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Rotary Park Scottsdale

Rotary Park in Scottsdale is located at 7959 E Doubletree Ranch Rd in Scottsdale. Parking is off the street in a parking lot of of Doubletree Rd.

There is some shade at the park, but none over the play areas, which is unfortunate. Luckily, there are bathrooms, and some walking trails around the outer edge of the park as well.

We visited Rotary Park in Scottsdale on a hot day in June, so we didn’t stay very long. The park was great for kids 5-10 and there was a small toddler play scape too. There were too ramadas for picnicking as well.

Twisting climbers and monkey bars and all types of ways to climb up! Unfortunately, there was only one slide coming down from the big playscape.

My monkey will always be a monkey with his bars!

Unfortunately, this little rock wall leads to no where! That is a miss!

There were two wobble “Wake Boards” for kids. This was the coolest thing to do, and it was also in the shade, so my kids were wanting to do this the whole time we were there.

Toddler Playscape

The toddler playscape was small but sufficient for the young toddlers with steps that were nicely sized, two slides that went onto a rubberized surface and lots of sand underneath too.

There was also this double slide and a little rock wall climber too.

Swings were also available-four big kid swings and two baby swings. You can also see one ramada and the bathrooms in the background. The bathrooms were well taken care of and clean.

This park has lots of greenspace, but it is a strange shape and is on the corner of two busy roads (Doubletree Ranch and E Gainey Ranch). I wish the playscape was covered, but otherwise, it is a nice park.

The Basics

7959 E Doubletree Ranch Rd

Scottsdale, AZ

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