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Signal Butte Park

When we see that there is a new park that looks completely awesome, we have to go check it out. Even if it is an hour drive from our house!

Signal Butte Park is located at 11132 E Elliot Rd Mesa.

There is a building right next to it, which is the water treatment plant. Mmmm yummy. But, we didn’t smell anything. Phew!

My kids were very happy to get out of the car, as you can tell from Munchie running away!

There was a parking lot with lots of ample parking. So much parking that there were two minivans of the same color, and my daughter decided to go to the wrong one when we were leaving and opened it! Ooops. Lock your doors people! You never know what 7 year old might try to get in your car.


Bathrooms were available with the sinks on the outside. There was no soap available. The women’s bathroom had three stalls and no changing facility. There was also a nice water fountain.

ramada signal butte park

This lovely ramada had tons of seating, and overlooked beautiful scenery of the mountains!

water treatment plant

And, here is the water treatment plant. Unfortunately, the grass was not overseeded in the winter. I really wish more parks were overseeded in the winter so that kids could play on the grass when it is the best weather!

helix dome

This is a huge contraption. Three different sizes were available for kids. However, the littlest kids were on the big one, and I would just advise you that it is a little bit tricky up inside. So, if you don’t have a good crawler and don’t plan on going up in that space yourself, you might want to limit them from climbing up in the big dome!

I went up inside the dome with my kids, and you really have to be quite bendy to get inside! The first part of climbing up the poles are just little steps. Once you get inside, you hit this table, and you need to fold and climb up on top of it. I had flip flops on, my camera and my pocket book. I was carrying a little too much.

Then, up to this jungle of ropes. Luckily I just climbed the sides and slipped by the ropes. Or, place your feet on the blue green rocks to get through.

from the outside helix signal butte park

From the outside, this is where you end up after climbing the rock ropes.


I didn’t even try this! They are like little hammocks down to another pod!

Slippidy Slide

Instead, I went down the super fast slide! Dimples decided to give me a big push!

slide signal butte park

I did have to duck a little to get into the slide, but it was roomy enough to go down quite quickly. Definitely a fun slide. However, I was very happy to have both feet back on the ground again!


The slide at Signal Butte is definitely nice and tall for the thrill seekers in your family.

boys down the slide signal butte

The boys even show how they went down the slide together!

botton of the helix signal butte

The the bottom of the big play area was netting and it was very springy, like a trampoline. Munchie had a lot of fun jumping from one part to another. Here I caught him in action.



Giggles shows that there are swings at Signal Butte Park. And the famous “Bra swing” that everyone loves!

Smaller playground

This was the smaller kids playground for ages 2-5, but it didn’t see as much action. It had the helix contraptions that the large contraption had and a smaller slide, and lots of fun things to climb too!

middle of the road play area signal butte park

There was also a “middle ages” play area that had more climbing stuff for kids. I think it was great for Munchie who is now ten and Giggles who is now seven. They really liked doing the different types of monkey bars and the netting. There was a slide on the other side, but it had it listed as up to ages 10, but I think it was kind of difficult for the younger kids.

The playground was definitely a different one than I have ever seen, and it definitely added variety. I think it might be pretty hot in the summer, so be careful! I don’t see the big hex/helix having a shade over it because it is so massive, but perhaps the smaller ones might be able to have one over it. I’m not sure on the city of Mesa’s plans.

The Mystery Metal Contraption

The other interesting thing about the park was near the ramada. There was a metal contraption and I had to check this out. And, there was a pole nearby and the ground was wet. So, I surmised it must have been a water thing of some sort.

I would not call this a splashpad by any stretch of the imagination, but perhaps a spritz pad? I really don’t know how we could otherwise classify this! What do you think?

I think this park is really a beauty! While it was a big drive from Surprise, my kids were super excited about trying it out, so it was very much worth it!

The Basics

Signal Butte Park Mesa

11132 E Elliot Rd

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