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Sucked down the drain with the crocodiles

Since my oldest was very little, we told him that drains and vents had crocodiles in them. He was addicted to “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”, so him believing that the tic toc croc was in a place he couldn’t see was believable to him. Truth is, I hate lying to my children, but putting fingers down vents (and other things) can be really dangerous.

He asked one day if the tic toc croc lived in a sewer drain. I said, without missing a beat, “absolutely”.

And then yesterday occurred . We were playing at a park and as I turned my back to put my daughter in the stroller, I heard a blood curdling scream. Munchie had been playing too close to a sewer drain and his shoe went down it. How this exactly happened, I’m not quite sure. I asked Munchie, but the explanation was a little vague. Probably because he was doing something he should not have been.

There was no way to get the favorite Lightning McQueen shoe. It was at least 6 feet down in the sewer, and really, do I want to get it? Nope.

Munchie tells me that it is someone elses fault for putting the drain there, or it is my fault for not getting his shoe. But, this is a big moment for both of us-it’s ultimately his fault for not heeding my warnings not to go close.

He was told he had to tell dad about the incident, and he didn’t stop crying until he asked for new Lightning McQueen shoes. My husband told him that in order to get new shoes, he was going to have to earn the money to buy the shoes himself. We came up with a few tasks for him to do. And now, we are extending these chores so that he can earn money for other things as well.

Our little boy is growing up!

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