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Short Sports

I had heard that there were classes for small tykes in this area that were geared for the younger child-maybe one who hadn’t participated in sports before or wasn’t old enough to participate in the City Sports. Luckily, Jason Briesacher, owner  from “Short Sports” contacted me to let me know about their program. IMG_5039

First of all, Short Sports is highly affordable, which is one ofmy main things! With three children, activity costs add up fast and Short Sports understands that. It is $10 to register and $5 every time you come. You pay for the day you go, so if your kid gets sick, you aren’t paying for time you aren’t there. That is amazing! Classes are 45 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time for a young brain!

Second, Short Sports is held in Canyon Ridge Elementary School’s Gym on Saturday mornings and they have three sports you can try-T-ball, Soccer and Flag Football. We signed up for T-Ball, well mainly because we are up so early and it starts at 8am!

Third, They talk about the basics of the game and make it fun. My husband and I are runners and we stretch in front of our kids and they will join in sometimes. The coaches actually went through stretching with the kids and helped them do it right.



And fourth but most important, the kids had a lot of fun learning about baseball!


The kids got to run the bases!



And Parents get to chase the kids around the bases (run from the monster!).IMG_5044

New Skills are built upon the past weeks lesson, and each session is for 6 weeks. Bring water (but there is a water fountain!) and try to leave those siblings at home if you can! (I brought my other two and luckily there was two of us so we could divide and conquer, but there wasn’t a good place in the gym for little sisters who want to run too).

We had a great time at Short Sports and can’t wait for the next weeks!

The Basics

Short Sports

Canyon Ridge Elementary School

17359 W Surprise Farms Loop North

Saturday Mornings-time dependent on Sport


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