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Sam Garcia Western Library Avondale

I had taken my kids to the Sam Garcia library a few years ago when they had a great book sale. We didn’t explore the library that day, and I’m not sure why. However, had we explored the library day I wouldn’t have gone back to see what they have done!

The Sam Garcia Western Library is in “historic Avondale”. The building does stick out in the area, as it is very modern in area of mostly older, smaller buildings.

sam garcia western library

The Sam Garcia library has parking on the street, but the street is not too busy. Just FYI for those with young kids.

sam garcia stairs

The inside of the library. The entry way has stairs and an elevator to the second floor for the adult section. There is a nice open area and lobby, but the children’s area is all the first floor! No worries about bothering the adults, because it is separated!

A computer station with many computers were off to one section of the the library.

Stacks and stacks of books at child height were available for checking out! There is also a small open space area (you can see the rocking horse in the picture). Also, there were some blocks and a few other toys. This is where storytimes and other events happen too! This multi purpose area is larger than pictured (unfortunately, the sun glare go the best of the pic).

A family bathroom is located in the children’s area for easy accessibility. There are also bathrooms in the lobby entrance near the elevators.

However, what is really exciting is what is going on OUTSIDE the library!


A beautiful, fenced, playground will be opening up around October that will be part of the library! They are waiting on some safety signage and for the weather to cool down a bit, but this will be an amazing addition to the library. Along with the wonderful programs that the Sam Garcia library already offers, there will be more space for more programs and outdoor exploration. Plus, I know parents who love a good fenced playground.

signage for the library

Library Sign and indoor area (the sun just didn’t do great for this photo even when I tried to filter it!). But, you can see that the wonderful “coming soon sign”! This is so super exciting!

A beautiful area for making some music!

You can also see the hopscotch on the ground. The ground was made out of a lovely rubber matting too.

I am so excited for this area at the library. The Avondale area has a lovely library and this play area will really service the community so well! Check out the website and their Facebook page for all of the wonderful events they have for the whole family and community.

The Basics

Sam Garcia Western Avenue Library

495 E Western Ave

Avondale, Arizona

Avondale’s other library is the Civic Center Library

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