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Playgrounds Dart Zone

Permanently closed as of 2020 due to Covid 19

If you aren’t familiar with Playgrounds Fun Zone, definitely check out my post about it!

Playgrounds Fun Zone is a great places for families to go with their children under 10, and they have a full cafe with coffee! But, if you are the parent of a kid 8 and up, they might be starting to outgrow Playgrounds Fun Zone and need an indoor place to run around!

Playgrounds Dart Zone is great for kids and adults of all ages!

Their Location is 8190 W Union Hills Dr, Ste 130, and it is easily accessible from Surprise. I personally go Bell RD to 114th Ave up to Union Hills 🙂

While the East Valley has had a few different indoor arenas for the older kids, the West Side is catching up with Playgrounds Dart Zone. Conveniently located one door down from Playgrounds Fun Zone, your big kids and little kids can all have a fun and “cool” time indoors!

Adults can also have fun with their kids at Playgrounds Dart Zone!

Before heading to PDZ, I suggest filling out a waiver. It will save you a little bit of time. Also note that their open play is scheduled in one hour slots, so you will want to take a look at their schedule before driving over. Reservations for open play are also available. Playgrounds Dart Zone also has group & birthday packages available. If you want a party on the go, they also can come to your location with Mobile Go Party and host a party with blasters, obstacles and more!

playgrounds dart zone sign in

Sign the Waiver before you go to Playgrounds Dart Zone!

Waiver station is all on a tablet, similar to many play places. I had three excited kids, and an excited husband so I was hurrying through the waiver. It is just easier to do at home, I promise!

playgrounds dart zone blasters

Sign in (pay) and the Blaster picker. There are many different types! Ones that shoot bullets and some that shoot balls. There are different games that use the ball shooters, but we were told the “Disrupter” was our best choice. It was easy for my 8 year old to use!

distruptor playgrounds dart zone nerf blastor

You can also bring your own “blaster” if you would like, and you can get $2 off admission. No need to bring your own bullets, as long as they fit a “Nerf” gun size, you should be fine! I highly recommend this option if you have a smaller child that has a hard time cranking back the guns, but has a favorite gun at home that they can easily use. This will help out with the frustration level.

The Disruptor was a bit difficult for Giggles and Dimples to use, but the staff was amazing and replaced it for them mid game with the N-Strike Triad. In the future, I might bring their own blasters to make it easier for them to practice.

You will also get a jersey so you can be on a team, as well as eye protection if you aren’t a four eyes like me, my husband and Munchie! You can wear your own glasses if you would like, but you must wear some eye protection.

jersey playgrounds dart zone

The kids opted for parents vs kids.  The staff even offered to play on the kids team, but the kids declined. The refs were amazing and definitely helped the kids when they needed it, and gave them a little bit of an advantage.

playgrounds dart zone rules

The battle zone was all netted off so that bystanders won’t get shot.

You do need to duck to get in and out of the battle zone if you are an adult. There is one entrance and one exit to the arena (with plastic flaps keeping the bullets inside of the arena.

All of the barriers have softened edges and are movable. They are also netted so you can see your target!

Going over the rules. Our referee was not only amazing at explaining the rules, but he was really fun (and helped the kids when they had some issues with shooting. And helping them at freeze tag!) I was truly amazed with the staff and how kind they were and helped the kids out if they were frustrated.

Each “base” had their own bucket of bullets. You could carry some with you, pick them up off the floor or keep them behind your base. Scott and I kept them at the base as it was easier to reload there. The kids carried some with them.

They didn’t even see me coming. He he he!

Blaster trades and help by the refs! Thank you!

Fun for the whole family! My kids attacked me when I was filming!

The hubby had a “blast” and was tired from running around. We all had fun playing together!

We played a few different games-teams, freeze tag and then an all out, everyone for themselves round. Unfortunately, everyone attacked me first! I must get most loved, right?

There was also a dart board practice area!

Outside of the play area are bathrooms, a locker area, water fountains, benches for waiting, a soda refrigerator (for purchase) and of course party rooms for birthday parties/social gatherings!

We really had an amazing experience at Playgrounds Dart Zone. This is going to be a great place for the teens/tweens and adults to bond with their kiddos and just have fun! The staff also made it super enjoyable for us to get out and play with our kids. We were all sweating by the end of our hour!

The Basics

Playgrounds Dart Zone

8190 W Union Hills Drive #130

Glendale, AZ

We received complimentary admission. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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