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SkyZone Phoenix/Scottsdale

SkyZone Phoenix is actually located in Scottsdale at 4857 E Greenway Rd. It is easy to get to from the 51.

skyzone outside of building

If you have SkyZone socks, bring them along. If you have any other type or brand of grippy sock, they aren’t allowed. It is also a good idea to sign their waiver online before you go.

check in skyzone

Visitors can purchase a jump time ahead of time online or you can purchase when you arrive. Some times are more busier than others, so purchasing online guarantees you to be able to jump. Time slots are available every 15 minutes, and can be in 60, 90 or an hour and twenty allotments.

Jumpers receive a sticker with what time their jump ends and their first name. I tore off my kids names because I was taking pictures of them for the blog. Most parents did not jump, but I did see some parents wearing “party parent” stickers.

Speaking of parties, there were many party rooms on the first floor and a small second floor with seating too. There was also small round tables with seating families too. A small cafe was available with drinks, pizzas and snacks. SkyZone didn’t seem to have any issue with people bringing in their own water bottles.

If you choose to jump with your kids, there are lockers available!


There is a toddler zone with a small rock climbing wall, foam pit with balance bean across and a large pit. I didn’t understand the deal with the large pit. A lot of kids love to build with the foam blocks or just run in circles. Having two toddlers at the same time a while ago, I can understand this. But, why the lines? I’m not really sure. This baffled this blogger!

The trampoline area (not pictured) is set up with screens separating big kids from littler kids. However, in order to get to your assigned area you have to cross through other areas. So, be careful especially with little ones. SkyZone does have special Toddler Times during the summer and during the rest of the year, so check out their website for more detail information on that.

Warrior Course

The Warrior Course area at SkyZone is new to me. Since this SkyZone is just one year old (2019), they had room for lots of great new things. Munchie particularly liked the Warrior Course.

warrior course skyzone
warrior course

I call him my small and mighty. There were tons of different obstacles for kids to try. I recommend this area for 8+. My Munchie is a small 9 year old, but there were areas that my 7 and 5 year old could do in the Ninja Warrior Zone at SkyZone as well.

Dimples shows you how to be like Tarzan on the rope swing!

Rock Wall SkyZone

The Rock Wall was also very popular. The staff kept telling the kids “only three people at a time” which didn’t really make sense if there were two right next to each other and one far on the other side. I don’t know! Maybe a weight on the wall thing?

rock wall skyzone

The Warped Wall was particularly fun for Giggles. She must have tried this half of the time we were there, which was 90 minutes. My goodness! It was fun to watch the kids try. There was a 9 foot wall and an 11 foot wall. Of course, the kids realized that the 11 foot wall could be climbed if you got a good grip on the 9 foot wall. There was a “fire pole” to slide down after you accomplish your task.

At least the warped wall went better than the Xtreme Air Zone experience we had in Chandler last year. If you haven’t read that post, its a hoot.

Two Dodgeball courts were available for play. This one was “taking a break” so I took a picture of it on the go.

And, of course my kids love to flip! Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how much they flip. I got on the trampoline and I couldn’t even bounce up and down. Youth!

The kids had a lot of fun jumping at SkyZone and the hour and a half went really fast. We went on a weekend in the summer and it was busy but not slammed. The staff was very kind and helpful.

The Basics

SkyZone Scottsdale

4857 E Greenway Rd Suite A,

Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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