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Zoe Rubinstein

Zoe Rubinstein

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Zoë Rubinstein, CCH

Classical HomeopathCertified

CEASE Therapist 

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Vicki 00:27 hi guys. Today I have Zoe Rubinstein from Scottsdale, homeopathy and she’s going to tell us all about homeopathy because maybe you know about it and maybe you have no idea. So we’re just going to start at the basic beginning. So Zoe, can you tell me a little bit about it?

Zoe 1 00:45 Well, first of all, thank you for having me here. And, I’m really excited about this opportunity to, to tell people about what I do. homeopathy. homeopathy wonderful, wonderful, safe and gentle form of medicine. People sometimes confuse it with other alternative medicine, but it is nothing like that. It’s been around for a couple of hundred of years. what what’s really the core of it is stimulating the immune system to respond better to situations that we’re in. It is a complete opposite to the conventional medicine where we have, we have really not all the time, but many, many times. There is a suppression of symptoms. If we have a headache, we take a painkiller. That’s the, we’re suppressing the sentence. We’re really not addressing the core problem in homeopathy. We’re not putting anything chemical into the body. It’s a nontoxic system and we’re just stimulating the immune system to respond better to what’s going on.
Speaker 1 01:54 It is extremely safe to use. We use high dilutions of the medicines. It’s safe for pregnant women, nursing women, children, infants. Really it’s so safe that it’s over the counter. Most of the medicines in very low potencies will be available over the counter. And, the safe, it’s, it’s so safe that,, the dilutions are so high that there’s really no toxic matter being entering into the body. when, just to give you, a background of how it works, what it does exactly is we have, we have an inherent ability to heal ourselves. We have a vital force of vitality and immune system that knows how to deal with different situations. Sometimes that vital force goes out of balance. It can be because of environmental factors. It can be because of trauma. It can be physical trauma, like a car accident.

Zoe 1 02:51 It can be emotional trauma. You know, if somebody goes through, , abuse or grief, if somebody is losing the dear one, that can really throw us off balance. And when this happens, the body’s trying to send signals. I’m not okay in some because we’re so different. One person is so different than the other. Each person shows their symptoms differently. If somebody lost a dear one and they’re going through a grieving period, it’s very possible that they will develop symptoms that will be chronic. very often, and I ran into that a lot. People will develop migrants, other people can develop, , asthma or irritable bowel syndrome. So let’s take those two examples. We have the, we have the asthma and we have the migrants. Both have the same cause. People went through an emotional trauma of loss, but they’re displaying their symptoms differently. So when the person with a migraine will go to a conventional doctor, they will receive painkiller or there are some other treatments for migraines, but that will not be a cure.
Speaker 1 04:05 That will be, I call it maintenance medicine because they will maintain their symptoms. They will be able to maybe function, maybe not, but in some cases it can be successful, but the next day or the next week they will need this medicine again because there’s no cure. The problem was not, it was not solved. Same thing with asthma. They will get, you know, asthma treatment, they’ll get bronchial dilators. The problem will still be there. The suppression of symptoms by conventional medicine will lead to a suppression of the immune system that will lead for more to more problems. There’s side effects to those pharmaceuticals. As we all know, homeopathy does the opposite. Homeopathy kind of flows with the symptoms. Understanding the symptoms really helped me understand the person and I’m treating the person. I’m not treating the symptoms. I’m not treating the disease. It doesn’t matter if it’s asthma or if it’s migraines.
Speaker 1 05:00 I will treat the person, the person himself or herself, and I will want to know everything about that person. I would want to know their mental, physical, and emotional state in order to treat them. Once we’re treating them with homeopathy, we’re stimulating their immune response, we’re making them stronger, and then all these other symptoms will slowly go away or fast. I had overnight miracles too, but usually it takes some time and it really depends on the individual. How long ago, whatever the trauma was happened, you know, and other environmental factors may be they live in a very high stress lifestyle. So there’s a lot of factors goes in. Sometimes it takes a long time. It’s not like immediate, like, you know, conventional medicine. So people do need patients that will, they will see the improvement starting pretty quickly though. I know I have a background in psychology and it’s psychosomatic is, is the process when you have a feeling,

Zoe 05:57 issue that you’re dealing with emotionally and then you discover that you’re having pains within the body.

Vicki 06:06 Yes, absolutely. They are some parallels between homeopathy and psychology.

Zoe: And I do run into that quite often now. What can it treat? It can treat any chronic condition. It can also treat any acute condition. But my focus in practice is on chronic situations of children. I focus on children with cognitive behavioral and emotional problems. so they asked me, well don’t you treat acutely? Sometimes I do. It depends. I really don’t like removing the children or my patients off the chronic treatment path just because they had called like a food poisoning. So we try to manage it in the safe, gentle ways. But if it’s extremely severe acute, I will treat homeopathically. And now, just to give you a little bit, I mean, apathy is such a huge thing and we need to kind of explain, you know, explain it really quickly just to give you a quick,, I’m understanding homeopathy works on the laws of similar and laws of similar means that if a medicine cause symptoms in a healthy person, in a sick person that shows the exactly the same part, the same symptoms, it will cause a cure.

Zoe 07:18 And this is really because homeostasis, everything is in nature has,, every action has a reaction. Everything in nature is looking for balance. So when somebody has parents know about this, many parents who have kids with ADHD, they go to the doctor and the doctor tells them, give them coffee. You can Google that. Coffee is a known treatment for ADHD, for children with ADHD. Now why is that? The doctors, the conventional doctors don’t understand that. They just prescribed the homeopathic medicine. When you drink coffee and you don’t have hyperactivity, it will make you active, energetic. If you drink a lot of it, it will make you kind of hyperactive, maybe jitters, you know, you won’t be able to sit still. So what it causes in a, in a person who’s healthy on your pathic medicine will solve those symptoms in a sick person. Why? Because every action has a reaction. The immune system is built in a way that any poison or any substance that is introduced, it will push back. The other way you’re introducing something that causes hyper activity, it will push back and will bring you back to, you know, to a state of calm. so that’s why it works so well. And that’s why it causes pure because we’re stimulating the immune system to, to create a cure.

Vicki 08:35 Yeah. I know. And with my oldest son, his diet has always had to be very balanced because he would get very bad stomach trouble. So when you’re talking about balance, I always had to make sure he had stop and go foods. And that might sound really silly, but cheese is a stop food and pears was a go food. So some foods you stop,

Vicki 08:56 like cheese go. Otherwise you will hear him groan .Even he is, he’s almost 11 now. I’m like, did you eat too much of this? Did you eat too much of that? And he’d go, yeah, I did. And so the balance even with your diet has to be very balanced.

Zoe So, so kids that are so sensitive, it’s so easy to see, do me a homeopathic process on them, the way they’re responding to every substance. It’s just incredible.

Vicki 09:35 Yeah. So,the certification process, how, how are you certified as, in your field?

Zoe: Yes. So we do have a board. We have, I’m a, I’m a board certified homeopath. I’m certified through the council for homeopathics certification. We call it the CHC as it insured. And this is really the only organization that is certified by the NCCA to certified homeopath in North America. Right. What’s the NCCA? That’s national commission for certifying agencies. Oh, okay. Okay. Thank you for clarifying that. Yeah. So on top of that, we, we have to recertify every year. So it’s not like you did it once. You’re certified. I mean, I like with doctors, we need to keep our certification going and we need to recertify through continued education. Oh, that’s, that’s excellent. So you have to make sure that you’re staying on top of the newest treatments and staying knowledgeable of what’s going on.

Zoe 1 10:32 And there’s always more to learn. I mean, it’s an endless, it’s just an endless field. There’s always more and more and more to learn. And I’m sad to say that I don’t remember the last time I picked up a novel, because I’m always with my books and there’s always more new stuff, new cases, new situations to, to study just means you’re dedicated. That’s a good thing. what types of medications are used in your field of work?homeopathic medicines are of natural source. It can be anything. It can be minerals, it can be plants. What’s very unique about homeopathic medicine is the process in which they are created. , like I said, it’s very different than all the, you know, the herbal supplements out there. Maybe Chinese medicine. I mean, it’s nothing like that. It’s very different because it goes, it’s through a process of high dilution and succussion that gives us the potency of the medicine.

Zoe 1 11:29 The succussion is really a forceful agitation of the medicine. It’s done in big machines and it’s kind of agitating. It’s really hard to break it down. , there’s a lot of theories about the nanoparticles know homeopathic medicines. A lot of people call it nanomedicine. , but you know, this is just a huge field then. I’m not going to get into that right now, but all you need to know is that the high dilution really ensures that there’s no toxicity. It’s absolutely safe and it’s so gentle and it’s just make sure that you are prescribed by a homeopath, you know, because there are ways to mess things up. So just make sure that you’re taking it correctly and follow the directions. And, how is this used with other specialties? Because we talked about this, another time like with using with acupuncture or something similar, maybe chiropractic or something.

Speaker 1 12:24 Right? So CRI, alternative practitioners, really love homeopathy. And the reason is because it’s so gentle and it’s safe to give with other modalities. so let’s start with conventional medicine. With pharmaceuticals, there’s no interaction whatsoever. The two are totally, acting on different levels. the pharmaceuticals are actually so much more powerful that they’re very likely to antidote homeopathy. Homeopathy will not mess up any kind of pharmaceutical or conventional medicine. The action of it, it’s just very gentle. So when you’re taking it with conventional medicine, there’s all kinds of, you know, I’m talking to my patients a lot. If they are on any kind of prescription and we make sure that, , we take enough for me apathy. So it does have an impact, but only after we can cannot mess up any kind of conventional medicine. When it comes to other modalities, like you talk about acupuncture, the, there are different forms of medicines that also stimulates the immune response.

Speaker 1 13:30 Like acupuncture for example. So unless I’m working hand in hand with wherever is the practitioner of acupuncture, I wouldn’t want my patient during the treatment to receive acupuncture treatments because it’s like we’re both working on the same plane. So either we work together, make sure that we’re doing it correctly, cause we might be stepping on each other’s toes there. Gotcha. That makes sense. But it doesn’t ruin a, when it comes to people’s concerns are usually about conventional medicines because so many people are on prescription drugs. Right. And they’re very concerned about this. Can I do homeopathy with my drugs? In most cases, yes. There are some forms of medicines that I will, I cannot start homeopathic treatment cause I know it’s not going to work. They’re just too powerful that it’s a waste of, of our time and the patient’s money to even start on your pathic treatment because you know, things like, , things like, anti-psychotic drugs that’s kids on the autistic spectrum are on, I will not treat homeopathically because they will fill me up with, you will not work on those conditions. The immune system is just so suppressed that I won’t be able to stimulate it. And it’s, sometimes there’s only so much that you can do.

Vicki And I know some people are
confused. Homeopathy with Chinese medications too. I think even I had that confusion in my head because people in the media confused them and put them together.

Zoe 15:03 Right. And there’s no connection between the two. Homeopathy really stands by itself. It’s not like other alternative medicines. , it’s nothing like any other alternative medicines. It’s because of the way we prepare the medicines and because of the love similars that we can get that kind of reaction from the immune system.

Vicki 15:24so you usually meet families in person, but there’s this weird, virus thing that’s going around that’s kind of slowed that up, huh?

Speaker 1 15:34 Yeah. So, actually I, I saw about 50% of my practice was telemedicine was online before the covered 19 situation. I’m very used to telemedicine since 2014 I’ve been doing telemedicine using zoom software. , back then it was the only HIPAA compliant. So all doctors use zoom software. I don’t know. Now maybe there’s other, , software online video conferencing software that is HIPAA compliant. So I don’t want to say only zoom or to give tours, but I’m not sure. But back then he was the only one that was approved by HIPAA for doctors. And, so we did all the telemedicine on zoom, , 50% of my patients before Koran time. So it was an easy transition for me. Maybe not so much for the patients who were used to see me in clinic. but we are doing the transition and it is good thoughSpeaker 1 16:30 The way we do it, I’m sending an email with a link, that patients or the parents of the patients will click on the link, it will open zoom the video conference on their computer or the iPad or on the phone. It works great on all kinds of different medias. And we will talk, like you and I are talking right now. It’s just a conversation. and , initial appointment can be quite lengthy and I’m always preparing my patients. It can be two hours easily. just cause I just need to know so much about my patients. I need, you know, habits and nutrition and, and their sleeping habits. And I need to know about their mental and emotional health and I need to know all the physical symptoms. So it’s not just about what they’re calling me. We’re not treating the disease, we’re treating the person.
Speaker 1 17:19 So there’s a lot of information together. So the initial appointment is long, but then follow ups are, will take about 30 to 60 minutes. Now with kids, that can be tricky. they don’t always want to talk to me. Obviously they won’t always sit in front of the laptop. some kids will stop. Kids are very excited about it. but the good thing is that most of the information I need will come from the parents. So the parents will sit, the parents, they sit there and they give me all the information I need. Sometimes with kids who are on the spectrum, autistic kids, I would ask the parents to either take the, the lab, the tablet or the phone and to switch to the back camera and to kind of, I would want to observe the child for a while to see, you know, different gestures and, you know, if there was rocking or whatever the symptoms are I would want to observe.
Speaker 1 18:14 But the majority of the time I will be, conversing with the parents and asking a lot of questions. Kind of almost like an interview process, just getting a lot of information out of them. people seem to be after the first appointment if it’s their first time with telemedicine, that it’s easy for them. They love it. It’s convenient with autistic kids. Tele medicine is perfect because it’s in, in severe autism cases. It’s extremely disturbing for them when they’re pulled out of their schedule or routine. So for them to stay in their home safe environment, without us bothering them or causing distress. it’s much easier also on the parents that are always experiencing a quite high level of stress with any kind of activity that is out of the routine.

Vicki 19:03 would a parent be able to avideo of some of the behaviors and send them to you as well?

Zoe 19:11 And this was done before many times we’ve done this and parents say, you know, I have videos for you because he’s not doing what I told you that he was doing. And so as long as they document and they send it to me, and that’s fine that it can be done via email if, if they feel comfortable cause my side of email is secure and encrypted, but I don’t know about their end. So if they feel comfortable with email, that’s great., what’s app, this is a great app that is fully encrypted, is a safe place to send videos as well.

Vicki 19:47 Oh, that’s awesome. Because I know many of our families, in my network have kids with autism. And so I, I’m very familiar with some of the gestures and the flapping and hand movement. So I, and of course I’m not going to do it when you are looking for it. That’s just kids one Oh one, so. Right.

Zoe 20:08 Yeah. So videos could be helpful, but, I have already seen a lot and so when I hear the parent’s description, I,

Vicki 20:17 I usually know what they’re talking about. kids with autism, what kind of improvements would there be? would there be improvements or managing symptoms? How does that work out?

Zoe20:35 Okay, so that’s a very good question. So like I said, I’m treating kids with any cognitive problems and behavioral promise. So that doesn’t include only autism and includes ADHD, learning for BIA aggression. A lot of kids can be super aggressive, but they’re not artistic. They have great communication skills. They’re, you know, they’re, they can have great social skills too, but maybe at home they’re acting very aggressive. so over the years, the past six years are really focused on children with cognitive problems. And I developed the ADA method. The ADA method is a method that the core of it is homeopathy, but includes other forms of, I won’t call it medicine, but other, , techniques to improve, to improve symptoms., the first thing that we do is, things like, dietary guidelines that are extremely important, especially with kids on the spectrum that their gut is really a main focal point of, of the treatment

Zoe 21:38 , w we do, nutritional detox. We do aid which is applied a Sapa feed detox. It’s using homeopathy, dilutions to detox things that the parents, and this is only done so far. No, not only autism, I’ve done it with other people, but for the most part, this, this kind of detox I do with autistic kids because often parents come and tell me, you know, my kid was sick with air infections and they did this steroids, really longterm steroids treatment. And after that something went wrong or after a really big set of vaccines or the mother got a lot of antibiotics during pregnancy, when, when they kind of have that fear or if they can point out to me that something specific has to be detoxed, that’s when we go to the aid. But this is not always, something that we go to.

Zoe22:31 , we do, we do things like, we do supplements. definitely we support the body and the nervous system with supplements. And like I said, dietary guidelines. Now there’s also the secondary therapies that they do on their end that I don’t provide. it can be horse therapy, definitely speech therapy, occupational therapy. But I would sometimes I would recommend because what happens with homeopathy, the child, let’s talk specifically about autism of course. I see, I see all kinds of range of reaction to the treatment I’ve had. I have kids that that went from, severe autism, nonverbal banging their heads on the wall, you know, wearing helmet because they’re spinning too high functioning autism, almost like a normal kid, but they never went back to the, to the, psychiatrist to be reevaluated cause they’re just so happy and they don’t want to have anything to do with them.
Speaker 1 23:31 So you see that kind of a range of when symptoms improve so much. When a child who’s nonverbal starting to talk, they’re calmer, they’re more present, they start creating eye contact, they’re able to, to communicate their needs. And and then we see smaller improvements. And then I guess I had cases in which I couldn’t bring them to any improvement. Every case is very individual and autism is exceptionally challenging. Now the ADHD, learning disabilities and kids that are not on the spectrum are much easier to get an improvement in symptoms. It’s easier to make a child who’s not. It was ADHD, a star student. Those are, I get a much better, stronger reaction because their Vitus forces stronger because their immune system is there so we can stimulate it much faster. so overall I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen amazing improvement and I’ve seen no improvement.
Speaker 1 24:35 But I, for the most of the cases, I see some form of improvement with autistic kids. We see ’em kids that are, , ADG, for example, learning disabilities. Kids that read a paragraph and a second after they read it, they don’t remember what they read and they need to read it again. Go to a completely like read the whole book in like a day. They cannot put it down because everything is just so flowing for them. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. So it does work. It just takes time. So people also need to give it a time, right? So this is a very important point with homeopathy, although I’ve seen some miracles and overnight things, but for the most part, it doesn’t work this way. They will see some improvement. Then they will see the response pretty quickly. But people need to have a correct expectations.
Speaker 1 25:28 I’m not gonna turn a child who’s autistic, nonverbal into verbal over two weeks period. So you know, you have to walk into that with, with the right expectations and understand that their situations is very likely to improve a lot with the homeopathic medicine. Yes. Well we’re coming up on time. was there anything else you wanted to, tell our audience quickly? so first of all, please go to my website. You’re able, if you have any further questions, it’s ADA dash method ADA dash method M E T H O , and then there’s a button there on the top, a large pink button to schedule a 15 minutes phone call with me absolutely for free. If you have any further questions, if, if you’re not sure about something, if you want to understand, pricing. Any other questions, just, you know, you can schedule time to talk with me. I would also like to extend a discount to the listeners of Southwest life podcast. Thank you for having me. And I’m, I’m giving you a $100 discount off the initial appointment. Mmm. But you have to book, you have to call to book the appointment for the end of may before May 31st if you call before
Speaker 2 26:44 that, I will give you $100 discount off the initial appointment. Well, thank you. That’s an amazing, amazing deal too, and definitely in these times. So thank you so much. And of course everything can be done virtually. So I mean, the no need to leave your house. So if you’ve been thinking about trying homeopathy, this is the perfect time to do it. So thank you so much, Zoe, for being on with us today and for sharing loving me. Thank you.

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