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Successfully Schooling

Whether you are homeschooling your children, putting them in preschool for the first time, or sending them off to college, I believe these tips are vitally important to kids! Not only are they great for kids, but they are also great for adults too. Getting through a day at school (or work) in can be trying for kids at any age. Whether you are doing math at home, outside or in a classroom, following these tips can help your student become more successful academically.

  1. Getting plenty of regular sleep. What is regular sleep anyhow? Sticking to a regular schedule, weekends and weekdays. Your tween or teen might want to sleep in all weekend long, but it will make Monday more miserable. Napping may make it harder to fall asleep at night leading to tossing and turning. Keeping a consistent schedule throughout the week is important for settling down at night and getting enough sleep as well.
From Seattle Children’s Hospital

2. Eating the right foods. Make sure you are fueling up on the proper foods to keep you fueled during the day and at night. Great fuel in the morning keeps you good until lunch, and a good meal at night will keep you full until morning, ensuring proper sleep.

healthy food

3. Exercise is a must. Even if you are tired, exercise is great for physically tiring your body out, even if you are mentally exhausted. Plus, it helps your muscles, your brain and your bones! Get out in the fresh air and move around. You don’t have to be a soccer pro to get moving. The key is just to move, and you will feel better.

4. See some friends. It might be easier to go home, fling off you backpack and watch tv or pick up a xbox controller. But, having real, live friendships is imperative to health. Most schools have clubs to get involved with. If there are no clubs at school, try a sports league or art classes through your city parks and rec department. Libraries also have great classes for babies through adults. There are tons of ways to meet people with similar interests.

5. Make time and space for homework. There should be a place and a routine for homework as well. Kids should know what the expectations are for getting homework done, and that it needs to be done before doing something else. Make sure guidelines are in place and are followed so there is no confusion. Some kids work better with powering through homework as soon as they get home, while others need some run around time. Make sure the area for doing schoolwork is free from most distractions like phone, TV, computers, video games and sound. And, sometimes siblings!

6. Stay in communication with mentors, teachers and supportive people in your child’s life. If you are homeschooling, you may have other people in your child’s life that are a great influence to them. So, make sure you stay in touch with them to help them monitor your child’s progress. Let your child know that there are other adults that they can reach out to for help as well. Sometimes kids feel shy about talking with certain topics with their parents, but another trusted adult may be able to steer them in the right direction. Having another adult mentor in your child’s life is invaluable.

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