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South Mountain Preserve Phoenix

One place we had never been in Phoenix was the South Mountain Preserve and I had wanted to go there forever. The kids are older so we decided to head out there on an unseasonably cool April morning for a change of pace.

I will admit that I was not prepared for where we should go in the Park so we just kind of drove around.

There are three different mountain ranges and over 50 miles of hiking, horseback trails and biking trails.

Here are my kids at the historic entrance. Bathrooms were available here. The stalls did have doors but no locks on the doors. Water and soap was available as well as drinkable water, so fill up your water bottles before going on a hike! The historic complex was not open because of “the thing that cannot be named that started in 2019”.

If you are interested in the background of the park, this is a great document with background and what the city wants to improve. Page 25 of the document has information about the historic entrance complex.

Kiwanis Trail

This is our picture at the Kiwanis trail! Unfortunately when I was at the Historic building, there were maps and I tried the QR code to get the maps on my phone, but it wouldn’t load. The link was dead. So, we just looked for the first trail that we could find, and Kiwanis was it. Later I found it was a “moderate trail”. I would rate it as moderate plus. There are a lot of rocks to climb over, but it is doable. Not stroller friendly at all or little kid friendly. My kids easily were hiking it. I had a little harder time going down as I don’t jump down things as easily as these fearless kids do!

Looking back over the Phoenix Area. Dimples even said he could see the “Angry birds stadium”. That’s what our family calls the Cardinal’s Stadium! It does look like an Angry Bird.

We did see some fun creatures on a walk, like huge lizards and a few Gila Monsters! Yes!! I kept my kids away from the edges because I was a little concerned we would see some snakes too, but none were sighted. There were no jumping Cholla on this path, so that was a relief.

This trail was a 1.0 out and back, but met up with other trails. It had great views, but had a lot of sand on rocks and you definitely needed sneakers and stable shoes and water. We met some other very nice hikers on our way and even saw some planes landing at Sky Harbor too.

Other Trails

There are other trails that you can check out by checking out this link and there is an app called “alltrails” . That app has been hit and miss with me, so be wary!

South Mountain Preserve-other information

During normal times, SMP usually offers classes and other fun events. Hopefully that will be open up again soon for fun and learning opportunities

The Basics

South Mountain Preserve

Depends on which location you want to go-Main entrance 10211 S Central Ave

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