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Portales Park Goodyear

Portales Park in Goodyear has a huge greenspace and exercise stops with workout areas, ramadas and playarea. However, it does not have a parking lot. It is located off of West Coronado Rd, but can be seen off of Noth Pebble Creek Parkway.


The Portales Park has a wonderful playground with a shade, however, the shade was ripped when we visited. The playground was very close to a home. I did have a little sympathy for the homeowners!


Slides galore and a very toddler friendly slide and play structure.

climbing structures

Giglgles shows more slides, climbing structures and dramatic play area. There was no sand at this park.


Two tunnels went over and under each other for lots of fun for little ones!

wobble horses

If your kids like to wobble, a horse and a turtle can help them wobble about. There is also a nice large ramada available. The grassy area has is beautiful and great for a game or a kid who loves to run. Unfortunately, there are no bathrooms at this park. However, right across the grassy area lies a Starbucks, Popeyes, Taco Bell and Walgreens!

This park is a lovely park and has some great features. It is more of a neighborhood park, but is classified as a city park. On the far end of the park near N Pebble Creek and W Monte Vista is a basketball court.

The Basics

Portales Park

15620 W Coronado Rd

Goodyear, AZ

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