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Sahuaro Ranch Park Glendale

Sahuaro Ranch Park is right near Glendale Community College, and it can be so busy and almost intimidating to go over there, which is why a few times we started to head over and turned around.

Yep, sometimes it’s too hectic for even me to handle! And weekends at the Park can be very busy. There are a lot of events going on, weddings, and just people enjoying the park.

But, the entry to the park is just amazing.


(It was a red light, I swear!) But, sorry it wasn’t a better picture! However, I realized there was no left turn arrow to get into the park, so on a busy day, it might be easier to go south on 59th Ave so you can take a right into the entrance.


There is a lot of history at the park, but I think the most interesting of the history was that the original owner who built all the residences, William Bartlett, never permanently lived on the land. The oldest house on the land was built in 1887! WAY before air conditioners! Coming from Connecticut, where some homes were built it he late 1600s and mid 1700s, I am still impressed with these houses.

There are two  parking lots that are within the park grounds off of West Mountain View Road. If you are looking to go to the playgrounds, I suggest going as far west as you can and park in the big lot. There is also a lot on the north side almost as soon as you enter (nearest the Glendale Historical Society).



This is a beautiful archway that leads to a huge covered area with grills and picnic benches (often rented out for weddings and special events!)


Beautiful green space, large palms and brick bathrooms. Bathrooms were basic and had a lot of birds hanging in the roof (inside!).


More beautiful arches with seating underneath.


And of course the playground. The area and seating with arches can be a place for adults to sit, however there is a big drop from the seating area to the playground. There are other seating areas around the playground, but not enough in the shade!


More Green areas and paths (great for walking or trying to Catch Pokemon, I think!)


And, a roundish seating area to…I don’t really know!But pretty view!

There was a toddler area, but warning, these stairs are kind of hard for some tots to do.



Volleyball courts-sand ( and soccer fields too!)



If you have a kid who loves to climb on and up and around things, this park is definitely good for them! Very similar to Tolleson’s Veteran’s Memorial Park , there’s lots to do for children who like a climbing challenge.

Across the path that leads to these two playgrounds was an older playground (unshaded, unfortunately), that Dimples, age 3, liked better.

This playground was a bit worn from years of hard play, but was almost better for Dimples. The only issue for me was 2 kids were on one side of a pretty wide path, and one wanted the other side so I had to herd them to one playground. There was one lonely picnic bench that was under a tree that had some shade, but otherwise, this was definitely a spot that you needed a lot of sunscreen!

After our playground adventures, we headed back to the ranch area because I heard that there were Peacocks somewhere on the ranch! Perfect opportunity to make our outing a homeschooling lesson too. We went back to the area where the big ramadas and grills were and saw some Peacocks behind a fence. I was a little bummed it was so far away, until it walked up to the fence, walked through the fence and right in front of us!


Why, Hello! I had no idea it could go through the fence! The Peacock roamed around the tables and into the citrus fields!


Beautiful Peacock though!


And yes, there are citrus plants at the Ranch! There are even days you can pick the fruit (for free, I have heard!)


This is the sign stating that we were entering the historic area of Sahuaro Ranch, and that you had to have permission to take professional pictures. So, since I didn’t obtain permission ahead of time (but will in the future!), I put away my camera for walking through the older homes. They were very cool, plus there are beautiful rose gardens. Of course, my children wanted to pick the roses, so it wasn’t very relaxing and peaceful for me.

We did a lot  of walking, so I highly suggest bringing a stroller if you have little ones that don’t have endurance. If you walk through the citrus areas, the ground is very uneven and can be very muddy. If you stay on the walking trails, a plain, hard wheeled stroller will be fine-although an unbrella stroller might not be able to push through the dirt.


Here’s a great map of the historic area of the Ranch!

On the park/playground area of the Sahuaro, there is also a dog park and tons of green areas to play frisbee, ball, and just have fun running out some energy! I don’t play the Pokemon game, but It looked like there were a ton of (adults) looking for some! There is also a dog park onsite.

The Basics

Sahuaro Ranch Park

9802 N 59th Ave

Glendale, AZ


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