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Sunrise Mountain Library-Peoria

I was lucky enough to be at a park with my children when I met someone who encouraged me to visit the Sunrise Mountain Library in Peoria since we were up that way (I always find it so funny that people say “wow” when we go places that aren’t in Surprise because its far away. I’m so used to driving a LONG distance for any entertainment!)


When I heard it was a branch library, I was like “ehhh maybe some day we will go”. After seeing the Main Library in Peoria on Monroe Street, I wondered how could another library in Peoria compare. Well, I actually think this one is even better!

One of the main reasons I loved this library, although we didn’t get a chance to really explore it, was the outdoor area for toddlers!


You can’t see from this picture, but there is a shade over it (which is part of the building!) Fake grass and little tunnels for the really little ones make this a great place to play!IMG_9908

Cute computer stations with headphones for the kids. There were two sets of headphones at each station.


So if you are lucky, your kids might cooperate like this! They were intrigued!


There were two train tables for kids to play with.


And lots of hands on activities, even puppets for a show.


A neat area for puzzles.


The library is very large and colorful, with TONS of books and movies. And, you don’t have to be a Peoria Resident to borrow. You can show your ID, and you get a “trial” of five items. Once you borrow and return five items on time, you can borrow up to 35 items (I believe 10 of them can be DVDs).


Munchie was showing that the bathroom had a great stool in it, and the bathroom was conveniently located right next to the story time room (beautiful room, did not take pictures because there were children I didn’t know in the picture). It had all glass windows with tables on the outside so parents can even watch their kids from the outside of the room!

I highly recommend checking out this library. And nearby is Deer Village Park, which is a fantastic place to have a picnic!

The Basics

Sunrise Mountain Library (Peoria)

21109 N 98th Avenue

Peoria, AZ 85382





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  6. Sunnie on June 27, 2018 at 6:34 am

    This looks awesome!! My little guy has been so bored, I’m taking him! Thanks for posting.

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