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Scottsdale Fashion Square (Mall)

Unfortunately, this location is closed as of August 15th, 2017. Scottsdale Fashion Square is going through a renovation. Check back for latest info regarding kids play area.



Last week, on one of the hot days, I decided to take a little ride out to the Scottsdale Fashion Square. I had seen on an old newspaper article that there was a wonderful play area for kids there.


I ended up google-ing the mall and came up with the address that took me to the Dillard’s parking lot. When I pulled in, all I saw was Dillards’ and no other mall-ish type area around there. And i though-“oh no, what have I got myself into?” But, I do this type of scouting so you don’t do what I almost did-turn around and miss an excellent play area for kids.

In the Dillard’s parking lot there is an underground parking lot (sun off the car-bonus!) so we parked there and found the mall entrance-which was just an elevator to go up to the mall. I really wish there was some sort of map in the elevator to let me know where I was going.

IMG_3493If only this sign had a little more information.

We ended up going to the second floor and then I realized that the first floor had a food court so we headed down there to use the restrooms (of course!) and find out where the play area was at the courtesy desk.


IMG_3494The food court is absolutely beautiful (as seen from the elevator). And there is a movie theater there too! And, lots of great quick restaurants that are kid friendly.

We were told that the play area was by Nordstrom’s, which was about as far opposite the mall as we could have been. So, if you are looking to go to the play area you DEFINITELY want to park at the Nordstrom’s side and in their huge parking garage!



The other reason I mention parking by Nordstrom’s is because this mall has ramps EVERYWHERE to get from section to section. I didn’t realize that the mall goes over streets, so in order to get from place to place (all inside, don’t you worry) there are ramps and stairs on alternating sides of the mall from the food court area to the play area. If you are looking for a good workout, you can definitely get the full body toned by pushing the stroller up the ramps!

Once we arrived at THE destination, the “Architecture Kids” (It is on the mall map on the directories), it was not a disappointment!



It looks like it used to be a store, but now its a play area. All enclosed!

IMG_3499Some very pertinent information above-that the area is closed from 230-330 daily for cleaning (It gets cleaned!! YAY).

IMG_3512There was a nice space for multiple strollers to be parked inside of the area. My BOB loves to be featured for it’s great maneuverability through malls!


There’s a great gate the separates the kids area from the mall-little ones don’t get to run free!

IMG_3505 IMG_3506And there are THREE bathrooms in the play area (yes, with doors) in the back of the space! The one featured on the top is a kid sized toilet, and the one on the bottom is an adult sized toilet with changing area.

Ok-now to the FUN part.


Lots of fun areas to play in. This was the ship in the very front of the area.



A fun little doll house-but kid sized!


A castle complete with a slide!


And this was part of a tree house-the kids were charging at me down the ramp.

There was a ton of seating for parents-and a lot by the front so you could make sure your munchkins weren’t making a run for it. Such a clever and thoughtful use of space. The area actually reminded me of a children’s museum from back in Connecticut that Munchie and Giggles loved to go to with his friends.

I highly encourage you to go to the Scottsdale Fashion Square to check out this FANTASTIC play area. There is a LOT of shopping available too, as well as places for coffee and snacks (a parent must!).

The Basics

Scottsdale Fashion Square

7041 East Camelback Rd, Scottsdale, AZ (this is the mailing address).




  1. […] it does look like their play area is TEENY compared to other ones in this area. (The one in Scottsdale Fashion Square is fabulous!). I will dedicate another post to the Play area in the Arizona Mills Mall in a future […]

  2. Christa Ward on June 19, 2016 at 2:12 pm

    Wanted to say thanks for posting this useful info. Was a huge help!

  3. […] it does look like their play area is TEENY compared to other ones in this area. (The one in Scottsdale Fashion Square is fabulous!). I will dedicate another post to the Play area in the Arizona Mills Mall in a future […]

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  5. Bruce on August 13, 2017 at 7:16 am

    Game over for the play area this Tuesday Aug 15,2017. They didn’t say anything about moving it, only that it will be closing. Sucks

    • Vicki on August 13, 2017 at 7:53 pm

      Thanks for letting us know, Bruce! I’ll update that information. That is such a nice play area too, but I know they are remodeling the mall. Hopefully it will be something bigger and better! I’ll see if my contacts know anything!

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