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Memories by Candace-Candace Weir

Memories by Candace-Candace Weir

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Memories By Candace

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Speaker 0 00:03 Welcome to the Southwest life podcast with your host, me Vicki DeLuzio where we will talk about things to boost your health, improve your relationships, find new things to do with your family and talk with business owners in the area and more thanks for being here and enjoy the show.

Speaker 1 00:28 Hi guys. Today I have Candace Weir. Who’s one of my friends as well as a great photographer. She owns Memories by Candace. And so I would love to introduce her to you and, and have her talk a little bit about her business, , and herself. So, Candace, can you tell me a little bit about your background and your family?
Speaker 2 01:03 so my name Candace obviously I have two teenage daughters. , I met Vicki because she was my realtor. Whenever we moved here to Arizona and five years ago, we have a lot in common. I homeschooled my kids and she homeschooled hers. And then our husbands were both in the service and both lost their brothers in war. So, , so both gold star families. And, yeah, and then of course I do photography and I started that like 15 years ago. I went in as a part time photographer for Sears portrait studio during Christmas season, and I only thought it was going to be a Christmas job. And then within three months I had my own studio. and that was the studio manager. And that was in Akron, Ohio a long time ago.
Speaker 1 02:08 15 years goes by so quickly. Doesn’t it? The only reason I know
Speaker 2 02:13 That is cause I like Ashlyn was like first born. So I just keep up with her age and I know how long I’ve been doing this so
Speaker 1 02:22 Well, that makes sense. , and so,, you just started off during the Christmas season and was that first season super busy for you? Was it overwhelming?
Speaker 2 02:33 It was very super busy, but I loved every bit of it and I guess that’s when I realized and my bosses realized that I had a knack for it, you know, like, I don’t know, it just became something that I was good at and I didn’t even know it
Speaker 1 02:51 Back then. I remember like 15 years ago and even more, everything was really done in a studio. It wasn’t really done outside.
Speaker 2 02:59 Right. well, I mean, I’m sure there was doorstep. I mean, I remember getting outdoor photos like with my own family, but if you did outdoor, I think I remember it being like very fancy or expensive, you know, like it wasn’t, it wasn’t like, I don’t know. I just remember that was almost like not, I don’t know, not everyone did it and it was something special if he did. I don’t know. That’s the way I remember it whenever I was growing up kind of, but, , but yeah, so like most people did studio stuff, you know, studio photography.
Speaker 1 03:38 what do you specialize with photography?
Speaker 2 03:42 so I would, I would definitely say I specialize with outdoor photography. I do like, doing natural lighting, , playing with my camera, playing with the settings on my camera and having control over all that. And it’s definitely with family photography. I do, you know, I do families, but of course I’ll also do seniors and maternity and, and stuff like that. no children yearly updates, whatever. , pretty much people obviously. , but that’s, , that’s what I specialize in. , I’ll definitely do indoors. I’ll definitely do events. I’ll definitely do other things. my newborn photography, I come straight to people’s homes and that way moms new moms don’t have to be in a rush to get out of the house if they’re not ready. so I’ll definitely do that, but I definitely think that my specialty lies more with outdoor family photography
Speaker 1 04:41 And, you’ve also done something with the Valley youth theater too.
Speaker 2 04:49 Gosh that I started that, ah, gosh, I guess it was over a year ago and they, they just knew I was a photographer and asked me if I would have a go at photographing one of their productions. And I had, no, I had never done that before. I had never done low light photography like that. You know? I mean, you go into a theater and you don’t use a flash. You don’t use anything. I mean, it’s, it’s again, you’re playing with the natural light that you have in the theater. And so I was scared to death. I’m like, I did not know how the fixtures were going to turn out. And so now here I am still doing it and , it turns out I could do it like I could do it and it’s been great. I love, I love photographing that I do theater photography. I also do real estate photography. I do everything I can get my hands in. Cause it’s just fun to learn the new skill. It’s like, it’s hard, graffiti doesn’t stop learning and growing.
Speaker 1 05:52 That’s awesome. so you also had a fun project that was outside during this whole COVID thing that the world’s going through. If anyone knows what that is. , and it was called the front porch project. can you tell me about that?
Speaker 2 06:07 Yes. So you got to see that firsthand because yours,, I actually came and did so many in Marley park and , so many in surprise and even Litchfield parking Goodyear and Avondale, I got to really get into our community and take some photos on their front porch of what everyone was doing during this time of having to be,, you know, the, of the stay at home order, having to stay at home. And it was so much fun. Like it, I just, I loved it. It looked like everyone was like looking forward to doing something for once even dads, you know, like coming outside and taking photos. If you know, dads during photo shoots, they’re never looking forward to photo shoots, but they get outside for like five minutes and then be done and they can go back into what they are doing. So all the dads were in a good mood.
Speaker 2 07:04 Moms were in a good mood cause they got to prepare for it and the kids too. So everyone had something to look forward to and something to prepare. and then I got to just meet our neighbors and that was like, that was really fun. I just really loved immersing myself into our communities and getting to know people and you know, so many people have done so many things for the community and you know, you have like all these people that are making facemask and, doing things that they can do or they know how to do. And I was just like, how can I do so I can’t. So I don’t know how to, so, so it was like, how can I get out there and do something, even if it was just putting a smile on people’s faces. And so, and that’s exactly what it was. I had many messages of people that maybe they didn’t partake in the front porch project itself, but they would literally send me a message and be like, I enjoy looking at these photos so much. I enjoy what you’re doing. And because it just brought a smile to their faces. They had to sit at home.
Speaker 1 08:10 Yeah, yeah. If you look back and like history, you’ll see, you know, , 50, 60 years ago, a lot of people had their pictures taken, you know, in front of their house because their house was a source of pride. And so it’s almost a snapshot of that just forwarded. So when people you look back, , at this time, people will be able to say, Oh, okay. I lived in this house and this is what we were doing during 2020. We were at home and we were in front of our house and this is what we were doing. And then, Oh, wait, if you go back, you know, 70, 80 years, you know, our grandparents kind of did the same thing. Of course their cameras weren’t as sophisticated as they were in 2020. But even then like, you know, 30 years from now, probably the cameras will be even better by then. So it’ll be a nice snapshot that they can take a look at for history sake. So I think, I think that was a great thing that you captured it for families so that they can see it down the line for a time capsule or, or whatever they decide to do with it.
Speaker 2 09:11 Right., how, how has,
Speaker 1 09:15 , COVID changed your work?
Speaker 2 09:19 Well, so with me doing the front porch project, I still get Mmm. Some sheets even today that are still at people’s homes. so I don’t think that’s going to actually go away. I mean, I feel like, you know, going to parks and being out in the open, I still feel like that’s fine and I’m still doing it, but there are some people that still feel more comfortable doing it at their homes. so, like next week I believe it is, I have a session in someone’s home, you know, because they’ve got a father that has cancer and they just don’t want it to have him out at all. You know? So I, I don’t, I see that as it could be a new thing also, , as you said, you know, like people, you know, back in the day, their pride used to be in their homes, you know?
Speaker 2 10:11 So I feel like, that can even start to be a thing here today. Like, I don’t know. I just, I just found taking pictures in front of people’s homes ended up being so beautiful and I could just see that being, you know, something that doesn’t go away. Maybe we take more photos in front of our homes. There are so many things of, so many families that we met, that there was actually more significance even than just the front porch project. Some of them, they had birthed all of their kids there, but we’re getting ready to move. So they, you know, wanted to remember that home. , some of them had just moved into their brand new first home and I, you know, so these are all gonna be memories. And, so I could see that be something different. , so it’s definitely brought something newer to photography that I think, you know, could be done. there’s things that I worry or that none, not that I worry about, but,, things that I, I gotta figure out how to handle. Like, I mean, right now we’re talking about masks could be a requirement to be worn and I’m thinking in my head, how am I going to do that?
Speaker 2 11:26 You know what I mean? Like, because I don’t know that everyone’s going to want a family photo with mask on. So what is that going to look like for me, you know, as a photographer, you know, I’ve, I’ve contemplated, should I be wearing a mask whenever I go out and I photograph, but the problem is I’m, you know, I’m trying to, it’s, it’s hard enough during the front porch project, something that I had to learn was,, not to go up and pose people. I’m, I’m horrible at telling people what to do, like with their hands or their feet. So I usually show them what to do. So I will literally go and turn their body and put their hands somewhere sometimes. And so the hardest thing for me, for even the front porch projects, because I was keeping my distance and not doing that at all, was to not go up and pose people.
Speaker 2 12:17 So I would,, I had to get better at telling people what to do., and then sometimes they ended up really great for me because I’ve, I’ve learned that I could pose too much. And so I’ve gotten to see what other people do naturally, which make my photos look a lot better and be a lot more natural. So,, so it was a good thing. It was a good skill thing for me. you know, develop me better as a photographer. but wearing a face mask, you know, for myself, I’m just wondering, that’s going to be really hard for people to understand me. you know, whenever I’m trying to tell them, especially as I’m already far away with my camera, you know, for me to have to tell them what to do. you have a Bullhorn too. Yeah. I have to carry that with my camera. Perfect. Perfect. All the skills of the trade. Right, right. So, yeah, there’s just a lot that, you know, I don’t know where it is going to go from here. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but
Speaker 1 13:22 Roller coaster. Yeah. The roller coaster of 2020. Right, right, right. Crazy. Well, is there anything else you’d like to let our listeners know?
Speaker 2 13:36 I don’t think so. Anything was that the, was that all the questions you had to ask,
Speaker 1 13:46 I’ll put all of your information in the show notes so that they can contact you for pictures. And I’ll even put in our, some of our pictures too, so they could see some of the work that you’ve done, or if there’s anything else that you’d like to showcase, we can do that too.
Speaker 2 14:02 All right. Sounds good. I really have enjoyed meeting all of our neighbors and our, you know, our community and that’s been just the love and outport. Like I have never felt so at home, I moved here five years ago and now I finally feel like I’m home.
Speaker 1 14:18 That’s awesome. I knew you guys would feel at home and surprise.
Speaker 2 14:28 Vicky tried to tell my husband all of this.
Speaker 1 14:36 Yeah. He listens to me now though. Everything. Well, thanks again, Candace. I appreciate it.
Speaker 2 14:45 Thank you. Thanks for having me right.

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