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Sunnyslope Park Peoria

This is a park I have passed multiple times on our way to Rush and I knew that it was one that we had to check out.

The colors of the park looked fun and inviting, so on a cold, dreary day we went to a park with tons of color! Perfecto!

Sunnyslope Park
Sunnyslope Park

Sunnyslope Park has lovely off street parking, which I really love! And, of course, bathrooms.

There is also a basketball court on the opposite side of the playground, a dog park, greenspace and a walking trail around the greenspace.

Unfortunately, Peoria doesn’t overseed their parks in the winter. This is kind of disappointing because it is the best time of the year to play outside. And, we have this lawn to look at.

The grass would have provided a great hill to roll down, but my kids had a lot of fun seeing who could throw pinecones the furthest. Mom can still out throw them, but not for long!

The the bottom of the hill was also a dog park that was split into two sections, which was nice. Both kiddos and the pups can play and get out energy.

The big kids playground had fun things to hang off of, as you can see Dimples displaying! I think these could have been a little higher off the ground. The park had a teeny bit of rubberized surface but mostly mulch. Dimples prefers sand.

Giggles shows off her musical talents by drumming. Behind her, you can see a nicely sized ramada. There were also benches surrounding the playground.

A speaker set up with other strange things around it was available. What are those other things? One looked like it could spin, but it was hard to spin. The other thing just had a hole in it. The cone in the background was covering a piece of the playground that was missing.

A nice slide for the big kids was available with multiple ways to climb to the top of the play area. One of the ways to climb to the top of the playground was definitely a different structure than I have seen before. It looked a bit confusing and my children just skipped it. My kids love climbing everything, but this was something they did not like.

Monkey bars are always a favorite. Now Dimples is getting to be a big climber too!

These items are also somewhat strange to me. I’m sure they cost a lot of money and I have no idea what they are for. Are they for tracing with your fingers? Putting a ball in? I’m not really sure. I can understand the frog for tracing with your finger, that kind of make sense if you are working with someone who needs fine muscle control. But the square? I don’t get it. It seems like a waste of space.

Toddler Playground

The Toddler playground was nice, but why is the shade so small?!? I really don’t understand why the shade couldn’t have been bigger. Having a shade this teeny for the set is absolutely worthless when it was so high.

My big kids liked the monkey bars for the little ones. The tires were fun to jump on and were very fluid, so be careful if you have little ones!

The toddler playground was a very nice size for little ones, even though the shade made no sense at all.

Also there were swings, and my kids love having swings! Two regular sized swings, one adaptive swing and one baby swing were available. Once again, I would have loved to see a shade over it!

Also available at this park were tennis courts near the swing area.

This park was a nice park and there were other kids around. You’ll see a lot of dogs here as it also is a dog park, so be wary if you have kids that don’t like dogs. Nearby parks are Murphy Park and Hayes Park, so you can definitely get a lot of great park hopping in on a wonderful day out!

The Basics

Sunnyslope Park Peoria

9280 N 71st Ave, Peoria, AZ 85345

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