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Scottsdale Quarter Splash Pad

Scottsdale Quarter is a very chic place, with some great boutique stores and of course the American Girl Store . And, there is also a free splashpad! YAY! We love splashpads, especially when there are places to get a drink for mom or a snack for the kids all around the quarter.

The area that the splashpad is located is called “The Quad” . You can also see there is some parking on the street, but it is parallel parking (I’m not a huge fan of parallel parking and kids entering out onto the street). There are also parking garages, and I picked the one at Butherus Rd and 73rd. Parking was free, which makes this splashpad even better. There are even bathrooms close to the splashpad-(F) on the map and next to Lululemon and one at the Mall office, which is at 72nd and Quad drive. Either are easy to get into! There is also parking at 73rd and North Street and 73rd St and Butherus. If you look at the Google Satelite image (as of June 2017), the Quarter hasn’t had an update photo taken of it from above, so where there is a parking lot, it just shows dirt.

The day we went was a bit overcast and not too warm, so my kids didn’t get to play. But I went into the water to check out the flooring (so mean, I know!)

The flooring is tile and not really grippy, so I encourage water shoes. There weren’t any play features, just water that would go higher and lower, in no particular pattern. The floor had a good covering of water, but all along the edges were drains so it didn’t spill onto the seating area.

The seats were comfortable, but not as soft as they looked. They are definitely meant for lounging in as they are all at an angle, not for sitting on the edge of your seat hoping your kids don’t fall. The seats were nice, but as far as being a mom looking out after their kids, it is isn’t the best seating.

But, Giggles had a solution and sat on a table!

Low and slow and some other seating in the back, but further away from the splashpad.

There was also a great deal of shade with the palm trees around the splashpad, which is really nice!

I just loved this picture of the fountains and the scenery!

The Basics

Scottsdale Quarter Splash Pad

73rd St and Butheros Rd, Scottsdale


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