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Rachel Trimble Restyle Junkie

Rachel Trimble Restyle Junkie

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Vicki: Hi guys. Today I have one of my good friends, Rachel Elise Trimble from restyle junkie as I’ve known Rachel for quite a long time, and I’d love for you to know more about Rachel. So if you don’t already know her, I’ll have her introduce herself to you.

Rachel: Hi there, Vicki. Thank you so much for having me join your podcast today. I am like you said, Rachel, Elise tremble, but some people know me as the restyle junkie, but you can call me Rachel today.

Rachel Thank you. Thank you for letting me be so informal with you.
VIcki So we met through a friend of yours quite a few years ago when you had your own shop in deer Valley

Rachel: I looked that up. Our technical relationship, we were introduced via email in December of 2015 by a mutual friends or mutual acquaintance rather. And I did have a shop at seventh Avenue and deer Valley. And I remember you coming to meet me and just kind of sharing what you were doing with surprise AZ mom and I showed you the shop at the time and we since developed a friendship and I’m lucky to know you.

VickiYeah. And you were, you were doing some stuff with plank boards back then.
Rachel Oh yeah, I remember I had a huge machine which really had less parts to it than you would think. And, it distressed wood, so you would put it in a softwood plank, like in upline and it would rip it and make it look distressed. So it was really fun to paint that wouldn’t make it look like Barnwood, you know, all the character of a hundred years without the exposure to the elements. This is what we said at the time. So that was fun having that shop and we sold some paint retail there, but mostly the shop was there to start my cabinet refinishing business, resell and chunky. And so let go of the shop. About two years ago I transitioned to working from home in a different kind of platform. But I did enjoy the shop while I had it.

VIcki: But how did you
get started doing restyle junkie? Cause that’s really the, the best part of the whole story.

Rachel Yeah, it’s an interesting story that’s kind of coming back full circle right now. So let’s see, about six years ago now, I had a catastrophic ankle injury to my right ankle. And it matters that it’s my right ankle because when you hurt your right ankle, you cannot drive. So that takes away some of your freedom. I know you’re all too familiar with that. I am. So at the time I had an outside sales position. I had worked in the construction industry. I was selling, tools and packaging. And prior to that I was selling, safety gear for tools. So fall protection for tools, so real industrial kind of sales. I liked it. Got to tour some really neat places, oil refineries, nuclear power plants, construction sites, but you have to be really mobile to go to those places to sell there. And so with this ankle injury industry, which feels like, and I’m supporting the ankle repair industry, you are a single handedly giving donations to ankle doctors everywhere.

Rachel o with this ankle injury, I was sidelined for like six months. Soft tissue is not easy to repair and it’s since come out that I have a soft tissue disorder. So it also doesn’t repair like one would hope it would. So it took much longer than than you would think. And I was like go from my job. And so I had all of this time to think, not much different than we are now at home on quarantine, right? Where you have all this time to think and some of us aren’t working and you’re like, what am I going to do with my life? And you know, I never, I still don’t have that answer, but I did truly grow up. But yeah, so I started painting some things. I always had an artistic side of me and I thought while I was home and could sit on the floor, why not do some DIY projects?

Rachel And so it started with my bathroom vanity and a guest bathroom on the first floor where I could sit and just do the two doors. That’s all it was. And I posted on Facebook like what I did, you know, because project, right, that’s the pinnacle of your project posting it. And one mess, one post led to someone saying, can you do that for me? Can you do that for me? And so as I healed, I started painting people’s furniture, did a little bit of cabinetry and was,, it was taking off word of mouth. And so I decided why go back into the real workforce when I can do something for myself that I was enjoying. And it evolved to me getting my contractor’s license and building a team and just expanding the cabinet refinishing part of restyle junkie., and in the past few years because I have this disorder, I’ve had some more ankle threes that have kept me from doing a lot of the physical work. And that’s why I changed the structure from not having the shop. So I didn’t physically have to be somewhere. I have a team that is way more talented than I could ever be of painting cabinets and doing trim work. And so, which just kind of a dichotomy with reached out. Thank you. So there’s risks out junky the license contract or cabinet refinishing. And then I realized that I love TV. So now I am the restyle junkie and I love teaching people budget friendly, DIY home decor and entertaining projects.
Speaker 1 06:38 Yes. Yes. And we can see you on, three TV is one of the stations you’ve been on quite a bit,, in Arizona and you’ve also been at the home.

Rachel Yes. And that’s really where things started with the home shows where I’m like, I like talking to crowds. This feels good teaching people because it was an opportunity. How are them to take on their own projects? And I didn’t, I had no idea how much I enjoyed that. It just conveyed my sales experience, conveyed to teaching people things. And so that, that opportunity just came with a phone call saying, Hey, we need a speaker for the whole show and we see that you teach cabinet painting. Are you interested? I had no idea what I was in for. And that was about five years ago. And, I’ve done every, almost every single home show since then in the Maricopa County home and landscape show.

Vicki That’s right. That’s right. And, and you’ve met a couple of really cool people at the Maricopa County Home and Landscape Show

Rachel I did. So I met Ty Pennington. That was, that was really fun. That was a regular meet and greet, but I got to go behind the scenes and had my picture taken with Miss Martha Stewart herself this past October.

Vicki And she’s much taller than I expected her to be.

RachelYes. So I’m only five, two, so everyone’s taller than I expect them to be wearing like wedges. So she was even taller, but she was, definitely a taller person than I anticipated too.

Vicki08:20 Yeah. Yeah. The picture you showed? To me, I, I was really a surprise because I expected her to be your height.

Rachel So I, I don’t know, I just had this image, not that I’m petite at this point right now, but I am smaller in stature. She was, commanding, you know, a commanding presence. I would say she was closing on six feet with those wedges and I was impressed. And she’s wearing wedges. I can’t wear wedges. So I’ve got, you know, wedge,

Vicki not when GMV wedge.
Rachel Yes. Envy, not wedgie. Very make a very clear.

Vicki Yeah. so, you also offer classes so that people can try doing what you do on their own too.

Rachel That’s right. So at the America County home and landscape show, I typically teach a demo set slash class crash course on how to paint your own cabinets to kind of wet people’s appetite or enhance what they’ve already learned on the university of YouTube or elsewhere you to perceive YouTube. That’s awesome. I think I have multiple degrees, just so you know. You want to add my, my signature? yeah. And then I also, when I had the shop, I taught DIY cabinet painting classes there and now I do to the community center. And I have a great time with that because I teach everyone hands on so everyone gets a cabinet and a kit. And of course snacks, that’s most important thing when it comes to classes. Right. Keep you engaged. And so we go over and we do it together because cabinet painting can be intimidating. So I try and literally do it step by step. So it takes all the guesswork out of what has to happen.

Vicki 10:18 Yeah, I remember you saying like how to keep your screws and your bolts and all the cabinet pieces organized so that when you go to put your cabinet back on, you know what pieces go together. That was the thing I didn’t even think about.

Rachel 10:35 That’s your takeaway. Very good. Yeah. And so when it comes to cabinet painting, I think that sometimes people look at the big picture and you don’t think about the new answers that make your experience positive or you know, the difference between being positive and negative. I mean things like labeling your cabinets, you get so excited to take your cabinets down and get started. You don’t write which way they go or which way they’re oriented. And then you’re playing the memory game when you go to re-install. So sometimes just slowing down and taking everything step by step in micro micro bites, you know, how do you eat an elephant, one bite. So I’ve really done that with my cabinet painting class to give people tips and tricks to make, to simplify everything and to bring to your attention. Things you wouldn’t necessarily think of unless you did it every day.

Vicki 11:29 Yeah. Yeah. I, I would be very, very poor at the memory game if you know my background, I have pieces everywhere and my husband would just go, Oh no.

Rachel Yeah, it’s really like, it’s stressful. You know, you’ve done all this hard work and then you go to put it back together and sometimes hardware that’s been in the same drawer for 10 it fits well to that drawer. You don’t want to start figuring out where it goes. So yeah, plastic bag use separating your stuff and labeling your doors. And drawers is really an important tip. Yeah, I remember you telling me that about three and a half years ago, so I remember that. Yeah. So, right now you’re on a lot of local TV segments. , how did you get all involved with that? Anyhow, so yeah, it’s been a lot of fun. And actually channel three was here at my houss at seven 15 this morning we did some B roll for,, good morning, Arizona. And that means we did some, we recorded some footage that will be edited and use later because right now it’s a little tricky with live shots and multiple people in the shots and all that kinda stuff. So explain what B roll is to people. I know, but other people might not be role is when you hear someone talking like an anchor talking or an interviewee speaking, but you see a different video that doesn’t correlate to their, it’s not them while they’re talking. So it’s background. I don’t know if B stands for background, but today it does. It does like background. So if you’re talking about cabinet painting, it might cut out to someone who’s painting cabinets. So we, we shot all sorts of footage that can be a voiceover.

Rachel Yeah, that sounds really technical. I like it. All right, perfect. So yeah, that started with the Maricopa County home and landscape shows. They said, you know, will you come and speak? And I’m like, okay. You know, not knowing how many people come and you know, is it 20 is it this, is it that? And then I got a call when it was closer, Hey gosh, I think my first segment was with Brandon Hamilton when he was with ABC. Can you come out to the show home show fairgrounds at like five 30 in the morning, they’re going to do a live shot. And I had really no clue, no clue, which was better because that way I was, you know, sometimes not being prepared as the best preparation. You just go with it. You do. I had no choice and I really enjoyed it. And so I would get more segments when the home show came around because advertising for my free seminar was really getting a lot of people to come to the home show.

Rachel In fact, like I think I have pictures from the first time I did it, there were like a hundred people with standing room only. I and I had like a Brittany Spears type, microphone on, you know, in front of my face. And so, that was a lot of fun. So it started with that and then, but see what came after that. I, I was asked by Facebook to be part of their community. Mmm. They’re small, I should know this. But Facebook called, which was an interesting phone call cause I was like, Oh, come on, Facebook does not just call you, but they do. It was their small community boost, small business community boost. And so they asked me to be part of that and I was so excited to be in that group. And then they followed up with, you know, can we, , interview on a panel, which was exciting to me.

Rachel And when I showed up downtown, there was a room with four stools on the stage and 600 people and one of the stools had my name on it. So were you there for that? I don’t think, no. So I was part of that panel and then they asked me, because I had prior media exposure, could I do some segments in studio and live. I did live things and in studio to promote that community boost. Oh yeah. I started working with channel three on your life, Arizona doing some segments and I also work with a fantastic public relations company here at local and Phoenix who has connections and you know, everything snowballs. You try it out the first time and then there’s different segments that you realize that are a good fit for you in the station and you grow your experience and you become a trusted, guest.
Speaker 2 16:38 You know, you earn that trust and you work hard at it. And so I’ve had the opportunity to grow with some of these networks and it’s really a lot of fun. It is definitely my happy place doing some of these DIY projects that are encouraging for other people to take on themselves. I don’t like to do anything that costs too much money or takes up too much time unless it comes to cabinet painting. That’s another animal. Yeah. Well you’ve become an expert in your field too, and so everybody’s looking to you as, as the cabinet gal, so resales. Okay. Is trademark to it is. That’s right. That was an exciting day for me too. I think I like sent you a message when that came. I definitely posted that on Facebook. It was snail on it. So exciting. Like running an award that you paid for and yet you had a blinged out. it was like the dazzle hat I think too. You had a Bedazzler tat. I don’t remember that part, but I believe it. I believe, I believe there was a baseball cap that was bedazzled at one point. What has some, it has some glitter lettering it. Oh, okay.

Vicki I think it needs to bedazz;ed

Rachel Yeah. Yeah. I’m surprised he hasn’t been dazzled more lately. Okay. Yeah. That’s your next project. You can come over and we’ll put dazzle on my front porch together. That sounds perfect.

Rachel We can look at all the TV stations. We’re going to go back 80 staff.

Vicki You never know.

Vicki It’s all coming back. What’s old is new. That is. so where can people find more information about cabinets and you and everything you’re up to?

Rachel 18:23 Yeah, so my social media is definitely up to date. So on Facebook they can find me at restyle junkie. And then on Instagram it’s actually restyled dot com but you’ll see the logo on Pinterest has reached out junkie. And then of course my website, dot com and there’s a lot of blog posts and links to some of the fun DIY projects I’ve done too that might inspire someone to take on a budget friendly non time consuming project.
Speaker 1 18:54 Yeah. And you have tons of stuff. You just painted a pillows
Speaker 2 18:59 outdoors. I did and I did it again today because it has such an amazing response. So you know how we all have cushions, patio furniture, pillows and cushions, and they’re expensive and the sun just eats right through them here. And so there is a spray paint fabrics spray paint made for questions. It does not leave them crunchy. And so I showed how to, and then you might, you’d would like this, especially since you’re such an amazing teacher, which your children will say, depending on the day to day, it’s a nice place to write notes and stuff. We use chalkboard paint and painted the pantry. So that was a fun one too. I mean, how cute is that? To have a chalkboard in your kitchen? You can write down little notes to each other or you can remind yourself a groceries you need to order. Next time.

Vicki My parents made a chalkboard wall for me a long time ago.

Rachel Well they were ahead of the curve way back, way back in the eighties. Yeah, I love it. Encourages drawing on the walls and creativity, but it comes off, it’s just paint people. That’s what I always say.

Vicki Yeah. Well, my dad worked at,, home Depot, so he knew all of the stuff that was out there, so they were all into all into the DIY stuff, or there’s the cellar floor.

Rachel So, yeah, that’s, yeah, that’s awesome. I hope working at home Depot would be a dangerous place for me. I would definitely,, buy more than I earned

Vicki for sure. well, do you have any final thoughts or anything else you’d like to let our listeners know about you or your brand?

Rachel Oh, well, jeez. I just want to say thank you for having me again. And, I am ex proud to call being at the Phoenix area home and work with so many homeowners and so many different types of customers. It’s truly a pleasure,, being supported by this community and that allows me and supports me in growing this small business and letting me come into their lives, either whether it’s a class or TV or writing my blog. That’s awesome. Well, thanks for being here and, well we’ll definitely be seeing you soon. Sounds good. Thank you so much, Vicki

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