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Summer Travel-National Parks to Beat the Phoenix Heat

Summertime is coming, and you may be hoping to beat the Phoenix heat by traveling. We love to find different places to go with our children, and it can be tricky to find a great destination plus find lodging as well.

National Parks are a great way of exploring the outdoors with your family. There are 22 National Parks, Monuments, Memorials, Historic Sites, Trails and Recreation Areas in Arizona alone. However, getting to these destinations and coming back home in one day can be pretty tiring. And, there aren’t a lot of (if any) hotels or rentals nearby for families wanting to stay the night.

Make Traveling to Distant Destinations Easier

RVshare helps make the trips to the National Parks doable for families who want the convenience of home on the road. I personally have done my fair share of rustic camping, and am quite happy with not having to experience it more than once! I like my creature comforts, electricity, bathrooms and a nice comfortable place to relax with no rocks under my head at the end of a long day hiking and exploring. Call me a “Glamper”!

Mesa Verde Pueblo Ruins

One of my top destinations to check out is Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. With an average high temperature of 87 degrees (the hottest all year) in August, Mesa Verde is a great place to beat the heat and explore nature. The altitude in Mesa Verde is 7,000-8500 feet, so make sure you wear lots of sunscreen and temperatures may seem a bit warmer than they do at sea level. Mesa Verde is south of Denver and is the site of Pueblo ruins. Believed to have been created and inhabited in approximate 7500BC, Mesa Verde is one of the oldest preserved ruins in the world.

Carlsbad Caverns

Another great road trip from Arizona to a cooler temperature National Park is Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. With an average highest temperature of 87 degrees, plus being in caves, it seems like a cool place to go in more than one sense of the word. While the temperature outside of the caves can be very warm, inside of the caves can be a consistent 56 degrees! Also available at the caverns is bat watching at sunset. Carlsbad Caverns is located in Eastern New Mexico, just north of the Texas border.

If you are looking for a break from the normal “desert” views, Sequoia National Park in middle California is a great destination for the heat-weary desert dweller. With average temperatures in the summer of 75 degrees, this wonderful piney wonderland will have you blissfully thinking of Christmas in July. There are campgrounds for you to park an RV and lots of places to walk and enjoy the scenery!

If you like beach life and pina coladas, you may be thinking of the ocean! Channel Islands National Park, is located southwest of Lost Angeles. This amazing National Park offers camping, diving, caves and beautiful views! There are clues on these islands that people inhabited the island over 37,000 years ago. This cool destination also stays at a lovely 50-60 degrees due to winds off of the coasts.

There are more wonderful National Parks across our wonderful country to explore that can be found in this helpful guide. I hope the summer season brings you great health and lots of wonderful adventures for you and your family.

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