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CP Complete Care Cleaning Service

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Welcome to the Southwest life podcast with your host, me Vicki DeLuzio you where we will talk about things to boost your health, improve your relationships, find new things to do with your family and talk with business owners in the area and more. Thanks for being here and enjoy the show.

Vicki Hey guys, hope you’re doing well today. I have Jessica and Chelsey with CP Complete Care Cleaning Services with me today. I’d love to introduce them and have them tell you a little bit about their background and family and how they got started with their businesses.

Jessica Hi, thank you for joining us. We’re very excited to be doing this here with you. We are actually, we’re already followers and fans, so it was a very exciting opportunity for us. So we a little bit about us is we are both business partners and life partners. So we do have a family. We have three little girls that we raised and they’re beautiful and smart, and we love them a lot. I have more of a background in business. I have been going to school for awhile for business and have only been actually in the job force for a little bit. I was a stay at home mom for a very long time.

, I am still doing a full time job during the week and I kind of do the administrative side of the business. So I do the paperwork, the tedious stuff, you know, the, not the, not so fun stuff.

Jessica: scheduling, things like that. And then I clean as well whenever I needed and I can be available to help do so. otherwise Chelsey is the main cleaner during the week and even, you know, most of the appointments, she is really the rock of the entire thing and she builds the relationships with people. So,

, I can let you tell, I can let her tell you a little bit about her background as well from before cleaning and then now.

Chelsey: hi, I’m Chelsey. So as Jessica was saying, I do a lot of labor work with the cleaning business. before I was doing,

cleaning, I worked in the food industry for a real long time. a lot of manager work In the food industry. I wanted to try something new and, Jessica and I decided to start our own cleaning business and yeah, it’s been going great ever since. So I’m pretty excited our one year is coming up here. Yeah. August, something like that.

VIcki And you guys are both are also licensed andbonded and insured. So that was awesome for me to hear that too. So that’s all great stuff, LLC.

Jessica: The first things that had to be done unfortunately, is really, really common, especially in our line of work for people to do this sort of thing under the table. I think that, you know, we definitely had a different vision from that. We wanted it to be something that could grow. So we want it to be as legitimate as possible, take all the correct steps. And really for us, we see the value in providing those extra protections and paying the extra money that it costs to get those credentials and licenses. , it really does make a difference, especially when you, you want to get clients that value that. So that’s a main thing for us as well.

VIcki Absolutely. And there’s a, an abundance of clients in the Valley too. , when you think of all the people who are coming here who expect,, a good clean, and they also want to make sure that they’re protected and you guys are protected as well. So I applaud you for doing everything the right way. So I was so excited when you said you were licensed.

Jessica Yes, yes, yes. We definitely,, try. And like I said, we, we, we are the type of people. We like to get good customer service and get good quality things. We don’t mind paying extra money for things that we see extra value in. So that’s essentially the basis for our, you know, value system within our business is we’ve always been like that. We enjoy good service, good quality. And we try to really strive to make sure that that is what we’re providing, not just an average service or the cheapest on the Facebook post. Do you know what I mean?

Vicki Absolutely. Absolutely. Kudos to you guys for that. So do you on that, do you provide your own materials or do you use a, a client’s cleaning materials? How does that work?

Jessica: Right. So we do provide everything that would be needed for a clean, everything that we prefer to use, what we have found to work the best to be the most cost efficient for us, but also efficient. And, and what it does if somebody really, really prefers something or really wants us to use a specific problem, we don’t have any problems using that. That would be something they would provide to us if it was different from what we use. But we have been turned on too many products because of our clients. So the two products that we use the most, or primarily for every single that we do really, one is called basic H and the other is thieves cleaner by unliving. And in fact, both of them are products that our clients insisted. We try. So when we started, we were used to similar methods that she was cleaning with with our previous company.

Jessica: And as we’ve grown, obviously we’ve found what we think are, you know, in our line better ways or better products or I’m more cost efficient. So it’s been really cool to see that our clients could provide us with those other products that we feel work really, really well and are nontoxic. and we feel comfortable using them, putting our faces by them and they work well. So we, we basically provide everything unless somebody wants something specific, then we’ll, we’ll work it out. We’re not hard to work with. We’re very easy to work with. you know, we’re here to provide a service that does enhance people’s lives at the end of the day. So we don’t want to be too rigid or too unwilling to talk with people about what’s being used in their homes. Awesome. Thank you.

Vicki: do you have anything else to add,, Chelsey about the products and cleaning?

Chelsey 07:26 Mmm, no. She pretty much summed it all up as far as our, you know, method and the materials and the products that we use and what we like, I prefer, but, you know, , yeah, sorry. I said more than,

VIcki Yeah, she said , that’s fine. That’s fine. What type of cleaning services do you provide? Like what is a normal house cleaning service?

Jessica Okay. So, the different services that we provide is we do routine cleans, deep cleans, okay. Move in or move out Queens. and with the routine cleans as well, like we’ll do like weekly, biweekly or monthly services, whatever the client is really needing. but we also do, like organizing the homes, , commercial and some of the add ons that we do provide if they are needed, are like laundry services and like dishes, those sorts of things.

VIcki Well, there’s a lot of moms who don’t like doing laundry, me included, and my kids too. They don’t like doing their laundry so I can definitely see that being a big home run for you guys.

JEssica. Yeah, I know. It’s like easy to wash it, but not so easy to fold it and put it away.

VIcki Yeah, yeah. That folding man that that’s a seven to 10 day project and the Amazon prime can do it faster.

Jessica Right. It’s easier to wear on the put away.

Vicki Yeah. We won’t talk about my room right now. Let’s just in laundry chair. Yes. , who, what is the typical, house cleaning time? It probably depends on the size of the house I’m guessing.

JessicaYes. So depending on the size, for routine cleans, it’s normally like two to three hours and four deep cleans or move out, cleans like a bigger service. Those are between like five to seven hours. And like you said, it depends on the size and also the condition of the home. So just depending on, you know, how severe everything is, how much work is really needed on what needs to be taken care of,

VIcki 10:04 Would you go in and assess a house first before you would quote a price? Is that how you would do it?

Jessica 10:11 it really just depends on the situation. Like if we were available to go and do an estimate on a house, if not, we would provide them with a price of the size of their home. And then, you know, we’re completely honest and open with our clients. So we let them know that right off the bat that, you know, if we were to go into the home that we were going to do the service on and we knew that it was going to take extra time, then we would just let them know that. And that, you know, at that point, the price would increase. Well, it’s really an estimate based on the size. And then let them know that once we get inside of the house and start working, then obviously if it’s more, the price could go up, but just so they have a base estimate of what it is for that size and normal conditions pretty much.

Vicki 11:02 Gotcha. Okay. Cause I would hate for you to walk into a house supporters that looks beautiful, like curb appeal and then you walk in living room looks great. And then you reach a teenager’s room and Oh my goodness. That probably has never happened. Yeah. Teenagers bathroom. I could, I could only imagine my boys aren’t teenagers yet, but whew. I’ve had cousins. Let’s just say that.

Jessica 11:29 Yeah.

Vicki 11:32 That makes, that makes total sense. so who, who is your typical client? Do you service families more older people like who, who’s your typical client in the Valley?

Jessica 11:43 So our typical clients are, I would say, you know, busy families in busy working families with, or without children. But I would say that busy working families with, you know, between the ages of 25 to 55,those are the people that we are mainly seeing. I think also of course our area, if we were in sun city, we would probably be getting a little bit more of the elderly community. But here in surprise, I feel like everyone’s very active. It’s people are working, even if they’re not working, we have clients who maybe the, the wife or whoever does stay at home, but they do something from home or they have four children. So it’s all of those other things I would say busy. It’s a good, good word. Busy families seem to be are

VIcki 12:44 Your niche. Yeah. That makes sense. That makes sense. Yeah. There’s enough busy families.

Jessica 12:50 We let him move as well from, I would say the Luke air force base community. , I knew several people from that community when we started and after cleaning just a couple of people and a couple of those people meeting Chelsey and seeing them work in our home, it really just spread like wildfire and it’s been cool because they’re a little bit harder, but that community is moving often. So they’re coming in, they’re leaving. So it is a good market for us because it’s more consistent business on that end. but again, they fall into that same 30 to 50 busy working matches most of the time. So

VIcki 13:38 Yeah. W when they PCs, when they move to another station, then they often can’t have a time to clean because someone else is moving them out and they need to go to their next move destination and they need someone to clean for them. Yeah. I’m very tightly knit with the veteran community. My husband’s a veteran as well, so yeah, not, not with Luke. He was army.

Jessica 14:03 Oh, okay. It’s pictures in my background. Oh, I see them at all. Yeah.

Vicki 14:10 Like you can’t see on the podcast. so, what is the most challenging part of your job other than probably the manual labor of it? Do you have another challenging part of it?

Jessica 14:27 Hmm, yeah. Yeah. , well, it’s funny that you brought that up because the only real challenging for me is like, you know, the fact of just the physical work that I have to put in,, or the service, but, you know, at the same time, like I know I’m doing it all for a good purpose, a good cause. So yeah. Yeah. So right. And we did,

Chelsey 14:52 We do have like an, sorry, we do have an employee that we have hired and she has been really nice and consistent with us and working well with us, especially with everything that’s going on right now. So that’s also really cool. It takes off a lot of stress and a lot of, you know, physical work for me having somebody there to help me throughout the week. Yeah. I mean, you get to burn a lot of calories though at your job. So wonder is why I’m so skinny ice crea All night long and myself seriously.

Vicki 15:30 I mean, there, there are benefits to hard work, right. So that’s always a good thing. So, and, and the most rewarding part of your job.

Jessica 15:43 Mmm. So for me, the most rewarding part, I just feel like altogether I’m helping people. So, you know, whether it be with their busy life or just wanting to spend more time with their families, you know, cleaning is really just kind of the last thing that people really want to have to take care of. but yeah, I just put that, you know, it does relieve a lot of stress off of the clients, you know, having me there and every time I leave, I know I like made a difference and it just feels good.

Vicki 16:21 Yeah. And I mean, just the, the mental anguish of having clutter around and that you’re able to fix that. I’m a person. I hate clutter every Saturday. I have to clean my countertops because I’m like that clutter on Sunday morning cannot be there. I don’t know what it is. It’s just Sunday has to start the week. Right. And I have to declutter everything. My husband’s like, are you going to do this? Yes, yes I am. And so that you can help someone declutter and get that mental cleanliness there and, or, you know, they’re, they don’t like a dirty baseboard or whatever it is that you can help them distress that, and that could just make them feel so much better about their house, about their wellbeing.

Jessica 17:03 Yeah. We get a lot of good feedback, especially from our Friday clients because they love getting cleaned on Fridays because then on Saturday, their houses is spotless and beautiful and clean, and they are actually able to utilize every moment of free time that they have with their families. Cause I know, I feel a lot of guilt if I need something to be cleaned in my house. And I’m like, okay, well I also need to spend 30 minutes with my children and pay attention to them. You know what I mean? So it’s a struggle, Oh, I have to do this. So we like to take that stress off of people, the people who are okay with outsourcing that type of thing, some people, you know, just make it happen either way, but you know, others do sometimes see, okay, let’s just let somebody else do that. And my life will be much better.

VIcki 17:59 Yeah. And there’s a huge connection with a clean house and how you feel with your health too. So

Jessica 18:07 I have strong correlations as well, actually. And that is one of the main things that it kind of motivates me on that side and the picking up aspect, a lot of companies won’t pick up, but I, myself struggle with anxiety and I have done a lot of research, you know, on how clutter can really affect it. And you know, your brain is looking at so many things. If, if things are just cleaner, it’s the space is clearer. The head is clearer. I have definitely seen that.

Vicki 18:38 Yeah. Yeah. It just, how much, like, you know, especially now with the COVID thing, you know, having a clean space, it just makes you feel cleaner, your hands cleaner, your, your handles on your air sink are cleaner. You feel cleaner,

Jessica 18:54 Yep.

Vicki 18:55 Yeah. You don’t feel like you’re going to be germy. So I mean maybe, maybe you don’t feel like you need to Google your symptoms. So you’re doing so much service.

Jessica 19:06 It was getting it all. Even during cold and flu season, you know, it’s just like, even if you’re not disinfecting 100% of the time keeping the areas clean just in general helps prevent a lot of those nasties situations.

Vicki 19:23 Especially for those busy families with them, kids like mine who are goober balls.

Jessica 19:30 Yeah. The kids don’t care. My kids don’t care about my things, my car. So she just spill milk in there and just don’t care

Speaker 1 19:40 Oh, it happens. It just happens to be there to clean that up. No one likes the loss sippy cup. Let’s just put it that way.

Vicki 19:49 , no. Yeah. That’s and that happens, you know, things get lost under furniture and things oil.

Vicki 19:58 Yeah, it does. Well, is there anything else you’d like to tell our audience other than you’ve maybe located some loss sippy cups in your day?

Jessica 20:09 , yeah, definitely. I would just say that we are very excited to be in surprise where we are, we really enjoy this community. and I just would really urge everyone to do more research when hiring companies like this that are coming into your houses. as we touched on before that there’s a lot of people in our industry and other industries everywhere that aren’t necessarily carrying a lot of those protections. So, , we definitely just encourage people to do the research on that. I’m never, affinitive someone asks to see our business license or our business insurance because it’s totally understandable, you know? , and so I think once it’s really, those are just the, the first couple of steps once we are in someone’s home, it’s, it’s almost like family, you know, the quality, the relationship, the care, but the care part of the name really, really had some thought put into it because we really do care about every single corner that we touch. So we’re excited to, to get to know more of this community that we’re a part of now.

VIcki 21:24 Well, thank you so much for being here and taking the time to talk to our listeners. Was there anything else that you had to add?Chelsey?

Chelsey 21:31 , no. , we do have a Facebook page though, so it’s just CP complete care cleaning. you just look that up and you’ll be able to take a look at, , our page, what we provide are services and as well as just some nice reviews that we’ve gotten as well as on Google, if you, just look us up, you’ll be able to see the nice reviews that are placed there. And we do have a website coming soon, but that is under construction.

VIcki 21:59 Hey, that happens. We’ll put everything into the show notes so people can see your reviews as well. You’re very welcome. Well, thank you so much, guys. I appreciate it.

Jessica 22:11 Thank you very much for having us.

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