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Play Factory Superstition Mall Mesa

The Play Factory was previously located in Desert Ridge Marketplace and we had reviewed it several times as management and ownership changed throughout the years. Space was somewhat awkward but had enough room for kids to play. Before leaving the Desert Ridge space, The Play Factory owners had updated the old playscape. The newer playscape was brighter, cleaner, but smaller. However, it suited the space better and the kids still had fun.

Ownership and management had changed multiple times during our blogging history in the valley. Our blog, Surprise AZ Mom, has blogged since 2014 and we have worked with over 200 businesses and reviewed over 400 locations as of 2019. Honestly, I’m not sure who owned The Play Factory when, but there seemed to be an ongoing “change in management” every year and a half. With each change of management, there was a glimmer of hope The Play Factory would be revived and customers would be given the proper attention they deserved.

The Location Change

I had learned that The Play Factory was moving to a new location so I reached out the to the owners. These are again, new owners. On The Play Factory’s Facebook page it had been noted that they “outgrew their space”, so they were looking for a new place. However, that post has been deleted. When I learned that The Play Factory was going into the Superstition Springs Mall in Mesa, I made an appointment to go with my family for a review.

Unfortunately, no workers were there and the store was closed. Their time to open was 11am. We arrived at 11:20. I reached out and received a note back at almost 11:40 that they were open at that time, but “due to unforeseen circumstances, they were unable to open on time.”

No apology.

The Size

Looking into the space, it is extremely small. The play structure is a quarter of what it was, if that. The rock wall is a quarter of what it was and there is a jumpy house. That was all I could see from the door frame.

We drove from Surprise to their new location, My kids were sad. I was bummed. I’m not quite sure why “The Play Factory” name needs to keep being recycled, honestly. The history of reviews have been lackluster at best and I think it is just time to retire it and start afresh. I have seen many mall play places successfully run with plenty of things for kids to do, and unfortunately, cannot recommend “The Play Factory”. I’m happy to give other recommendations in Mesa to families who are looking for a play area to visit.

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