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SRF Balloon Spooktacular

The Salt River Fields Balloon Spooktacular is an annual event that happens each year the weekend before Halloween. The Balloon Spooktacular is held at a large field near Great Wolf Lodge and Medieval Times between North Pima Road and Talking Stick Way.

It is a very family friendly event, with it really drawing a crowd for families with kids under 10 years old. With over 15 bouncy houses, your kids will love this event. Kids are able to wear costumes and bring along their buckets of candy. However, you will go through a metal detector. Also important to note that there are port-o-potties for bathrooms. So, this may be an important factor when determining whether or not to wear a costume. My kids did not wear their costumes.

The bouncy houses were all included in the cost of admission.

Food Trucks were also available. Each year the line up does change, but there are always an array of taco trucks, dessert trucks, hot dogs and barbecue.

Also, very important to note is the haunted trail. It was FANTASTIC. This is not really a part of the Salt River Fields Balloon Spooktacular. I won’t ruin it for you, but it was amazing. And, the high schoolers make it family friendly. If you have a little one that doesn’t want to be spooked, they get a glow stick so the actors know they don’t want to be scared.

I didn’t want Dimples to be scared, so he held onto a glow stick.. Munchie wanted to be scared. I stood behind him and kept pointing to him when the high schoolers were walking by and they kept creeping him out. I had a fantastic time! Munchie thought they were professionals. They were amazing and they do this for donations! Definitely donate.

The Balloon glow is truly amazing. We headed back to the event after the trail and watched the balloons light up!

Tons of fun for families and kids. There is some seating available for eating towards the back of the event (near the haunted trail). Many people brought their own blankets and chairs. Also available are tethered balloon rides too!

My kids had the LARGEST corn dogs I have ever seen! They were monstrous and a lot of candy. I had a chicken sandwich that was delicious.

We always have fun at the Balloon Spooktacular and it has become a family tradition!

The Basics

SRF Ballon Spooktacular

7555 N Pima Rd


(dates change)

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