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San Tan Village Splashpad

Are you looking for a splashpad that is covered and in a shopping area in East Valley, then the San Tan Village Splashpad is for you!

Conveniently located across a short walkway from a Dairy Queen and a bathroom, this splashpad is a a great one for little kids! It is also just a few steps away from Ready, Set, Play in San Tan Village!

San Tan Village Splashpad

The area for the splashpad large but the splash zone is not too big, so if you have a child that may just want to enjoy the shade, its perfect. There are some fake grass areas surrounding the area and some lifted up seating/walls for hanging out on. To the east of the splashpad was another similar lowered area for play equipment, but it was being replaced. There was also a few pieces of play equipment (quarter rides) to the west of the splash pad.

San Tan Village shopping area also has a National Geographic Kids Club, a Build a Bear, Harkins Movie theater, Ready Set Play and many different food options. The shopping area is split up by different streets and the easiest parking for the splash pad is by Dillard’s or Macy’s. I really liked the area and we even checked out Grimaldi’s Pizzeria and the Ready, Set, Play in Gilbert!


The Basics

San Tan Village Splashpad

2180 E Williams Field Rd (closest to DQ ste 101)

Gilbert, AZ


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