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Simply Smashing Rage Room Tempe

If you are looking to get out a little bit of tension, Simply Smashing Rage Room in Tempe may be for you.

My background, being in psychology, made me think that this might be an interesting thing to cover for the blog. Not for kids-but for adults who need a release. We all might want to scream, let go and just take something and not have to clean it up.

I’m a pretty happy person and overall optimistic, so I went into this with a lighthearted spirit with my blog friend, Ashley. We both enjoy laughing with each other and scheduled a 30-minute session. An hour session seemed a bit too much.

But, from the first appearance, I was a bit concerned about the business operation. The sign (as seen above) was tethered by wash cloths with rocks in them, and then duck taped. While this is very inventive, it seemed to lack professionalism.

Once we stepped inside, I was a bit concerned. The whole concept is not to be flashy, but the couches looked like they were picked up from the dump. The tables were completely covered with dust. We needed to sign a waiver, which I looked over carefully. It seemed pretty standard, so I did sign it. I wasn’t planning on going crazy anyhow, because I really didn’t have anything to be too mad about!

There were two staffers there, who were nice but young college kids who seemed a bit meek. They were trying to do upsells on things. “We can print out pictures of whoever you want and then you can smash them”. or “Here’s bottles you can smash” or “A sand filled jar makes for a great slow effect”.

Although we had a reservation, the staff wanted us to wait until the other 12 o clock reservation arrived so they wouldn’t have to repeat themselves twice. Not good customer service on their end. We watched a “Safety video” which was lackluster” and then proceeded to our room.

The Room

In the room was a chalkboard with chalk where you could write things, a wall to write things with marker and then the wall and floor where you could throw things. I took a picture of the wall but can’t post it because it was far from family-friendly. No holds bar-whatever makes you mad, you could write it.

“Safety gear” which included gloves, what looked like a welders’ mask and then bats and a mallet to hit things. And, we got a box of glass things to destroy.

Since Ashley and I are both moms, we took everything out and organized it. The “Table” was one of those large spools that they put wiring on, and then covered with welcome mats. Above this was a clip to hang bottles if you wanted to use the bat to shatter it. The clip didn’t hold things very well.

The room was not cleaned up before we were went in. Unfortunately, all of the glass from the prior people was just swept to the side.

Ashley Smashley

I think all in all, Ashley and I had fun being together, but smashing things wasn’t our main goal. We always are crazy together!

We finished up in about 15 minutes because we felt awkward! We had had our fun and put everything back. I can’t really see ourselves doing it again. I don’t have anything to be really upset about. And, I have been through a lot of stuff!

The people who ran Simply Smashing told us they do team building and birthday parties, and it just doesn’t seem like a place to do team building. Honestly, it seems like it would be the exact opposite place you would build a team.

If you are looking for a healthy place to take care of your stress, maybe this would work? I prefer to exercise and hanging out with friends! I’m sure there are less healthy things you could do, but I’d rather choose something like Topgolf or painting!

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