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Ready, Set, Play Gilbert

If you liked Ready, Set, Play in the Paradise Valley Mall in Phoenix, you will love Ready, Set, Play in Gilbert!

Ready set play gilbert

Located right near the Harkins Movie Theater in San Tan Village (shopping area), Ready, Set, Play is a great place for your kids 6 and under to come and play. My kiddos are almost reaching the the high end of the age range for this play place, but I had to beg them to leave.

If you get to Ready, Set, Play early there are some shaded areas to hang out plus a cute water fountain. San Tan Village also has a splashpad and small outdoor play area (which is under construction as of June 2018).

Ready, Set, Play is a socks only facility, so make sure you bring some with you! There is a cute area to take off your shoes, sign in and put away your items. There is also a parent friendly seating area in the back of the venue.

ready set play entrace

Small kid friendly chairs, kid friendly colors but still appealing to the adult eye and plenty of floor space to run and play. The carpet was super comfy too, and of course very clean. The slide with the ball pit was a favorite for Dimples!

Ready, Set, Play also has dramatic play areas and a baby only area too.

ready set play baby area

Plenty of things for your littlest one to play and explore while big brother or sister gets to jump in the jump house or climb!

Jump house ready set play

This jump house is wonderful for the 6 and under crew and has little stop lights, which is the logo for Ready, Set Play.

ready set play climber

This climber was Giggle’s favorite, as you can see. She and Dimples grabbed a few items and decided to stage a picnic underneath it.

train and connect four ready set play

Dimples loves his train! There were quite a few different toys and games to play, plus the large connect four which became a pattern maker for Dimple and Giggles.

toys, roller coasters and dramatic play at ready set play

There were lots of toys, strollers, carts and dramatic play kitchens for the kids. Giggles liked taking her newborn “twin dollies”on a stroll!

And, one of the most important places for parents-where to sit and maybe relax! Ready, Set, Play has complimentary coffee and wifi for parents. There is also a party room and just a nice area to sit and relax, or have a snacks. Ready, Set, Play also has a limited number of snacks for sale (as well as water).

Parents seating area ready set play

A large spacious bathroom was available and had a baby changing table with loads of space for little ones.

If you have a little kiddo or have a toddler and a child under 6, this is a great place to hang out! Ready, Set, Play is comfortable for those with multiple little kids and great for grandparents who are watching little ones too. With plenty of space to move around, play actively or more quietly, Ready, Set, Play is a great destination for families with young children!

The best place to park is near Macy’s or Harkin’s Theater on the North Side of the lot

The Basics

Ready, Set, Play Gilbert (San Tan Village)

2270 E Williams Field Rd, Gilbert AZ #235

Near Harkins Theater


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