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Spinato’s Broccoli Crust Pizza

Are you a mom trying to sneak some extra veggies into your kids daily diets? Or, trying to cut some carbs?

Spinato’s has a delicious way to incorporate more vegetables with less fuss with their Broccoli crust pizza. We were sent some samples and I was truly amazed with the taste and quality of these Broccoli Crust Pizzas.

The Broccoli crust pizzas come in four varieties: Primavera, Margarita, Mediterranean Style Supreme and Aged Asiago Romano and Mozzarella. Check out the nutritional information here. All of the Broccoli Crust pizzas feature rBST-Free cheese, MSG and trans fat free!

Spinato’s Broccoli Crust Pizza’s are ready in less than 15 minutes and can be made in a toaster oven, conventional oven or even grill and are great for dinner or quick after school snack. We heated up all of the Broccoli Crust pizzas for a quick dinner on a busy night.

spinatos pizzas

The Broccoli Crust pizzas work best on a cookie sheet, but I went a little rogue. The did ok right on the rack, but I recommend putting the Broccoli Crust pizzas on a cookie sheet for the best experience.

We had smiling faces from our kid who usually pushes back from the veggies. He didn’t even know there were vegetables in the crust. And, he ate all of the Broccoli pizza crust. Mom win!

spinatos dinner time broccoli crust pizza

Even better, the pizzas have locally sourced herbs and veggies from Arizona farms! You can find Spinato’s Broccoli Crust Pizza’s in a freezer case near you at one of grocery stores by using this link: 

My kids (and I) scarfed down this delicious Broccoli Crust pizza. You really wouldn’t know that the crust was made with broccoli, but you can definitely tell that the ingredients are top quality. The taste is amazing and our kids had multiple servings!

I even ate the left overs for breakfast!

The Basics

Spinatos Broccoli Crust Pizza

Find it at your closest grocer!

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