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Scorpion Sportwear-Kristina McRae

Southwest Life Podcast
Scorpion Sportwear-Kristina McRae

Speaker 0 00:03 Welcome to the Southwest life podcast. With your host, me Vicki DeLuzio where we will talk about things to boost your health, improve your relationships, find new things to do with your family and talk with business owners in the area and more. Thanks for being here and enjoy the show.

VIcki 00:27 Hi guys. Today, I have Kristina with scorpion sportswear and I want to just introduce her to you and,, let her tell you all about her and her family.

Kristina 00:39 Hi everyone. My name is Kristina and I am with scorpions. What’s wearing apparel. I currently live in surprise Arizona. I’m married. I’ve got three wonderful, crazy kids, and I’m happy to be here with you guys today.

Vicki 00:55 Oh, so can you tell me a little bit about your background and how you got into,, sportswear and apparel?

Speaker 2 01:03 Absolutely. So,, you know, I have three kids and they’re in sports and, , you know, we always have to like get uniforms and spirit gear and all that type of stuff. And we just kinda got him excited people, you know, we would start to make some of our own things and some people be like, Hey, we like that. If you make something for us. So my husband and I decided that, you know, we can go into somewhat of the apparel business. and then we also noticed that a lot of the companies that people were getting stuff from, if you have like a team of 12 and then you ended up getting five more people, you weren’t able to get the uniforms because they had gotten them from, you know, a different country or they didn’t have enough of a minimum order to get it.
Speaker 2 01:45 So we saw some of the problems that some of the teams were going through here. So we just, we decided to get our own, you know, business going and to get our own, , you know, clients hell and get our own, , people that we work with. So that’s something that we wanted to do. And we actually do it at an affordable price because everybody knows that when you have kids in sports, it could be anywhere between a hundred, 125, a uniform. And that’s a lot, especially when you have more than one kid. So we do have very affordable prices or for, for teams, and also, you know, for schools as well, when you need bulk items and we don’t just do sports, we do like custom t-shirts equal. We do spirit gear, fan gear. We work with the local businesses. If you need some t-shirts for your company, we do.
Speaker 2 02:33 Ben says, well, if you have like say a track event and you want to sell your logo on a tee shirt, we can split the profits for you. We’ll set up the vendor, we’ll do everything for you. So that’s basically how we started. We started because we had kids, , they were things and people kind of like some of the things that we were putting out and wearing, and we just decided, Hey, let’s go ahead and start our own small business and do that. And then also here at surprise, we really didn’t have a lot of people. When we, when we went to where we can get uniforms from, a lot of people had to go to Chandler, like once to go all the way to the other side, to get stuff. You know, not saying that it’s bad, I’m just saying that sometimes you want something that’s local. You know, when you want to get a, a nice, beer or some nice food, you want to be able to do that locally. You don’t want to always have to go to Peoria or Glendale. If you live in surprise, you want to be able to have some options here. So we want to be one of those options for everyone out here in surprise and everywhere else as well. You can use this as well. No problem. We want to be here for our family here, right?

VIcki 03:30 Yeah, absolutely. I know. , sometimes our, our sons have been in teams and it’s not just 12, it’s 15 kids or it’s 17 kids. It’s some weird off AF off, , number. And if they have to order some strange a number of products, then you’re, you’re totally out. And then they have to charge more for the whole team or charge more for that one kid. If they get added on late, I know it’s been a total mess for some kids or, or the poor kid. There was one, one little kid on my daughter’s team and I don’t think they size the kids. Right. And she was, she was a larger girl and they were trying to fit her into a small size shirt. And I was thinking, if now, if they had a local person, they could have just gotten her a better shirt for her size. And I’m sure they found someone from the other side of the Valley to, to, , just bulk order something. And I felt so bad for this little girl, because when she was running around playing soccer, that shirt did not fit that poor girl. And she was just like really tall and big for her age. And this poor girl I’ll man, it broke my heart to see her like that. But I didn’t even know the closest place was like in Chandler that’s and that’s like an hour and a half away sometimes with traffic. So

Kristina 04:53 Yeah, there’s some other places in Peoria or Glendale, but it all depends on, you know, what you’re looking for. Some people want screenprints, some people wants sublimation. Some people like heat transfer vinyl. So it all depends on what they’re looking for. You know, there’s not a lot of companies here that do sublimation and a lot of the times sublimation is outsourced. And sometimes when sublimation is outsourced, it’s outsourced to China. So if you have a big order and you send it out, it takes, you know, a couple of weeks to come in. But then if you need to add on one or two people, the cost is astronomical. So when we try the company, is we, when we do outsource our sublimation, because let me make that clear. We do have to outsource our sublimation. We do not do it. , to China. We like to cheese. We like, we like to try and keep companies here in the us and work with companies in the U S to get our products here. And then we know, you know, what they’re using, you know, the safety precautions and all of that stuff. So we try to support American businesses and we also try to support other local businesses. So we need to get our stuff wholesale. We like to use local businesses as well. What sublimation,

Vicki 05:58 I’m not familiar with that
Kristina 06:00 Sublimation is like, if you have a uniform and it’s all died in all the numbers, everything is dyed into the actual uniform.

Vicki 06:08 Oh, okay. Okay. I’m not familiar with all these terms. So I have to

KRistina 06:14 Printing, it’s kind of like, an ink that they put on the shirt and then he transfer vinyl. It’s sort of like a plastic type machine.

Vicki 06:24 Yeah. I think that’s what a lot of people use. Right. The tramp the up for the littler kids, baby. I’m not sure. I would think

Kristina 06:33 We’ll use screen printing and a lot of people are hatred for vinyl.

VIcki 06:38 Yeah. Okay. , so why scorpion sports?

Kristina 06:46 But we were coming up with name and we thought we wanted to do something for like Arizona. And when you think of Arizona snakes, scorpion cacti. So it was like, Oh, we like scorpion scorpion sports. We thought that that had a nice little ring to it.

Vicki 07:01 Yeah, it has. It has the sounds. So the, I’m thinking, not thinking of the words, how you got at the two sounds that sound alike. So at the beginning, not thinking of that alliteration, there we go. Alliteration. So the alliterations out, but you staying all your competition and you get ’em, that’s it.
Speaker 2 07:21 I like that. We might have to put that on the website.
Vicki 07:23 There you go. You shock them or something. and, , and how long have you guys been in business?
Speaker 2 07:34 I’m a little less than a year. We started off and, you know, we, we did everything the right way. we just, it, it go straight small business and get everything going. Legally. We paid taxes, we do all of that stuff. So perfect. Yeah. Less than a year.
Vicki 07:51 Yeah. I’m getting everything set up. Hey, I’m getting everything set up with, , LLCs and all that is fun time., and, how has, COVID changed your business
Speaker 2 08:08 Right now? We have, we’re very slow with business.most of our stuff is through, you know, club teams and sports teams and schools, and no one’s playing any sports right now. So that’s like the bulk of what the bulk of our business. And then even with small businesses, they have to cut a lot of people from working. , everyone’s trying to cut costs. , no one really needs t-shirts when you’re just, you know, at the house. So, you know, it’s, it’s been really tough for us, but we’re making it through. So, you know, we’re just waiting for the storm to pass and we hope that everything works out well and sports and events, and small businesses can continue to, you know, get better. And, , w w we’re just hanging around waiting.
Vicki 08:51 Yeah. And I think saying, you know, that you’re really working with a lot local businesses and American made businesses. That’s going to be your key to success, , because you want to do everything locally. And I think a lot of people are going to really find that, that, that pride in American made is going to be a great thing for, people to join back together. Once everything starts renewing itself and people start getting back to whatever the new normal is going to be after all of this.
Speaker 2 09:22 Exactly. We’re just waiting patiently, just waiting.

Vicki 09:26 Yeah. Yeah. Everything comes at its own time, even though we sometimes want to force it. so what has one of the toughest been? The thing’s been as, being an up business owner,

Kristina 09:41 just being a business owner is right now for us, it’s just building up our clients, you know, are just, just having a lot more businesses coming in. advertising is, is pretty big too, you know, where you can advertise and how much it costs to advertise. , so we just want to our client base, and once we have a solid foundation with that word of mouth is always the best way that news passes, especially when you’re doing a good job. So that’s basically been the biggest challenge, just, just getting our client base up.

VIcki 10:13 Yeah. And then you hit a COVID, which kind of slowed everything down. But I think it’ll, I think it’ll pick up once everything slowly starts revving up again. , and then what are the biggest rewards you’ve had

Kristina 10:29 The biggest, obviously when you see someone wearing something that you had it a hand in, you know, you straight that project, or it was theirs and you brought it to life and then she just people saying, you know, thank you. And just giving referrals, saying that you did a great job and, , you know, that you had great customer service because we do thrive on the customer service. We want to make sure that we’re giving you that great experience. I know for me, you know, when I order something I hate when someone does a respond or they don’t want to, you know, return or refund, or they don’t have a clear guideline of what they can and cannot do. And then you’re frustrated in the product or you don’t like it, and you’re not willing to fix it, or, you know, make some sort of negotiation with you. So we pride ourselves on customer. The reserve is we like to give the customer what they want. you know, and we just, that’s, that’s the best part of being in the business, making people happy.

Vicki 11:22 And, and so many times the kids even keep their shirts later. They wear them around and have that, that pride in wearing them around later after the sports team year. And so hopefully like people were like, Oh, looking at the label and seeing, Oh, who, who made this shirt? So hopefully, you know, you’ll have that too, to look for people to look back on who made the shirts still, still hanging around. It’s still a good shirt or people make them into quilts too. So, , you know, having that, that longevity too, because people keep that as memorabilia. So,
Speaker 2 11:58 Yeah, Absolutely.
Vicki 12:02, is there anything else you’d like to tell our guests about your business, about,what you’re passionate about?
Speaker 2 12:12 We’re just passionate about making apparel, making custom apparel. , we are passionate about servicing our local community and being there for them. we would definitely like you to check us out on the websites for being Like I said, we don’t just do a sports. I know right now with business being slow, we’re kind of venturing into other things. We also do custom hats. , we do embroidery, you know, we do those types of things. Like if you have a new baby come in and you want an announcement blanket, like do those types of things. So right now we’re working on, you know, making some things and putting it up on the website. So, I mean, if there’s anything that people want or need, feel free to reach out to us and see if we can do it for you. And if we can’t, we’ll definitely let you know, we don’t just waste your time. If we could do it, we’re going to do it. If we can’t, we’ll also refer other local businesses that may be able to, to help you with that. So it’s not all about us. We just want to help everyone and just be supportive of all the small businesses here in surprise.

Vicki 13:09 That’s awesome. Working hand in hand with other businesses, and I’ll make sure that, there’s a link in the show notes to,your, your website so that people can find you easily after listening to this on episode. Well, thank you so much, Kristina, for being here with us and taking the time to explain your business. And hopefully people will get back, with whatever sport they’re, they’re passionate about real soon and, , have to have the apparel, to be flashing off whatever, whatever sport they’re they’re in. , and hopefully we’ll get back to the Olympics too. Cause that was, that was kind of sad that the Olympics were canceled. I know I was looking forward to the Olympics, but we might have some future Olympians and in surprise that you might be, putting some uniforms on someday.

Kristina 13:58 Absolutely. And not just a uniform, we can make those custom t-shirts. We can make hats, we can do all of those different things. Just give us, , you know, look up on the website and see exactly what we’ve got to offer you about. Plenty.

Vicki 14:10 I think future Olympian would be a great hat. I think that would be awesome at, for you guys to make, for someone, even if they can’t play sports right now, they could, they could practice in their backyard.

Kristina 14:25 Exactly. Thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate it.

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