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Royal Palm Park-Phoenix

Royal Palm Park in Phoenix is located at 8405 N 15th Ave Phoenix. For a park that has the name Palm in it, it didn’t have many palm trees around!

Parking was off street, which was lovely for families of small children. The park has sand, so that is good for some families, but I know some families like mulch instead. There was a lot of greenspace but no bathrooms.

At Royal Palm Park, there was a toddler and big kids playground that was separated by a great big swath of sand. Benches and two picnic benches were available , but there was not a lot of shade. There were shade sails over the playgrounds, but they didn’t do a great job of shading the entire playground, so bring sunscreen.

Big Kid Playground and Royal Palm

The big kid playground at Royal Palm has lots of wonderful different climbing features, with rock walls, slides, stairs and more!

There is even a nice net for kids to walk on as well! There were so many wonderful features at this park for big kids.

And, there is this nice rock wall too for kids who are looking for an extra challenge. Plus, it’s a great place for kids to hide underneath too.

Toddler Playground at Royal Palm

The Toddler Playground at Royal Palm has a cute ladybug rocker behind the playscape. The Toddler Playground also has a better shade over it as well. There are a lot of nice climbing features, but I do wish there were more slides for the kids. A tick tac toe board was also on the playground. You may be able to see on the picture that there is also a small area that is the gummy playground underneath the slide. I always wonder why they mix the gummy playground and sand, but I guess that will have to wait until another day.

Other fun features of Royal Palm Park

The park also had fitness stations around the park. One was close to the playground, but most were far from the playground, but weren’t on a path, but were in the grass around the park. However, it was a very nice park with a lot of shade. There are sprinklers that do go off, so if you set up a picnic in the middle of the park, just watch out for sprinklers that may pop up! Also, there was a water fountain, but unfortunately, no bathrooms.

Royal Palm also had two big kids swings and two baby kid swings. Unfortunately, they were not under a shade.

I really liked the playground and all the shade this park is near Washington Park and close to Mountain View Park as well, so stop by and check these out while you are in the area too.

The Basics

Royal Palm Park

8405 N 15th Ave Phoenix

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