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Sky Zone Peoria

While much of SkyZone is the same, there are few differences!

Updated 2018!

There is no more “Toddler” area like before at SkyZone. It has been changed into a Rock Wall with foam. Little tykes can still jump on the trampolines in designated sections of the large trampoline area. It is separated by mesh screening hung from the ceiling to keep different sized kids away from each other!

Sky Zone climb wall

Munchie is my man of climbing ability. He really is super strong although super slim. He is 8 and I would say that this area is best for good climbers 8 and up. It’s a pretty tall wall and there is nothing holding the climber.

Blocks and booms

This is called Sky Joust, but it’s kind of like half a yoga ball on top of a cat condo. At least that is what it reminded me of!


This staff member was AMAZING and was playing with my kids before a field trip came in. They had so much fun playing with her while I was running after my oldest and checking out his cool tricks. The staff is always awesome at SkyZone.


I thought Munchie would be able to master this ladder, but he was not able to. It’s a pretty long ladder hung at an incline over the foam blocks.  This was over the jumping pits, but others were still available!

Warped Wall

The warped wall is quite the challenge. Right next to the bathrooms and the Rock wall, this Warped Wall is a challenge to basically try to walk up a wall. Run, walk quickly-I don’t know what the right way to get up there, but Munchie got pretty close a few times.

Lounge area

What used to be another dodgeball court ( I believe!) is now another lounge area. It is a restricted access area for reservation but is seperated by a half wall with gate.

As always, SkyZone impressed us! We had a blast checking it out and having it almost to ourselves early in the morning!

Munchie and I had a day date a few weeks ago and went to Sky Zone in Peoria. I had a Groupon for two people and I really wanted to jump (I love trampolines) and Giggles sometimes likes Trampolines and Dimples still isn’t walking yet, so it was just the two of us.

Sky Zone is in a business park area, but there are a lot of signs directing you where to go. On weekdays, there are quite a few kids there and homeschoolers (they offer discounts for homeschoolers) so you will see a mix of ages during the weekday morning hours. It was pretty quiet which allowed us to maximize our fun!


I had Munchie Pose outside of the building. He had no idea where we were going!


This was the “Waiver table”. You must sign a waiver in order to jump, but you can also fill one out online here if you would rather do it before hand.


The desk area where you pay for your admission (but you can prepay online here). Behind the desk are Sky Socks, which are grippy socks that work really well on the trampolines. I had been to another chain trampoline place in Connecticut and they did not have the socks. I really felt the difference by using them. They are two dollars for a pair and they are reusable, so you can bring them back!


There is a snack bar and lots of seating in this area which is a half flight below where the trampolines are. There are TVs that are playing different things, and while talking to a staff member, there is a CCTV that shows the dodgeball court so people can watch the teams play (Yes, there is a dodgeball court! Keep reading!)


A few games to play if you need a break from jumping.


In the Ladies bathroom there is a changing table, which is great if you have a toddler who wants to jump but is still in diapers!


The toddler court, which is completely separate from the rest of the area to make sure the little ones are safe!


And there was plenty of places for the wee ones to jump and parents to watch!


The main “Court” was huge. Here Munchie is showing some of his moves of jumping up and down. And yes, there are trampolines going up at a 45 degree angel. I’ve heard people do flips off of that, but unfortunately for you, I didn’t try it! Let me know if you try it. Each square is about 8’x8′ (my guess) and only one jumper per square. I saw some of the older kids being able to jump from square to square without touching the blue and orange beams in the middle. The “Beams” are covered with foam padding and are what holds the trampolines. Just be careful, because your foot can get caught under them!


There was also a basketball hoop “Sky Slam”. After this, I’m pretty sure I won’t be counting on Munchie getting a basketball scholarship to college! There is netting all the way around the hoops so the ball wont leave the area when you miss (yes, I’m saying when). However, Munchie did try out the netting and you can fall into the netting and it will hold you. However it is hard to get out of, but terribly funny to watch!


There is also a very fun foam bit that you can bounce your way into. I did not feel brave enough to bounce high and then go in, so I just stood at the edge and dropped in. I am pretty sure I could have taken a nap in there. It is about 3-4′ deep full of these big foam blocks. It’s pretty hard to get to the bottom, which is a big trampoline as well. It is also kind of difficult to get out of! But, lots of fun.



This is the dodgeball court. There are very soft kickball sized balls (think Nerf balls but with a plastic/rubber coating that is looser than the size of the ball to help you grip and throw with one hand). Munchie and I had a fun time chucking the balls at each other. I’m not sure of the rules of how they play the game, but our version was very fun.

IMG_5109These were the bleachers right by the front desk. It was a great place to put shoes on, and there were even cubbies to put shoes.


The party rooms (I saw two). There were nice looking couches in there. I could have used one after I jumped!


This was the sticker we wore. We paid for an hour (although you can do unlimited!). Honestly, I was really tired after an hour, and my almost 5 year old, Munchie was as well. We had gone to another place in Connecticut, and usually a half hour did my children in.

A few rules that you should know. You can’t sit or lay on the trampolines, and you must jump off of your feet. If you are tired and want to sit, they ask you (and the staff was super polite) to go to the edge and sit down there. There is a lot of seating around the arena.

I’ve been running for a couple months and honestly, I felt whipped after 15 minutes. Make sure you drink a lot of water. And, you will want to use the bathroom before you start jumping. Trust me on this.

The staff, once again, is super friendly. One of the attendants told me that they sanitize the trampolines every day. Yes, Every day! That is phenomenal, because their competition does not. Although their prices are a bit higher than their competitors, I could tell that the care of the staff and the condition of their facility was well worth the price I paid. There was an attendant at every section, and each had a headset on to communicate with their others, should the need arise.

Munchie and I had an excellent time. I can’t wait to go back…well, maybe after my half marathon! Oh and they also have Fitness classes at Sky Zone!

The Basics

Sky Zone Peoria

9040 West Larkspur Drive, Peoria






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