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Sundance Park Buckeye

After being sick at home for a day (gosh help me, moms don’t get more rest than one day), I decided to bring the troupe over to Buckeye to check out a new area and parks. It’s been a while since we have been able to park hop, and since it was only 82 degrees at 8am, we headed over.

Update for Directions!! Lower Buckeye Road is now paved from Watson East all the way through to Rainbow! YAY!!

One thing notable about this park, other than it’s semi remote location, is the big powerlines over head. I know that there is some worry about power lines and health risks, so I wanted to mention that there are HUGE powerlines near the park, but not quite overhead. Probably not the place to be during a monsoon/dust storm!




However, the park was really beautiful other than the power line issue. There were some maintenance wor7kers putting in more mulch, so you will see caution tape in the pictures, only because they had machinery for the mulch. If you haven’t learned about mulch and flip flops, let me give you a quick lesson. If you have the cheap “foam/plastic” flip flops that are usually between $1-$7, mulch goes through them like little arrows at your feet. You might not notice it until you reach a hard surface, but its like daggers!

IMG_9612 IMG_9614


One area was for the 5-12 crew and one area was for the 2-5 crew. I liked how they were close to each other and I could easily keep an eye on my three.


They had this spinny thing (what was it called again?) Which I am pretty sure was banned after we were children. Ha! Luckily for Munchie, Dimples felt like running in circles.


And some swings!


Anyone want to clue me in to this doohickey? No clue!


Giggles was having a blast on this one.


This was the “2-5” year olds play area. Dimples loved the blue things. Not exactly sure what they are supposed to be for, but there was spider webs to climb and other things. 2 years old may be pushing it, but the three year olds had a great time. Hopefully the mulch they were putting down would make the slide a little bit closer to the ground. It was quite a drop for determined 2 year olds…not Dimples though, never him!


This was the big kids area, which was wonderful for Munchie and even Giggles. Lots of bridges, things to climb, a rock wall, and some dramatic play areas. Munchie even said it was good for hide and go seek, which it was until he decided to give up looking. oh boy!.


There is a bathroom as well, which is at the building between the baseball fields at the park. There is also a concession stand (it wasn’t open, probably just for games). The bathrooms were really big with many stalls and the stalls were a good size. Especially needed for moms who always have an audience when they use the bathroom.

All in all, a really nice park with good facilities, shaded playground and very well kept up!

Sundance Park

22865 W Lower Buckeye Road

This park includes:
Baseball Field, Covered Playground, Dog Park Onsite, Greenspace, Grills, Lighted, Picnic Benches, Ramadas, Restrooms, Soccer Fields, Volleyball Courts


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