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Pioneer Park-Mesa

This wonderful park was reopened with new features on December 16th, so we had to check it out.

Pioneer Park in Mesa is located at 526 E Main Street, Mesa. It is just down the street from the IDEA Museum and Arizona Museum of Natural History, and across the street from the Mesa Arizona Temple.


The park went through over 7 Million dollars in renovations to make it a destination for families. There is parking on North Hobson (enter from the southbound side), and a small parking lot that was completely off of the road. There was also parkingon North Lesueur on the northbound side. The light rail also goes past the park to the south.

We were fortunate enough to get a spot in the parking lot near the basketball and horseshoe court. It was also close to the bathroom. There are unfortunately not a lot of parking spots in this small lot.

Walkways are nice and wide throughout the park so kids can do skateboarding, biking or scootering. There is also this engine (it doesn’t move) that kids can climb in. Some kids were climbing on the top of it which made us a bit nervous as it is a HIGH drop onto rocks. Big rocks. Keep an eye on your kiddos on the train. But, it was a great feature for train fans. Near the train was a small ramada with picnic benches and lit basketball courts.

The bathroom was to the east of the parking lot and so was this cool shaded splashpad.

The bathroom was even AIR CONDITIONED! Sinks were shared outside of the men’s and women’s restrooms.


Here’s a view of the splashpad in action!

I took the video from the slide/climbing bridge!

You can see the line for the slide going up the stairs onto the bridge. But, underneath the stairs are a few swings!

Video of the kids on the slide!

And me going down the slide with Dimples

If you are an adult on the slide and have a little one on your lap, be wary. We adults carry a little more momentum than the littles and you may fly down the second part of the slide. Also, make sure that there are no littles underneath you when you go down the slide as you will take them out!

There is also a rubbery rock wall to climb up that goes along side the bridge. A few kiddos would climb up the rock wall and jump (cut) in front of kids on the slide, so be wary of that too!

A view of the bridge and slide. The bridge has a long ramp that goes up it or stairs!

A cool bridge and a climber with slides, ropes and all sorts of fun inside. Behind it is the ultimate in tube slides!

Lots of ramps, slides, lookouts and rubber  and mulch.

And of course, this bridge!

Yes, that is one CRAZY slide. There is one that is smaller, and then one that is really, really tall. See the light green versus dark green stripes. The light green is what you crawl up. Then the tan part to get to the light green top of the slide. It is high. It is tight.

Dimples was not able to stand, and he is about 40″ tall. The “Ground’ is like a bumpy rubbery stuff that gives you grip.Or really kind of hurts your knees in my case. Of course I had my bag with me too, which didn’t help the situation. It made me feel like I was in the climber at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix. I am not the biggest fan of small spaces. But, who is? It is tight in there. I highly recommend going up with little ones if you can. There were quite a few little ones that got scared part way up and I was trying to encourage them to keep going (because traffic really is only one way. It is tight!).

Then you climb this wall which is at an angle. Ok, not so bad, but luckily I’m in pretty good shape. And can fold well. Thank you Yoga! But wait, there is more!

After the wall was a small ladder that goes through a small opening. There is a platform you can wait on to get onto the slide. This is the picture from the top to the bottom. There is fencing and a window too. It’s a long way down to that bridge.

There are also more swings on the far side of the park from where we parked, even one where child and parent can face each other. There is also more ramadas, and a “spiders web’ to climb as well!

All of this amazing work will make this park a destination for many families. I do recommend having your kids on a buddy system or have more than one parent there to watch the kiddos. It is a big park and there are a lot of nooks where kids can be that you might not be able to see them. This is a very family friendly, whole family active park! I saw so many parents getting on the roller slide (however, I was the only crazy one to go up that long, tube !! HA!). There are so many trees that will provide nice shade for families to hang out as well.

The Basics

Pioneer Park Mesa

526 E Main Street

Mesa, AZ

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