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Songercise at the Library

I have heard so much about Songercise at the library but never went. We finally went today and it was fun for my 3 and 2 year old, but a bit juvenile for my 5 year old (ah homeschooling problems!).


While most of the library is to the right (if you enter the from the South of the building), the recreation room is to the left, “behind” all of the books for sale in the lobby. The room is huge, which was great for the number of people that were there for Songercise.

I thought the program was great, very similar to other things we have done (like the National Geographic program in the mall), but there were over 50 kids and at least thirty parents which made moving around a bit awkward. Hearing the music was hard to hear but the instructor kept everyone moving. A few of my friends had said they have never seen so many families at Songercise before, so we might have just hit the jackpot of people trying it out.

Songercise is put on by Benevilla Family Resource Center, which is a provider of First Things First Arizona. First Things First Arizona is a tax funded program for child/school readiness for ages 0-5.

I’ve heard great things about this program, and it is also offered at the White Tank Public Library and the Peoria Library as well!

Dimples and Giggles truly enjoyed it and were dancing and bopping around. However, it was at 11am-1145 for their age group, and they both started to get a case of the hungries (CRANKIES!) so, we had to leave early. We weren’t the only ones who left early, so don’t be afraid to go for just a bit. We also had to sign in (probably so the library/Benevilla can track how many people use the program), so be prepared for a little bit of congestion and a line at the library entrance at that time.

Songercise at the Library

Offered at Northwest Regional (Surprise), White Tank and Peoria Libraries. Check their event calendar for details.

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