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Rush Fun Park Peoria

I love hearing we have another great new indoor park to check out! And, Rush Fun Park is ginormous. It is humongous! It has so many options. So, lets get started with the review.

Rush Fun Park is located at 67th and Peoria Avenues in Peoria. Waivers are required to enter the facility, even if you aren’t playing along. Participants purchase a set amount of time to play. Trust me, your kids will want to stay to play as long as possible! Rush Socks (Grippy Socks) are included in the price of play (2019). Outside socks are not allowed.

Rush Fun Park entrance

The Entrance area is huge with lots of comfortable seating. There are areas for people to put there shoes and lots of tables in the front and back for people to eat and sit and grab a bite too!

The Cafe at Rush

If you are a busy parent who is looking to get some work done while the kids play, the cafe has plenty of seating. I loved that the cafe was at the front of Rush which provided ample viewing of the door. I like to make sure my kids aren’t running out without me! There were tons of beverage options (including my favorite sparkling water), sodas and Gatorade.

This huge two story, mega play area awaits you at Rush! This area is open for kids of all ages, and adults! The playing aparatus is about three storyies tall, with different levels of play. It is truly a maze! There are tunnels, tubes, slides and all sorts of fun. This orb at the top was super fun for my kids to hang out in and spy and incoming visitors. It also throws your voice, so if you are inside of the orb yelling, it sounds like you are somewhere else in the play area completely!

inside the orb

Here are my kids inside the orb and then a quick peek looking down from the orb at the entrance area from the “spy zone”.

Inside the Three Story Rush Fun Park Play Area

I was crawling around with my kids and getting tired too! Wow! After talking with the general manager for a while, I realized what she said was completely true-it is a MAZE in there! There are so many different things to explore and check out.

ball guns, ball pit and zipline ball

There is a ball pit, two stories of ball blasters and a huge middle area full of balls dropping and getting catapulted up and this cool zipline ball too. The ball blasters will have targets for kids to shoot, instead of just unsuspecting kids!

Slides galore

Are you looking for some slides? There are SO many slides! This is just three of the huge slides, but there are MORE. This crazy twisty tube slide is about three stories tall, and the purple and white slide is too! It is super fun to go down.

Rush had so many different obstacles to climb and bounce through. Of course, it is much easier to go through all of these obstacles if you are under five feet tall! There is padding everywhere for those of us who have more height.

A cool ball pit is hidden underneath the large play structure. Dimples LOVED playing in it.

This amazing slide is like sledding down snow. With the sleds, kids (and parents) can simulate the feeling of sledding! I really had fun doing this. It is great for our desert babies to practice sledding!

Right next to the mock sledding was the bungie “crawl” or drop. Depending if you were going up or down it. There was also a slide attached to it that was about three stories high! You can see Munchie struggling through this apparatus. I passed on trying to get through this!


There were all types of trampoline options at Rush Fun Park. There was a Large dodgeball court with sloped sides. A smaller court with trampolines that had sloped sides and platforms to jump off of. Many kids jumped off of the platforms and onto the trampolines to see how high they could jump. Three basketball hoops were available with trampolines as well.

Toddler Area

The Toddler Area at Rush Fun Park was immense! I loved the toddler area because the kids under 6 won’t feel like they are missing a thing by being in the smaller area. And, the smaller area will definitely keep them occupied and away from the big kids while still happy.

The area was gated, but you will want to make sure that kids stay close by as an attendant is there trying to make sure it is latched after everyone comes in and out. There is also seating right near the toddler area so parents can view their children.

The toddler area has a two level climber that includes fun obstacles like the big climber, a little mini soccer field and tons of fun things including a roller slide!

Giggles came in with me, because even though she is big, she is still six and able to go in the smaller area. The soccer field was really cute and I was able to fully stand up in it. The small wheel spun and kids loved sitting in there. I found Dimples hanging out in there with a little girl. Oh boy!

A cute little carousel and the spinny “teacups” are also super fun for the kids to ride. They make me feel a little loopy, but kids love them.

The Tower and Chute

The tower and Chute was right next to the Toddler playground and cafe. My kids had more fun running through the huge play area, so they didn’t even attempt this when we went! I was so surprised, but you might have a kid that wants to check it out!

Rock Climbing Walls

There were lots of options for climbing and showing your strength and agility and Rush! 8 different rock climbing/climbing obstacles were available. Here you can see Giggles checking out the “Stairway to Heaven” . She loves this one!

Don’t forget the perfect place to tackle your arch enemy ( or your brother or sister) on this balance beam with foam blocks underneath you! My kids love having the ability to knock each other off the beam without me yelling at them. It’s totally appropriate at Rush to do this!

I was super excited to see the machine that is used to clean the ball pit! How do they clean all those balls? Well, this is the super ball pit machine (I won’t do the translating for you. It’s hilarious but sort of not appropriate!). This machine is similar to a vacuum and uses UV light to clean the balls and then throws them. It is super cool to find out how they clean the balls! I have heard about the technology but didn’t know how it was done. Thanks to the manager for letting me check it out.

Party Rooms and party availability.

Downstairs is a large party room and there will be space upstairs for parties as well. There are also tables around the entire inside of the facility for parties that will be unreserved.

Special events will be held upstairs, like Bumper Ball parties and other events especially for teens and tweens!

Ninja Course

The Ninja Course has some never seen before obstacles for kids (and parents) to enjoy!

Check out these tires and

There are tons of balls that look like bubbles! I loved all these crazy obstacles on the first floor for the kids to try to get through.

So much so that I needed to try it myself. We had some camera difficulties.

ropes ninja course rush

The Ninja Course at Rush had this fun Rope area that reminded me of a macrame basket! My kids loved playing in it! This was on the Second floor of the Ninja Course.

Rush Fun Park will also be putting in some games for parents and to play, like air hockey tables, that will be included in the cost of admission.

There is a plethora of things to do for kids. We were there for 3 hours and it was hard to peel my kids away. Your kids will definitely have a great time here. Plus, during the school year toddlers have their time only during the mornings where they have the run of the park. Plenty of seating which makes it great for parents who want to meet up or catch up with friends or maybe get some work done. Free wifi is included too!

I’m so excited to see what Rush Fun Park has in store. Make sure you check out our post for the updates on the Ninja Park SOON (2019 June) and More!

The Basics

Rush Fun Park

67th and Peoria Avenue

Peoria, AZ

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