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Red Rock State Park-Sedona

We decided to get out of the valley and check out a little hike in Sedona. I googled some information about parks to see if there were any trails that were stroller friendly (we have done the White Tank Waterfall Trail before) with our double bob. We started out using our GPS from our phones and soon realized, but not soon enough, that T-Mobile gets awful reception up in that area! So, next time we will bring our GPS that goes in and out of our car. We went a little bit out of our way, but luckily it was a pretty drive anyhow.

We stopped at Sunset Point Rest Area on our way up to Sedona. It is a a shared rest station between North and South bound lanes. There was even a family restroom with one stall but a great changing area and big enough to accommodate a family. There are lots of great picnic tables under shaded structures and vending machines. There is even a beautiful lookout area so you can take a look at the beautiful surroundings. Bring some quarters for the binoculars that are perched on the balcony as well!

sunset point

It was one of the nicest rest areas, and if you have to use one, use this one!

Red Rock State Park Charges admission by person entering, not by carload, like other parks we have been to. It’s $5 per adult, ages 7-13 are $3.00 and 6 and under is free. So, we got in for $10, which was not shabby at all!

bridge in sedona

When you enter the park, you will stop at a pay station and then proceed past a large picnic area on the left. Here is a map that you can print out if you would like. If you continue straight, you will find another picnic area and the visitors center. There are bathrooms that are very nice, but no garbages. You must bring out everything you bring in, so if you have a toddler/baby in diapers, be prepared with some sort of bag to put all of your garbage in.

We took the Bunkhouse Trail but went on the paved park and went across the Kingfisher Bridge. We were able to look into Oak Creek and see some deer, which was pretty cool!


The bridge had nice high sides and felt sturdy so I wasn’t worried about my crew walking instead of riding in the stroller. It is a narrow bridge and there wasn’t much room on either side of our stroller. There was just enough room to squeeze by another (single) stroller going the opposite way.

We proceeded off of the bridge and went left. There was a nice shady area with lots of trees and grass. If we went left there was a horse trail, but unfortunately we noticed there were a lot of ant hills and didn’t want to jeopardize ants crawling into our stroller. We passed a rock stair case to go up to the House of Apache Fire, and there was no way we would have been able to bring the stroller up there. We went across a dry creek bed and saw the Yavapai Ridge trail which we tried for a few minutes but it was just too hard with a stroller. It also had a good portion that it was on a ridge, and my husband just said “no way” so we turned around. It was a good enough walk to tire out the whole family!



We were able to see some beautiful scenery. My pictures just don’t do it justice. We were able to talk about different types of rocks and animals. My children, especially Munchie, really wanted to see a mountain lion. I really didn’t! It was a great walk and we were able to get lots of energy out.

There is no swimming in the creeks, not even wading. That was a bit of a disappointment, but luckily we didn’t talk about it with our kids first! But, you can get in a nice flat walk and still see some beautiful surroundings. I think this trail would be perfect for your older adventurers. It also links into the US Forest Service trails, which is an additional fee.

The Basics

Red Rock State Park

4050 Red Rock Loop Road

Sedona, AZ


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