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Rocker 7 Farm Patch Buckeye

We went to Rocker 7 Farm Patch with a lot of our mommy friends from a few different groups on a weekday morning with all of our little kids. I was a bit nervous that it would be crazy busy since we went during fall break, but we were lucky that it was pretty low key.

Rocker 7 Farms is easy to get to from Surprise. Take the 303 to I-10 West and get off of Jackrabbit Trail and West onto Broadway.

Be aware that it is a grass lot that you are parking on and there are some bumps! So, go slow as to not bottom out your car. Speaking from experience of bottoming out ones car (I did it as a teen), you can severely compromise your gas tank if you hit something high and hard. Sorry mom and dad I didn’t tell you about the Dodge Neon I did that too. Oooops…


The ground was nice and hard so strollers didn’t have a problem. I had a problem because I forgot to take the brake off of mine. I even used my Peg Perego in the corn maze. So, if you have a child that doesn’t like to walk much, a stroller is very useful. The double strollers (side by side) may be very tight in the corn maze.


Everything is fenced in other than the pumpkin area and stand where you check in, which is nice so that parking cars aren’t near the children. We checked in with our groupons. They were all set up to take groupons that were printed or from your phone. A Bunch of the moms and I were talking about if we print them or keep them on my phone. I take a screen shot of the Groupon so that it is scannable and readable in case I don’t have cell/wifi service. Easy to pull up without printing.


You can buy pumpkins here too. I told my kids we were going to wait until a few days before Halloween to do this. I am somewhat amazed that in such a dry climate, the pumpkins get just as moldy after carving them as they did in CT!


My kids took off once we got inside. The Hay pyramid was the first on the list!




This was a lot of fun! The tires were a fun place for the kids to climb and jump off of. Behind it, you can see a fence and the road to the entrance.


The tower of tires was also great to play on!


Munchie was acting like the Statue of Liberty. Not sure why this crossed his mind.

There were a few stations where you could climb and balance. This was great for 2 year old and ups. Really fun to watch them walk through these.













The kids loved the barrel drumming station. Dimples kind of flipped up when I had to take the stick away to chase his siblings. There was also a “corn digging station”, like a sandbox, but filled with dry corn. Munchie was hiding in that for quite a while. It was also popular with the moms of small kids as it was shaded!


The “Air Pillow”. I honestly had no idea what it was, but I thought I did. We had some “no sided” jumpy things in CT that were a little scary. This was nice because it gradually slopes down, although the under 3 crowd had a bit of a hard time getting up on it.


There was a longer corn maze and a shorter version. Single strollers do fit in there just fine. We did the short maze, which was long enough for me to tell the kids to wait up. Ha! There is also a nice little station that had a tent with games kids could play (a little bowling, some fake apple checkers). The bigger kids that were in our group (8-10) had a great time going in the long maze and made their way out.


There was also a great area to sit and have lunch. We all packed our own picnic lunches and sat under this shaded area. Hay bales made great table and chairs. I recommend jean shorts for this (hay gets prickly) or bring a towel to sit on. Also, make sure you bring lots of water!!

On weekdays the Hay Ride and Barrel train is not open, so we weren’t able to experience it. Our kids (who don’t read well yet) didn’t even know they were missing anything. We really had a great time and got home right before the weather turned.

The Basics

Rocker 7 Farm Patch

19601 W Broadway

Buckeye, AZ


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