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Pioneer Community Park-Peoria

Pioneer Park in Peoria is one of the favorites in the Valley! With a wonderful splashpad, covered playgrounds for tots and big kids, a fishing lake and lots of ramadas, you will find a lot of people at Pioneer Park year round.

This park has updated the rubber underneath the Splashpad to a thinner surface that is still rubbery but not as granular-2018. A few pieces that were on the splashpad are no longer there. 

pioneer park


One of the most rewarding things about this blog is being able to find parks that are new to us and writing about them. Pioneer Community Park in Peoria is just a gem. It’s beautifully done and has so many different amenities for the whole family to enjoy. I loved the parking that was close to the playgrounds, and that it was shaded!


This was the fabulous toddler sized playground. It was very extensive for the toddlers, which is a nice treat!



Nice easy steps to climb up, and a supremely springy floor just in case of a fall.


And lots of a dramatic play areas once you climb up!


And there were plenty of little slides to go down!



Dimples had a blast on the little motorcycles and baby swings! There were also big kid swings closer to the big kid playground.IMG_5871


There is also a lake off in the distance, with a beautiful fountain. Just watch out if you have runners, because the park is not gated!


The Mens’ and Women’s bathrooms were very sleek and conveniently located right near the playground.



If you are worried about what your big kids could do, this play area was awe inspiring. The slides were about three stories high! Be wary if you have little ones attempting this, but there was the springy material underneath this area as well!

There was also lots of green areas to walk around and between the two play areas (which wasn’t too much) there was pavement so the little kids could have trikes and other carts they were wheeling around.

Not only are there ramadas, picnic benches and a dog park as well, there is also a fantastic looking splash pad/spray pad. Obviously, we couldn’t go because it was closed for the season, but we are definitely looking forward to the first hot day to check it out. AND! AND! The best part of the spray pad was that it was shaded! Three Cheers for a shaded spray pad!

Hip Hip Hooray

Hip Hip Hooray

Peoria Saved the Hot DAY!


The Basics

Pioneer Community Park-Peoria

8755 N 83rd Ave (or 83rd and Olive)


This park includes:
Baseball Field, Concession Stand, Dog Park Onsite, Greenspace, Picnic Benches, Ramadas, Restrooms, Rubberized Surface, Slides, Splashpad, Swings, Toddler Friendly, Walking Paths




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