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Jyl Steinback-Shape Up Us

Southwest Life Podcast
Southwest Life Podcast
Jyl Steinback-Shape Up Us

Jyl Steinback, America’s Healthiest Mom of Shape Up Us.

Check out her new cookbook, “Think Outside the Lunchbox”.

Speaker 1 00:27 Hi guys. Today I have Jill Steinback from Shape Up Us and I would love to introduce you to her and have her introduce herself. So Jill, can you tell me about yourself?

Speaker 2 00:42 Oh, thanks so much for having me. I’m so excited to be here. , I’m a mom of two originally now for my daughter’s married and my son just got engaged, so I call him my kids. , my hobbies, which I love, love, love is hiking. And I just got really into pickleball so very fun. Do you play?

Speaker 1 01:04 No, I do not play, but it’s, it seems like it’s an Arizona tradition here.

Speaker 2 01:08 You know, it got big and it just good social. Of course they’ve quit everything for now, but, , it’s a lot of fun and I get to continue hiking and I have a dog and a cat, actually my dogs, I’m a Wolf shepherd and we walk every day about four to six miles. So I sound like you’ve running over time. So it keeps, like you said, it’s for the keep your sanity and uh, you know, just breathe deep and enjoy the beautiful weather that we’re so blessed to have. I’m executive director of ShapeUp us and I created it 11 years ago. We are building a healthier future for the world. my passion is children, but with the, with the children, you have to reach out to the families and with the families you have to reach out to the communities and the schools. So it’s a circle of wellness that is sustainable, that works. And under those and Brella is, we’ve created a lot of programs.

Speaker 1 02:12 Yeah, you have a website and we’ll get into that more about all of what shape us is out. But you’ve also, you’re also known as a America’s healthiest mom. Can you tell me how you got that title?

Speaker 2 02:26 Yeah, so I started writing cookbooks in 93 and we went along the phase as we were talking before this, I go with all the different phases happening and at the time it was all quote unquote fat-free and we were very fortunate and got in all the national magazines and my series have sold 2 million copies and ladies home journal dubbed my family I healthiest family. And from there all the radio stations and TV shows and things like that said, well if we’re the family, I’m the, I guess I’m America’s healthiest mom. So it’s been really fun and opened a lot of exciting doors and we just launched our latest cookbook called think outside the lunchbox and it’s 250 plant nutritious recipes the whole family will love.

Speaker 1 03:17 Oh, that’s awesome. Do you have a crown or a sash that says America’s healthiest?

Speaker 2 03:24 I need to get that for you. You have some time now? Yeah. So one of my websites we took off after that is America’s healthiest Oh all about my cookbooks. And my other a website is think outside the lunchbox. Dot. Today because we want people to start thinking outside that lunchbox today. And it’s so funny because that’s such a neat message to think outside the lunchbox. It isn’t just about eating plant nutritious or how we eat, but it’s getting out of bed, the raw, you know, the other side or hiking and going around the other mountain or you know, just thinking differently. And when you do that, your whole life starts being creative and exciting.

Speaker 1 04:08 Oh. What kind of recipes do you have on your, lunchbox website? Can you give us a little like teaser?

Speaker 2 04:16 Sure. So there’s everything from really, it’s not just in the lunch book box, it’s, we’re just thinking outside. So it’s everything from breakfast, appetizers, lunch dinners. We’ve been have, nibbles in the classroom,, snacks, uh, chocolate, a section on chocolate, you know, so it’s a little bit of everything. And we have a seven day meal plan. And it, to me, it’s easy. So this book is really cool because what we did was we got 12 friends together, kind of like, a book where we gather all these people that are experts in their field all over the world. And they shared their favorite recipes with us. And you said it’s all plant based. We try to call it plant nutritious. And the difference to me is where when you’re nutritious, you’re getting it from the ground, you know, you’re getting it from the earth. And that’s how I would love, you know, and I brought my kids up to eat is more of the plan now. Everybody’s not going to do it all the time and is, excuse me, Cameron says, she wants one meal a day, you know, which is great. Start that way. Let’s change the Europe because not only does it change our eating, but sustainably sustainability, Lee, it changes our earth and it makes our earth healthier and that’s what we want.

Speaker 1 05:39 Oh, awesome. And so is it considered vegan then?

Speaker 2 05:43 It is not vegan. It’s not vegetarian. It’s plant nutritious.

Speaker 1 05:50 Okay. Okay, cool. I just wanted to ask about that. Yeah. So, so
Speaker 2 05:58 moods is the, is the difference more. Awesome.

Speaker 1 06:01 Okay. Gotcha, gotcha. what is your favorite food, talking about all this food?

Speaker 2 06:07 Well, you know, it’s really interesting. I’m a, um, I’m a potato person. I’ve probably have a potato a day and I make my own homemade bread. So my bread consists of, and it is in the book, it’s um, raisins, Craisins, applesauce, banana, oatmeal, cinnamon. So it’s kind of like a whole breakfast in the bread. And then I in the morning put avocado on it and tomato, you know, and just make my little self a breakfast sandwich. But, um, potatoes, the number one said tidy food and meaning the food that fills you up the fastest. and so then you’re happy and you’re satisfied and then you’re full and so you don’t eat as much. And so really the potato is so healthy, it’s just what you put in it. And I put everything from grilled onions to all kinds of different vegetables. Um, sometime avocado, sometimes just salsaSpeaker 2 07:01 It’s just different all the time of what I’m craving. And I try, I tell, I want to tell your audience, try to listen to your body. You know, what are you click craving for? And if you start your morning with sugar, the more sugar you want all day, you know, so try to stay away from that. Now, my favorite, favorite, favorite dessert at night, which I like doing puzzles. So perfect timing now since you can’t go out, um, frozen grapes you know, and they’re like little popsicles or frozen banana. Yeah. And so those are kind of my favorite sugar sweets that I enjoy.

Speaker 1 07:39 Yeah. I love frozen mango personally. That’s one of my favorite things. Fabulous. Yeah. And it’s easier than cutting your own Manco because cutting your own mango, it seems to be ridiculously hard and you waste so much of the mango because sometimes it’s, it’s bad here. So if you get it frozen it, it seems almost cheaper and um, you get the really good parts. So unlike frozen mango is the way to go for me.

Speaker 2 08:06 I’m going to go do that tomorrow. That sounds just delicious. I haven’t had, I love it and I haven’t had it in a long timSpeaker 1 08:12 Yeah. Yeah. I even will make a little, I’m a smoothie with frozen mango, a little banana and uh, uh, strawberry. And if I feel like I need a little sweetener, I just put like a little scoop of honey in there and then it helps with the allergies. So that’s my favorite thing to do.

Speaker 2 08:31 Yeah, no, absolutely. I love that. And in think outside the lunchbox, I did forget there is a whole section on juicing and smoothies. Oh, awesome. Perfect craze of the celery juicing right now with, um, you know, this going around. That was one of them. But then we have all kinds of different smoothies and different juices.

Speaker 1 08:51 Oh, I’m not a fan of celery. Someone else could have salary.
Speaker 2 08:56 No, it is an acquired taste.

Speaker 1 09:00 It is. It is. I can take it in. I’m in a soup, little little dash of it, but I love about the potatoes. So all my Polish relatives really knew what they were talking about with the potatoes

Speaker 2 09:12 they did. I mean, and, and they are, it doesn’t matter which one you have, if everybody asks me if sweet potatoes, you know, the best, it’s good, but it’s a mixture of everything. The red, you know, white is fine. Brown, it’s fine. What do you, what flavor do you like that you’re going to stick with? If I told you to have sweet potatoes and you don’t like sweet potatoes, you’re going to swell on that eating potatoes, you know? And that’s silly because go find my favorite happens to be the red potato it’s just a sweeter, you know, and so, and to me, I cut them up, which I’m, I’m a French fry junkie that I homemade and I homemaker. So I’ll take that now, make them into French fries. And I’m like, you know, whole potatoes with everything in, it’s maybe 200 calories. It’s nothing. But you’re so full when you wake up, walk away.

Speaker 1 09:59 Yeah. I make my own mash potatoes and I use almonds, milk and coconut butter and my kids love it. And then I make my own garlic in it. And my kids tonight were like, this is delicious. And I’m like, yup, yeah, you just had a lot of nutrients and he had didn’t even know.

Speaker 2 10:14 And that’s exactly the secret. It’s, it’s also your taste buds, you know? And we brought up our kids this way. It sounds like you’re the same. They don’t know any different. Yeah. So their taste buds are like this craving, this kind of food where my kids will come over and say, mom, can you make the Caesar salad where you make some bread? Even our popcorn, you know, we have it all the time when we sit down for a movie or when I’m working and you just keep munching because that’s another satiety food and it keeps your mouth and your hands busy. But a whole bowl is a hundred calories if you are air copying it.

Speaker 1 10:46 Yes. Yeah. Yeah. I can’t take the movie popcorn. Oops. It’s too much. That’s funny. so what, and you were talking about hiking. So is that your favorite exercise or do you have a different exercise that’s your favorite?

Speaker 2 11:04 You know, I think hiking’s probably something I’m so consistent. I’m like, you with running, I probably do it five days a week and it’s just, I’d love the fresh air in the mountains. And right now if the hikers out there are listening, it’s really was about two weeks ago. But the flowers were breathtaking. Yeah. And the yellows and you know, the different WICO and my kids again, no, no different. When we hiked, I said, did you see the Brown? There’s slate and there’s slight Brown and there’s yellow and there’s, you know, now the purple flowers are coming. So the beauty of the desert is now. And so I just love that. And I just got my first, walking stick and I’m very excited about it. I take it up the mountain all the time. I think it’s a really great workup cause you’re using the arms, not just you you know, your legs.

Speaker 2 11:55 And so I’ve really in enjoyed that and that’s an addition to what I’ve been doing. And then as I say, I walk my doggy and, my pickleball, those are my favorite for now. For today. We’ll see what hits me tomorrow. Have you ever gone snowshoeing or cross country skiing? I have. I used to love that in my youth and I’m not as a brave soul anymore, but I do have in my house, I have an exercise room with a treadmill, a bike, a elliptical, StairMaster, things like that. So when it is too hot or whatever, I’m able to go in there and I love it. I turned on, that’s the only time I watch a good hallmark movie and, and just enjoy the hour and a half goes so fast and so
Speaker 1 12:42 there you go. There you go. Where’s your favorite place to hike?

Speaker 2 12:45 You know, I’m, I’m, I live, near McDonald mountain ranch. I’m a gateway junkie. Oh, okay. It, so I’m there, but I like anywhere, you know, I go with friends, a lot of different places, which I enjoy just so it keeps me different and, and that makes it fun. That’s awesome. As you know, is the best. Did you run out the door and you just, it’s convenient and you didn’t have to dry somewhere and you don’t have to take that extra time. And that’s what I want to tell your audience to do what you love. Don’t do what somebody else tells you to do. Exactly. You know, cause it doesn’t work and make it convenient for yourself. Exactly. Yes. And you’re more, and like you mentioned before, you know, you get up and you’re a morning person and to do it in the morning, it doesn’t matter when you do it, but there are statistics. If you wait later in the day, everything else comes up. Absolutely. You make excuses. Yup. Yup. And you go, Oh, I should be doing this. I’ve got this. I, I’m gonna make one more call. You know, what does that look like? So yes, when they do it in the morning and you’re doing, but also you start your day breathtaking. And it’s just a wonderful high on life to start that way.

Speaker 1 14:00 Yeah. I like doing it because then I get that rush of energy in the morning and by the end of the day I’m pretty much done. Like after the podcast is done, I’m pretty much going to sit on the couch and so now, and it will be a clock

Speaker 2 14:15 done deal.

Speaker 1 14:17 Yeah. Exercising at night is never been my thing. I could maybe stretch and maybe do yoga at night, but that’s a stretch. That’s a stretch.

Speaker 2 14:26 Well yeah, I get it. It’s total stretch. But you know, you do have those nights now that I was out there and so if morning is not yours and your night out, it doesn’t matter when. So I just want to let your audience know. It doesn’t matter when you exercise is just to do it.

Speaker 1 14:41 Yeah, exactly. And find something and find something that you like to do because running is not for everybody. A do. Yoga is not for everybody. You have to

Speaker 2 14:52 find something you like to do, otherwise you won’t do it at all. Exactly. That’s, that’s the very secret. And it’s fun with a friend.

Commitment to a friend. I’ll see at seven, you know, that always works. So yeah, I wasn’t going to go today, but now I got to go because of, you know, but sometimes that works. I personally don’t need that, but I’m also a personal trainer so I’m there to help other people.

Speaker 1 15:15 I really liked doing everything by myself because I loved the quiet time. But I also have three children who are with me pretty much all the time and my husband. And so I like having my phone and my podcast and just listening and zoning out. And I, I have the personal responsibility to myself to get up and go. But some people need that motivation to have someone to have them held accountable to someone to hold accountable. And that’s okay too. So it’s up to you and how you want to structure yourself and, and your life. I personally don’t like having to structure my workout schedule around someone else. So
Speaker 2 15:53 no. And I get that. And just for your audience, we just, this was purely personal, but we have a shape up radio app. Oh cool. And so you can go on Android, sir. I-phones apples and shape up radio and it’s free download and it’s all high energy, positive music for as long as you want. Ooh, as I say, I did it for myself cause I was on the mountain and my phone would go out with my music and so I was like, that’s it. I need to create this. And then I started spreading the word.

Speaker 1 16:25 That’s awesome. Yeah. It’s hard when your music just dies on you.

Speaker 2 16:29 Oh my God. You at the top of the mountain and you’re hitting the hardest mountain and you’re like, really, really? I really need your motivation.
Speaker 1 16:36 Exactly. So can you talk to us more about shape up us?
Speaker 2 16:41 Yeah. So shape up us, there are three entities that, that are there. It’s awareness, education and action. Our awareness is we do health and wellness events around the country. Um, so, uh, we’re doing 16 cities this year. They’re kind of pushed back till the start of June, but we’re very excited and we bring in a Ninja warrior obstacle course. It’s a mile long, very fun for kids from five to 15, 10 different obstacles. And then we bring in all these different boosts for education and awareness, whether it’s dental or chiropractor or meditation or yoga, whatever that might be too. Entertain. And educate the public and the community to come in and learn. We have inflatables and DJ cause I have to have my music as I said. And then we have these big 60 inch balls that the kids can play on and parachutes. And we do hula-hoop contests.

Speaker 2 17:43 So anyway, we’d go to all these cities. So if any of your listeners are wanting to learn more about that, they can go to shape up us dot or get our schedule or bring it to your city. We’d love to do that. Just let me know. But we’ve been doing that as I say, for 11 years now. So it’s been really fun. And um, the second part is education. And we created the first case through sixth grade whole child curriculum. And what does that mean? Well, we, our common core line, um, we integrate into core curriculum. So the math, science, social studies, language arts, we deliver it five different what ways, whether it’s in the classroom were personalized learning, K through third and fourth through sixth. So there’s two programs. Um, a lot of PE teachers and health and wellness coaches love it because we are not only a curriculum but resources to what they don’t have.

Speaker 2 18:36 , afterschool programs cause there’s eight modules. So there’s eight weeks that they can do. We work with camps and then title one schools we work with,, we train eight parents and they do our eight teachers and they do an eight week course for parents. And our biggest, latest, greatest is homeschooling, which is so exciting. And that’s when the, the way we met, I was so when we met, so thank you. We have a program called clap for health and it’s a movement like clapping your hands. You have 28 acupressure points and when you clap you get healthy. Like statistically, especially today, it’s proven. It helps suicide and depression just by clapping your hands and all this is on the website with the statistics so people can read about it and learn about it. But it’s also gives you movement. You know, you clap out of excitement to stand up for people, you know, concerts, you know, at soccer games, it doesn’t matter. We’re moving. So we created a fundraiser called clap for health where we, it’s totally free. We help you raise money for your school, your organization or your employee wellness. And then you keep half of what you raise 50%. Yeah. That’s really good for donates the other 50% in our curriculum to a school of your choice.

Speaker 1 19:58 Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah. His fundraisers are, are hard to come by. I found out

Speaker 2 20:04 they are. And so to do something positive like that, we’ve also, which is free for any organization on our website. When you go to clap for health, we have a line dance that we created and a song. Okay. So you can start, you know, in your PE classes or your families in your home start learning the line dance and there’s a song right underneath it. So I just met our, you can use your own music. It doesn’t matter. We just want you to get up, be happy, be safe, be well and be active.
Speaker 1 20:36 Yeah. And with, a lot of people homeschooling right now or doing school at home, uh, this might be a very interesting, uh, situation for them to check out is the shape of us program. And, I know it’s common core aligned, but I looked at the program and you don’t have to know all the common core uh, language in order to use the program on
Speaker 2 21:02 the teachers. Yeah, well don’t use that part at all and there is free, it says right on my website, free curriculum. So those are samples of like six of the modules or five of the modules that you can take a look at. We did partner with a community college so that it, uh, did professional development hours and it is a 200 hour course, 25 hours a module. We’re not doing that any longer, but that’s how intense the program is. But once you get it, it’s yours for life. You don’t have, there’s no licensing fee, you know, things like that. But there’s free so people can go try it and see if it’s something they do like and work with their kids. And see if it, you know, but it’s so cool because whether it’s the parents or the child, you start implementing into your own life.

Speaker 2 21:52 Right, right. Yeah. And you’re, Oh, I didn’t know that. Oh, you know, so, and we have the first plant based curriculum, the power of pets. there is meditation, why sleep is important, all about emotions. Uh, financial module. we also have,, of course exercise, nutrition, sustainability, keeping your earth healthy and how do we do that? And all about your heart and your body. So eight different modules with just the whole person and they just all intertwined. You can pick one and you use it, Allah cart and you don’t have to do any other, it doesn’t matter.
Speaker 1 22:32 Yeah, we’ve done the heart one so far and my kids were like, Oh, okay. They’re like, Oh I remember this from doing this and we talked about this and then we, we just talked about it at dinner cause like everything happens really at our dinner table. So we start in the morning and then I ended up talking about it at dinner as we’re eating. And so they were like super interested in and digestion and then how it works with our heart. And then of course, you know, we have two boys, so it all ends up in talking about poop and you know, sustainability.
Speaker 2 23:06 And that’s definitely perfect at the dinner table. You know, it doesn’t matter. That’s what’s so cool about this curriculum. It can be more intense and it can be very simple, but you get the knowledge and then it becomes a habit. And if that is for lifetime and we’ve changed the future.
Speaker 1 23:21 Yeah. And then mom needed meditation after talking about poop at the dinner table. Right?
Speaker 2 23:26 Yeah. Need meditation. I agree. It comes and down. It’s great. I meditate every day, so that’s awesome. You know, it really brings me peace and just, you know, calms me down for, takes away any of the fear and you just, so I’m, I’m all for that.
Speaker 1 23:45 That’s awesome.
Speaker 2 23:46 Uh, so, uh, yeah, you talked about the events and hopefully they’ll start in in June again and you have one coming up in Phoenix. The field is in October right now. October 17th. Okay. Location to be decided. But you certainly can go to the website or give me a call either way. , but yes, right now it’s in October. We’re not sure if we have to push everything back or what, but we do have a plan.
Speaker 1 24:19 Yeah. So fingers crossed and you could check out the ShapeUp us a website for more information. Uh, and uh, was there anything else you’d like to add? For our listeners,
Speaker 2 24:32 you know, your listeners are welcome to email me, , J Y with questions or how they can get involved with shape up. We love it. We’re always looking for volunteers. sometimes board members, you know, if you’re passionate about making a difference in, in a child’s life and your family’s life, we’d love to hear about it. If you have an idea for me, please, please, please share and how I best can support you. I would love it. So, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me on to share the message.
Speaker 1 25:08 Well, thank you so much and thanks guys for listening and I’ll have all the information and how to contact Jill in the show notes. So thanks again.
Speaker 2 25:17 God bless. Be well.

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