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Scotland Yard Park Peoria

I love finding parks that we haven’t been to that are close by. And, at the same time, I feel like I missed out on a great opportunity to enjoy this park more!

Scotland Yard Park in Peoria is definitely one of those parks people have driven by but haven’t stopped in.

Located just a “wee” bit southwest of Grand Avenue and the 101, Scotland Yard Park is a gem in the midst of a busy industrial and commercial area.


Don’t mind the “New River” blue. I have only seen a “wee” bit of water ever in the riverbed. Yes, I will probably use the word “wee” in here much to often.

What I had read about the park before was mostly about the dog park, so I kind of dismissed the park as three kids at a dog park wouldn’t be a very exciting post. But, we ended up going to Scotland Yard Park with our pup, Roxy. Roxy got kicked out of my husbands’ at home office because she was snoring too loud during conference calls. I figured that if we had to bring our dog to a dog park with three kids we might as well. However, we might have missed out on a wonderful opportunity to check out the wonderful playground and ramada area.

big playground scotland yard park

This cool “orb” looking thing made a new challenge for our monkey boy, Munchie. He and Giggles loved climbing to the top of this orb and hanging out! There was also the yellow pear shaped thing that spun. I really didn’t understand it, but the kids hung on and spun each other for a bit. You can also see the mulch underneath the playground. The east side of the playground had the big kids play area and swings, and the west side had the toddler play area. The two areas were divided by concrete slabs where picnic tables were placed. The Toddler playground was underneath a large metal roof which extended far into the park. The Big kids play area was underneath sails, except the swings.

large metal shade

Slides, climbing wall, the orb and lots of picnic tables plus “skateboard” wiggly things!

stiars and more big kids play area

There were multiple ways to get to the big kids platform, which my kids loved having the different challenges. They played “cruise ship” and “fire house”.

You can see all the multiple ways to climb up ad get down this play scape.

swings and the wiggly surfboard

Munchie also loved the wiggly “surfboards” at Scotland Yard Park!

rock lined path

I really liked this rock lined path. It was small but really pretty!

big playground

Another view of this beautiful big playground at Scotland Yard Park.toddler area

Loved the swings, lots of park benches and shade at Scotland Yard Park.

The toddler area also had a few slides, a little dramatic drum area, little mini rock wall, tic tac toe board and the “microphones”.

This park was off of a busy road (Grand) but was not a busy area at all. There is a dog park that is far from the playground, a tennis court and a basketball court, as well as a large area of greenspace (this is not the dog park).

I am saddened I didn’t find this gem earlier. With the amazing amount of shade available, the bathrooms, plus the cute rock “garden” walk and tons of picnic benches, this is a great park for toddlers and big kids alike.

The Basics

Scotland Yard Park

9251 W Scotland Ave

Peoria, AZ


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