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Sonrisa Park Scottsdale

Sonrisa Park in Scottsdale is right on the Phoenix border near the Paradise Valley Mall. The Sonrisa Park is maintained by the City of Phoenix, according to the sign posted on the park grounds.

sonrisa park

Sonrisa Park is located at the corner of N 50th Place and E Windrose Drive. there is no off-street parking, but the neighborhood is relatively quiet so on-street parking wasn’t too bad.

Unfortunately, there are no bathrooms at this park. However, there were tons of trees and greenspace. And, the playground was far enough in the middle of the grass so if you have a runner you have enough time to grab them before they get to the street.

toddler sonrisa

The park had a mulch base. Sorry sand fans. There was a cute toddler playscape, but I wish it had a little more for the little ones.

toddler sonrisa park

A little slide, climbing and stairs, plus the microphones for the littles.

workout time

So, is this a workout for the kids or the adults? I’m not sure?

workout for kids?

And then there was this. You sit on the chairs and push out. I’m not sure if this is for kids or adults. Have you used this?

the big kids playground sonrisa

The big kids playground had a lot going on! I’m sure any big kid would love to play on it! Tons of different obstacles to climb and enjoy!

Here’s looking up at you kid!

Different types of ladders leading up!

And slides going down too!

This garble I’m not exactly sure what it was supposed to be, but I’m sure if Munchie was here, he would climb to the top!

I don’t know if this is part of the support of the playset or if it is something to hang out in, or on. I know my kids usually sit in it!

swings sonrisa

There are also swings at Sonrisa Park. I wish that the big kids swings were a little lower to the ground so kids could actually get on them. They were a little too high!

greenspace sonrisa park

The park also had a ton of lovely green space and one ramada. If you are looking for a great place to hang out and picnic, this is a nice spot. It is located right near shopping and tons of restaurants, so if you do need a bathroom, there is a lot nearby.

Play Biba

This park also has the “Play Biba” games posted. The Play Biba has little photos around the playground and parents can download an app to play along. You can find more about the game in a previous park I reviewed.

Sonrisa Park is really lovely, but I really wish it had a bathroom!

The Basics

Sonrisa Park

N 50th Place and Sweetwater

Scottsdale, AZ

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