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Lonze Reynolds

Lonze Reynolds

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Lonze Reynolds is our Music Teacher for Piano. We Found him through When I wanted to continue our children’s piano lessons, but couldn’t drive, I needed to find a different solution. Our former piano teachers were amazing, but didn’t have availability for us anymore and a studio wouldn’t work with my not driving. So, I hunted for a new solution! And, voila, I found Lonze!

Lonze Reynolds also is part of a band, Kenny Thames and the Messengers

They can be found at many different locations around the valley and for private events as well.

Lonze plays and teachers Piano, Guitar and Saxophone

602-599-1205 (Lonze Reynolds) [email protected]

Kenny Thames 602-515–8787

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Speaker 0 00:03 Welcome to the Southwest life podcast with your host, me, Vicki de Luzio, where we will talk about things to boost your health, improve your relationships, find new things to do with your family, and talk with business owners in the area. And more. Thanks for being here and enjoy the show.
Speaker 1 00:27 Hi guys. Today I’m here with our music teacher, Lonze Reynolds. And , not only is he our music teacher, but he also does more than that. So with that, I want to have him introduce himself.
Speaker 2 00:41 Hello everybody. I’m a longe Reynolds. Um, and I’m like, she said, I’m their music teacher. I teach them piano. each kid had a half an hour, once a week. So that’s hour and a half. I get to hang out with the family here. So it’s, they have a great family. I really enjoy, you know, giving them lessons, you know, it’s, you know, my passion. So it’s never stressful when I do what I do. So I love it.
Speaker 1 01:08 Yeah. And I found a launch through take lessons because I was looking for someone to come to our house. Many people know that I suffered from epilepsy and so I couldn’t drive for a while, so I needed a different solution than just going to,a music store. And sometimes when you go to a music store, you have to fit within their criteria and that really wouldn’t work for us. And then having three kids, three lessons all in a row, I was seeing that kind of go really wrong. And here at my house, the kids can be doing their homework or playing or doing their laundry, which is not their favorite thing to do. And lawns knows that Murray while grumbling. Yeah. So, um, so once, can you tell me a little bit about your background?
Speaker 2 01:55 Okay. I’m, um, I’m from Detroit, Michigan originally. I have a twin sister and an older sister and of course a mom and dad. And that was, we had a, you know, kind of a smaller, well, I wouldn’t say a small family, but you know, it was just me and my twin and my older sister. And, I’m the middle child. I’m five minutes older than my twins.

Speaker 1 02:21 And you let her know that was in charge.

Speaker 2 02:25 And then \I went off to, go to high school at Cass tech. It’s a very renowned high school in Detroit. You know, it’s, it has a great music program. They have a good consistent, sports program. Also play football. I was there also and that’s where I developed my passion and love for music through one of my fellow students. w we, we kind of took me on the mind, his wing. They introduced me to jazz and I really got into it and you know, created a passion for me because I, in third grade I played the saxophone and the clarinet and you know how it is when you’re young, you know, really, he’s squeaking you squash, you squeaking, you squash, you just do it because you kind of made, you know, you’re forced. So, you know, through those years I just played and didn’t practice a whole lot.
Speaker 2 03:16 I practiced some, you know, and I was decent. I wasn’t the worst kid in the Bay. Then I really started getting into it and like ninth to 10th grade and really did develop a passion for and also play football while I was there. And I also, I actually went on to college because of football. I got a scholarship and, I went to,university of Tennessee for a little while and I couldn’t hack it with the, with the star football player. So I ended up going to a smaller school and then I was playing football there and also was a music major music business. And then I started to, um, play some gigs with my teacher. And then I also developed, some students through that also. That’s when I first started teaching down in Tennessee and I got, you know, some kids in the local schools, elementary schools through my teacher and, and we, you know, that’s how I started my music career and were really busy.
Speaker 2 04:14 I was busy, I was busy and,, yeah, the music business there and I learned some and studio, knowledge, recording studio knowledge. So that’s basically my bio, my background. You know, I’m a slump single, you know, I live in central Phoenix and, you know, just living the life. Oh yeah. I’m ready. Recorded some, , some music with my teacher. I’m recording now with other band where I’m with now we’re doing some recording and um, I’m getting more into that now cause I’m, well I played, , throughout high school and throughout college and a little bit after college and I stopped for awhile because I wasn’t making enough money to pay all the bills and so starving musician artist. So I went on to heating and cooling school. I did that and I did that for about two years and it just didn’t, it just wasn’t my thing.
Speaker 2 05:14 So I stopped doing that. Then I went back to teaching a little bit more. Then I went to become a chef. That’s right. So exact verse. I just, worked,, in a local restaurant called LA Dolce Vita. And that’s where I learned a lot of my skills through the chef there and Italian chef, Sicily. Oh wow. And then I kind of branched off from there and just did some other odd jobs. Just I worked at a soul food place. I worked at these different places. Then I decided, Oh then I went to um, hard rock cafe. Now time to church. And that’s not any culinary spirit. , I mean not a whole lot. I mean it’s pretty basic there, but they paid well so they paid well. So I worked there for like four, three or four years and I was able to transfer to the Arizona.
Speaker 2 06:13 That’s how I got here. Oh that’s how you got here? Yeah, that’s how I got here. I transferred through hot rock cafe, tread to hard rock fence and I just wanted to, you know, just I need to change. So I was like, I’m just packing my bags and I’m moving on the Phoenix. We’ve got a big change coming from Detroit. It was, it really was weather wise and culture wise and you know, it was just a, it’s just a difference cause I moved straight from Detroit to a surprise. Yeah, it was a big difference. So that was my journey. That’s how I basically got here. But you know, I’ve, I have great parents and you know, my mother, great woman, very strong woman. So she kinda kept me grounded with, staying focused on the things that I needed to focus on, which was, was music and football and basically in sports, that’s what I was basically doing a lot of all of the other things. But I got did good in school, I would say. So kept me and I had a lot of peer pressure. Of course growing up in Detroit, I was able to knock that out of the way and stay straight forward. A lot of my friends had some bad, bad things going on, but I was able to, you know, but I’ve been leaving. And your dad was in the military too? He was in the military, but he was also, he was a homicide detective, Detroit police officer.
Speaker 1 07:35 Bad stuff. I’d probably want it to knock that out of YouTube. Yeah.
Speaker 2 07:39 Yeah. So I was, I saw a lot and that made me grow and and man, here I am, I’m doing what I love.
Speaker 1 07:46 Exactly. And then he got involved. And I remember you told my son, you know, my mom made me take practice and you’re going to practice too. Cause I see it in your mom,
Speaker 2 07:57 this, this, this important, everything in life you have to practice or just stay, stick with it to get good at it. I mean, you can’t do it for a small amount of time and poof, I have it and it’s not, I always tell some of my kids, this is not the matrix. You can’t just put me in the back of your head like, Ooh, I know Judah. I know music. You know, it doesn’t work like that. You have to stay the course, stay the course yet. Stick with it. The only way, no shortcuts. So
Speaker 1 08:28 yeah. How do people get in touch with you in regards to doing music lessons because you’ve been involved with take lessons. Is that how you really started in Arizona or did you
Speaker 2 08:40 well, I had two different sources. I um, one of my mentors here is named Kenny Tams. He’s a piano player in the central Phoenix area. And he kinda took me under my wing, his wing, and he introduced me to some and some piano students. And a sec stepped in and took this me to also and take lessons was my main source. You know, cause I was just, I was a chef and, at the Phoenix country club actually I worked there for six years and I was just trying to do something more. Actually I wasn’t really thinking about going into it full time. I was just wanting to make some extra money. So I put my profile, I’ll take lessons and I already knew Kenny and I told him I was interested in teaching and you know, everything started to just slowly build and know. And I got to with his band also, he, we were in a band together. He’s a piano player. Play sax is Kenny Tim’s in the messengers. Yeah. He’s the namesake of the band. He’s, he’s been in the area for years and years. So you know, he gets us arcade eggs and you know, that’s the best advertisement.
Speaker 1 09:52 Yeah, yeah. And you guys are busy with your band?

Speaker 2 09:56 We’re busy. We’re very busy. we gave, , all, all around the metropolitan area and I, we do private, engagements. Just this Friday we started a, a new, performance every Friday at Morton steakhouse. Yeah, five 30 at five o’clock, at their happy hour. Oh, wonderful. And we’ve played, um, in our private events, weddings, we’ve played business meetings. We play, you know, we do basically background music, but we’ve done front of music also. You know, we’ve played at,Nash before we played at, I’ve played at the rhythm room personally. The band has my plate and you know, just trying to stay busy.

Speaker 1 10:43 Yeah, I think you are, you’re really a busy and more ins. You’re kind of like, Oh, chef, do you have the chef thing?

Speaker 2 10:51 And then I just, I did for 12 years and I’m just wanting to kind of trickle out of it. I loved cooking, but it’s just harder when you’re working for someone else and some of those things you see on the TV show, like Dave Ramsey.
Speaker 1 11:04 Oh yeah, no. Dan Gordon, Gordon financial . Well, you have to be in charge of your finances. You’re working for yourself. That’s what you met. There we go. It all wraps in together. Both they have the same type of personality, but they do, they do. You see
Speaker 2 11:25 on a Gordon Ramsey show, it’s some of that is, you know, real. It’s realistic and it can be very hard in those and it’s tough and you don’t get paid as much as you should for what you did because I was a, um, you know, I was a pantry chef and I was a saw CA there and you know, and it just, I wanted to go into something more that it can make me feel whole and something I really have a grasp on that I, you know, created. Because when you’re working for else, you just don’t follow their recipes with music. I’m just following my own path
Speaker 1 11:59 and you really can put your own, tune to it in your heart and soul. Even when you’re, you’re playing someone else’s music, you’re putting your emotion to it. Yeah. Nope, no purse, no. Say a different person puts the same emphasis into that.
Speaker 2 12:14 Exactly. And you also have to, regardless of the teaching, you also,follow your own, we’ll say syllabus per se. Just you follow your own path of how you want to teach. Everyone has their own way of approaching different students. You know, people have different personalities and different ages. You know, teenagers can be worse than that. Younger kids cause they don’t really care. They don’t know. I get that a lot,

Speaker 1 12:44 but it’s, yeah. Teenagers. I, I’ve already gotten this far. I’m good. I’m good. I’m sure. Yeah. I taught eighth grade band. When did I ever tell you I taught? So our, we had eighth graders in our high school and our, our, our high school band teacher was, , he was going through a divorce and he was also losing his, , music, music business. So he also taught band. And so he was kind of losing his mind. And a couple of us decided that we did not want a substitute. So we took over eighth grade band. So I got an independent study and we took over the whole 120 piece band. So I was first chair clarinet and one of my best friends was first chair sacks and another one was first chair flute. So we ran the band for the whole high school and eighth grade band as well. So I taught eighth grade band. Yeah. So I know how eighth graders are and the rest of them. And the kids were like, but why are you doing it? Do you want to substitute? No, not really. Okay. Then you just shush and we’re gonna run band and he’s just gonna sit in the room and go

Speaker 2 13:52 teaching. They were all full of kids. It’s all eyes. A lot different than teacher one kid. I tell you that. I did some teaching in Tennessee. I taught a class for by the year of, um, six, like six, five, no, I think it was like fourth, fifth, sixth graders. And it was a challenge. It was a challenge.
Speaker 1 14:13 Summers I would go and teach when I was a senior in high school and I teach fourth and fifth grade. It was squawky and squeaky.
Speaker 2 14:21 Yeah. It’s important too for kids to have private lessons because when it’s 30 kids in a classroom, the one teacher cannot pinpoint certain things. I mean you can break them up the sections, but you can’t, you know, really focus on the things they need to focus on. So probably the lessons are very important for, for kids to Excel at their instrument and um, and with take lessons, I advertise a saxophone, guitar and piano, three instruments that I teach. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And saxophone, I mean I play saxophone, the mouth, just getting the mouth piece right is so hard and you know, you’re not going to learn that online. We’ve talked about, you know, people trying to figure it out online and start, start sounding like Kenny G emulate someone and it’s a consistent thing that you have to do. Y’all go consistent Amish shared and your lips.
Speaker 2 15:22 I always say the joker face, the breath support is huge too, you know, and how much pressure you put on the mouth piece is very important. And it was just a lot of, repetition that needs to be involved. And strengthening of the face muscles. And I was just a lot going on. So you know, you have to practice. I don’t even know if they talk about like what kind of reads to use. And you know, it’s very important to know as a beginner that you should start with thin or read. And as you get better you progress. Cause everyone hears that you have to start with all the players. They start with the reads. But no, you have to start with a read. You’d have to develop the strength to be at a whole, the armature and the breath

support and you know, all of those States to be able to make a sound.
Speaker 2 16:13 So, and the rain has to vibrate. So you can’t do that if you don’t have the strength. And the guitar I taught myself, I taught myself to play guitar. Um, just through the knowledge of music, just bought me a book and just, you know, I know the timing. I know all of the fundamentals you need that just needed the physical part. So, yeah, which is the hard one, the hard guitar and learning tab. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can do tab. Yeah. I rather read than those just because that’s just the language that I’ve been doing my whole life. I understand the language of music and you know, that’s another thing that I, I compare it to the matrix cause when you look on the screen they just have a bunch of numbers was like, Oh I see a bunch of numbers. Like I don’t even see numbers.

Speaker 2 17:03 I see blind and that’s how it is for me. I just, you know, I read the notes and I just know exactly. It’s just like words to live up to me. So yeah. Tab is, like a special guitar, system of reading notes if you’re not familiar with that. So sorry about that. Numbers and spaces and guitar. Yeah. And so if you go from reading music to a reading tab, it’s a little bit tricky. But if you go from tab to reading music, it’s also very tricky. I think it’s harder to read notes on the staff of course. But it’s more useful. It’s more universal cause you can’t use, can’t use this tab with the piano or with the sacks. Exactly. That was my trying to learn
Speaker 1 17:50 guitar. I’m like, why do you want me to learn tap now? Oh no, just learn how to read the notes on the stats. Yeah, boy, that’s fine. Just say that multiple times. And then if you go into bass clip then you have to switch it around. Yeah. Um, so, anything else you’d like our readers to know? I’ll put everything about how to reach you in the show notes. I have this flyer that I brought and maybe you can yeah, yeah, absolutely.
Speaker 2 18:19 You can also look me up on Facebook lawns, Reynolds junior and that’s self explanatory. And you can also look up Kenny Tim’s and the messengers on. we also have a Facebook page there and we’re developing a, a a music school. Katie, , Kenny and I is, the Academy of music. We’re still developing the website, you know, and also have a studio that I teach out of, of it central Phoenix on central. , actually no, it was on seventh street and Missouri. That is where our studio is located. And, you know, we’re always looking for new students and, and cause this is a type of business where, you know, people come and go. You know, it’s understandable because, you know, people have, especially with adults, you know, the adults will start and then, you know, I have to work a double shift and he can’t stop, keep going. And that was always, I bought a new house,
Speaker 1 19:17 those pesky financial things. Dave Ramsey. So, you know, it’s, you know, I have to,

Speaker 2 19:25 it was coming. So I just got a few more students this week. Stand steady. I keep about 35 students, 35 to 40 and you know, if I get more than that, I’ll be hiring teachers.

Speaker 1 19:38 Awesome. Excellent. It’s a good place to be for you. Excellent. Well thank you so much for your time and I’ll put everything so that you can contact Lonze and to his band right in the show notes. Thanks again.

Speaker 2 19:55 Welcome.

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