note is that there aren’t any gas stations nearby, but there is a pharmacy and a Safeway relatively close by if you need some snacks.
The Basics
Sunset Park
12458 W. Sunset Point Peoria, AZ

This park includes:
Baseball Field, Climbing Features, Covered Playground, Grills, Picnic Benches, Ramadas, Restrooms, Rock Climbing Wall, Sandbox, Slides, Swings, Toddler Friendly, Walking Paths

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