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  • Sharks are the top of the food chain in the ocean.
  • they range in size from 6 inches to 54 feet.
  • They belong to a class of fish’Sharks have the most powerful jaws on the planet and both the upper jaws move.
  • A shark may grow and use over 20,000 teeth in their lifetime
  • There are about 25 species that attack humans, but about about 238 species of sharks
  • only 100 humans are attacked by sharks a year. More sharks are attacked by earthquakes, hurricanes, lightning strikes or volcanoes
  • Sharks, unlike most fish, don’t have bones, but cartilage
  • Sharks have been on earth for about 420 million years.
  • Shark Skin feels like sandpaper




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Mako Sharks-Leo Statts

Whale Sharks-Leo Statts

Basking Sharks=Nico Barnes

Tiger Sharks-Leo Statts

Whale Sharks-Allan Morey

Tiger Sharks-Laura Hamilton Waxman

Whale Sharks-Nico Barnes

Hammerhead Sharks-Nico Barnes

Barsking Sharks LAura Hamilton Waxman

Swimming With Sharks-Darienne Oaks

Extreme Sharks-Nancy Honovich

The Great Shark Mystery-The Boxcar Children Gertrude Warner

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