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Sun Tails Mermaid Tails & Shark Fin

If you are heading to a warm locale this winter or just want to give your kids a fun swimming experience, Sun Tails has an awesome idea for boys & girls-Mermaid Tails and Shark Fins!

My shark is out of water!

We were lucky enough to check out Shark Fin/Mono Fin from Sun Tails!  

I picked the shark fin and monofin to try for my family, but they also have an amazing array of different mermaid tails and different color monofins.

Yes, that is an adult being a mermaid. What beautiful tails!

So, we checked out the shark fin which was made out of foam and helps with buoyancy with the water. It was a really durable foam and didn’t feel like the type to break apart and flake off. It was secured by two easy velcro straps that also stretched. I tried it out on Munchie, my almost 8 year old. He is a thinner build and the shark fin left lots of room for growth.

The monofin is a tough, but thin turable plastic. I was actually amazed at how light it was but how sturdy it felt. I was on a swim team in high school and we used fins quite a bit, and the monofin felt even better than the fins we used to wear. I did watch the videos to see how to get Munchie’s feet into the monofin because I didn’t get it (although he figured it out right away). Once we got it on, he said it was very comfortable! He loved scooting around the floor wearing it, but unfortunately we were unable to try it in the water because it is the cold season. Since we live in Surprise, we will get plenty of use of the fin around April!

Just a note, while the Shark Fin does provide some bouyancy, it is not to replace constant supervision by an adult. The monofin and Shark Fin combined should be used by someone who is a proficient swimmer. The Shark Fin can aid in swimming and provide a little fun for a newer swimmer (another reason to get their head in the water).

The monofin Munchie has fits up to a size 7 women’s shoe-Age range that Sun Tails recommends is 6-12 years old.

Munchie is testing out his fin on “Dry sand” (AKA our sand colored carpet!). The feet go into the holes on the fin, and a little bit of the fabric holds their ankle inside. The Sharkfin is the soft foam and is really light while the monofin is a bit heavier. It is recommended to put the items on at the pool edge so that it doesn’t get roughed up. I am thinking if Munchie had we feet, his feet might have gotten into the fin a little easier, but it wasn’t hard. There are also velcro straps on the outside of the monofin to secure his feet in a bit more.

This fin set was really cool to check out, and I’m sure will be fun for him in the pool, and my other kids will probably use it as well! If you have a kid that LOVES to swim, or loves the water and needs a new challenge, you should check out Sun Tails

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The Basics

Sun Tails

Shark Fin, Monofins and Mermaid tails!

I received a free Shark Fin and Monofin in exchange for this post. All opionons are 100% my own.

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